No Plans to “Turn Back Boats”

Contrary to controlled media reports, there are no plans underway by the German government or the European Union to “turn back the boats” carrying invaders across the Mediterranean Sea.

The controlled media is currently widely reporting that there has been a “U-turn” in the German government’s approach, as the nonwhite invasion from Africa shows no sign of ending.


All these reports are based upon an article in the German newspaper Die Welt, which quoted an anonymous spokeswoman for the German Ministry of the Interior as saying that they want “to send migrants rescued in the Mediterranean back directly to Africa,” as this would serve as a “primary deterrent” when they realize that the European coast can never be reached.

Currently, the EU actually picks up the invaders shortly after they leave the African coast, and actually transports them the majority of the distance to Europe, doing the job of the people smugglers for them.

The anonymous spokeswoman’s comments were confirmed to Die Welt newspaper by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, who told that newspaper’s Sunday edition that “the elimination of the prospect of reaching the European coast could convince migrants to avoid embarking on the life-threatening and costly journey in the first place. The goal must be to remove the basis for people-smuggling organizations and to save migrants from the life-threatening journey.”

A similar approach is pursued by Australia, where the number of invaders has “declined to almost zero,” Die Welt continued.

“According to the proposals, migrants who sail from Libya across the [Mediterranean] Sea, would not be brought back to Libya, but to another North African country such as Tunisia or Egypt.

“There they could apply for asylum for Europe, and if they are successful, they would be brought to that continent. The reasoning behind this proposal is to make the Africans see after a short time that the dangerous crossing to Italy is hopeless,” the newspaper said.

However, the reality is that this is just one or two people in the ministry thinking out loud, and there are no plans, policies, or even discussions on the table on the matter.

Die Welt pointed this out, saying that the Federal Ministry of the Interior added that there “are no concrete plans or discussions at EU level” and that the “observance of legal procedures and the observance of the Convention on Human Rights are indispensable prerequisites for future consideration.”

In other words, there are no plans afoot to “turn back the boats,” even if that policy is indeed the only sensible one which could stop the invasion.

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  1. Patriots, don”t believe a single word that these traitor political yes men/women say. For this two-faced Cultural Marxist filth are totally beholden to our own traitor govts who in turn are beholden for their lucrative careers to the nation-wreckers of the EU/JWO. Patriots/nationalists have come a very long way on the road to freedom for our nations via the Internet – but we must also unite, organize & take to the streets to win over our people & gain a high public profile in order to remove these political parasites from power once & for all. As well as a presence on the Internet patriot websites a high profile regular presence in the streets of our towns & cities to engage people face-to-face is essential.

  2. If anyone had any doubts out there, I can’t imagine there is anyone, but here it is “there’s absolutely no plan whatsoever” vote accordingly, and get yourself armed now, why wait.
    One day left, can The Don pull it off?

  3. How will they turn them back, they will just sink the boat and have to be rescued anyhow, the EU is too weak to do anything, poor Italy is bearing the brunt of this invasion as the borders have been closed to them. Merkel and Junckers don’t know what to do, they have caused this problem but they will be allowed to retire on enormous pensions and live in private expensive areas, never seeing an illegal immigrant. The Germans have a very large welfare bill now the poor Germans will have to pay a lot more tax to house and feed all the gimme grants.

  4. With no turn backs in place, Europe is doomed. The EU must fall or states withdraw, and build walls and deny access to the illegals. The success of turn backs in Australia is proof of the effectiveness of the policy, with the loony Labor/Greens left filling detention centres and causing deaths at sea.

  5. The puppets politicians are creating destabilization intentionally so they can raid the pipelines, savings and pensions. It is as obvious as ABC. There is nothing people can do. Europe will cease to exist in 100 years.

    1. …..and whites will cease to exist in much less than 100 years. We`ll be nations of half-castes, mulattoes and half breeds if the halfwits in charge have their hellish way.

    2. More like 10 years as far as I can see.

      I’m a white Australian, and it distresses me to see Europe being destroyed by the treachery of its leaders. In my mind European nations mean culture, music, clean streets, flowered window boxes, churches, manners, civilty, and representive democracy.

      Africans and muslims don’t fit in and so shouldn’t be allowed in to destroy European culture.

