No to the EU, Yes to Europe Say Flemish Students

A large demonstration by nationalist students against the European Union but in favor of Europe took place again this year in the city of Leuven, Flanders, reports our European correspondent.

The demonstration, which has now become an annual event, although themed on different issues each year, was organized by the Nationalist Students Union (Nationalistische StudentenverenigingSV). The official slogan of the march was “Resistance against the EU Soviet.”


The procession started at the Herbert Hoover Square in the center of the university town at around 8:30 p.m., and followed a set route around the beautiful city, our correspondent reports.

Members of the public and student bystanders provided much support, and a small contingent of ultra-left extremists were too small in number to affect proceedings, and were in any event kept well away by a strong police presence.

The NSV has units in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven, West-Flanders, Hasslet, and Mechelen.

It was founded in 1976, under a self-described banner of “conservative radical nationalism.”

Members of the NSV are easily recognized by their grey student’s hat and student’s ribbons (a tradition imported from the 19th century German student unions).

Notable past members of the NSV include Frank Vanhecke (president of the Vlaams Belang from 1996-2008);  Bruno Valkeniers (president of the Vlaams Belang from 2008 to present), and Filip Dewinter (possibly Vlaams Belang’s most famous activist.)




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  1. The EU has a finite life, it will eventually crumble the experiment was never going to work. Strip people of their national identity and open their borders and rename their constitution and of course they will rebel. Colonization of Europe was a big mistake by Brussels.

  2. Regarding my earlier comment here, our trouble in Britain is that we have become complacent. For the last thousand odd years we have not been troubled by invasion, dictators, evil regimes, corrupt governments, unlike the rest of Europe where probably every country has fairly recent history of civil upheaval, invasions, genocide and worse. Many Brits think that because nothing bad happened to us, nothing bad will happen to us so are happy to doddle along not bothering their heads with such stuff. The current migrant crisis is the one thing which will eventually make them sit up and take notice – let's hope it doesn't take them too long.

  3. Good to see Belgian students demonstrating against the corrupt EU. Our British students still have their heads stuck where the sun don't shine whittering on about needing a 'safe place' where they won't be offended like spoilt toddlers – they'll soon find the real world is not the least interested in their pathetic little whims.

  4. I am British, NOT European!…the eussr is a 'home' for corrupt and failed national politician's!…(the series Father Ted springs to mind)…

  5. It's obviously true that Europe should discuss issues they have. But the EU at present is controlled by Jewish money; and Jews have their own malicious agenda. When we have a serious Euro-Parliament, with money independent of Jewish corruption, Europe will be able to recover.

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