      As for any such notion being discriminatory – well yet it is! The power of discrimination was regarded as one of our higher mental faculties until the cultural marxists demonized it. It’s time to take it back from the fools.

      Discrimination is good. To discriminate between good and bad; wisdom and stupidity; gold and dross is surely a good thing.

  6. Merkel, as EU leader and the EU States in general pandering to her wishes: turn back the boats and upset the UN plan to flood Europe with Islam and unemployable illiterate Africans? No, no, no – don’t be daft! The UN plan is well underway. As all can see, the “minor” teething problems caused by no integration by the savages and the wave of crime and sexual assaults sweeping Europe will be overcome by the peoples of Europe who, eventually (whether they like it or not) will see the error of their ways and come to accept the behaviour of the savages as the norm. The Fourth Reich?

  7. I have said before that we need the triangle of revolution, the first was brexit, secondly the Trumpenfuehrer, and last but not least, Hofer in Austria. Fingers crossed tightly for the Don tonight!

  8. No need to turn them back, just STOP FORCING OUR NAVY SHIPS OUT 1000 MILES TO PICK THEM UP FROM LIBYA, and then bring them 1000 miles back! The (((Marxist))) people-traffickers send them out in glorified rubber dinghies with only enough fuel to get them a few miles from the Libyan coast, then they just issue a pre-arranged “distress call” to the European naval ships sent there to wait for them by the Marxist Traitors in our own governments. The whole thing is a treasonous outrage, using European taxpayers money to fund their own destruction.

  9. Eventually the people themselves have to do something, because it’s obvious the governments are not going to do anything. It will come to a point where the EU and individual neighbourhoods will become unlivable, only then will the people react. But like everything else, it will be too late, way too late.

    If ever there was proof your government is in over it’s head, it’s this migrant BS. Exposing the population to terrorists, fake “child” migrants of 27 years old, the mass sexual assaults of women in the streets. The end of rules and law.

  10. If you read the aim of one of the founding fathers of the EU, you will see white genocide was part of the plan…google

    ” Project white genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi.”

    Amongst other things, the article makes the point that the EU / UN expect

    159 MILLION migrants to come to Europe by 2025.

    The aim of

    ” The moronification of western man,: are we becoming more stupid?

    Is well under way, as is

    ” White British minority within fifty years” which the controlled media completely ignored.

    What many Brits have not realised is that Brussels is in control of our Asylum, Border control (or lack of) and Immigration… And 40 other areas our government would normally be responsible for…google

    “U K parliament effectively comes to an end ”

    This was illustrated by the six foot children who arrived last week and the Home Secretary’s response? She refused to be interviewed AGAIN and had screens erected to try the truth from the British people….

  11. By eliminating white indigenous people, what do they achieve? They will end up with millions from Africa and Asia who have large families, who are culturally still in the dark ages, fit for nothing but breeding. Who will produce stuff, invent stuff, pay taxes? The white elitist scum will be well out-numbered, so they won’t last long against the hordes. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  12. @vera by diliuting the stock of the white Europeans and demoralising us with hordes from the third world, people are less likely to rise up and protest to try and prevent these traitorous acts, as most people at the end of the day just want to live a normal life. If most of their energy is taken up with struggling to manage amidst the Multicultural mess the EU leaders are creating, then we will have less energy to gather and organise and try to put an end to this madness.

  13. The lefties are a nasty scourge on the planet. Their PC nonsense is just a load which they dont even adhere to. Hopefully European countries will be having elections soon and their citizens have the chance to save themselves and vote the garbage out.

  14. They mention the Convention on Human Rights, so how come that Convention doesn’t apply to EUROPEAN citizens’ rights? You’ve had 2.2m of them come here (Germany) in the last 4 years and during that same time, 1.5m Germans moved out because crime has skyrocketed everywhere. Merkel says there’s not enough money to pay a 15b Euro fine for Deutsche Bank, but there somehow IS 29b Euro EVERY YEAR for the invaders?
    Furthermore, the crimes of the invaders don’t get publicised and most of the time they get a slap on the wrist for something a German gets prison. Even criticising the invaders is illegal. Just look at this insanity: when the Munich shooting happened, the only person who got prosecuted was a German who shouted insults at the muslim terrorist and threw bottles at him from his balcony moments before the guy killed himself.

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