Non-Paying Invaders “Sold for Body Parts”

Nonwhite invaders who cannot pay smugglers the full fare for their trip across the Mediterranean Sea are sold to murderers to be cut up and used for body part organ sales, an Italian court has heard.

Eritrean Nuredein Wehabrebi Atta made the admission before he was sentenced to five years in prison by a Palermo court for his role in a people smuggling enterprise.

Arrested invaders outside the Palermo court house.

According to the Repubblica newspaper’s Palermo edition, Atta told the Italian police that invaders who could not pay the full fare were seized and “sold for €15,000 [each] to groups, particularly Egyptians, who are equipped for harvesting organs.”

Atta was giving testimony in a court case involving 38 smugglers—25 Eritreans, 12 Ethiopians, and one Italian. The Italian trafficker was identified as one Marco Pannelli di Macerata, 46 years old.

The Repubblica newspaper said that Atta described in detail the “flourishing immigration racket operating across the Channel of Sicily,” but his admission of organ trafficking had taken even the police by surprise.

“Bodies of hundreds of migrants who do not pay are killed even before starting the boat trip,” the paper said.

The police also identified that the financial nerve center of the operation is in Rome, where “huge flows of money take place, using the so-called “hawala method” of transacting.

The hawala system originated in Arab countries, and works with the money being paid to an agent who then instructs an associate in the relevant country or area to pay the final recipient.

Police seized over half a million euros and US $25,000 from a perfume shop in Rome’s Via Volturno, along with a ledger containing “hundreds of foreign names.”

The investigators concluded that those who paid the most were brought into the country not by sea, but by “legal family reunifications”—with the “families” being created to set up the path to entrance.

For anywhere between €10,000 and €15,000, the smugglers are also able to arrange fake marriages for the invaders to get into Europe, the Repubblica article continued.

These invaders can land in Europe by airplane, “without risking their lives on rafts” at sea. The money for this route comes via Dubai, and is “banked” at a shop in Rome right in front of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Along with the invaders in the boats, he also revealed drugs are commonly smuggled—and brought ashore by the helpful European naval units who “rescue” them at sea.

* More than 4,500 African invaders pretending to be refugees were plucked from the sea on Tuesday in more than 30 different missions by European Union navies.

According to the Zeit newspaper in Germany, the Italian coast guard, assorted “aid” organizations, and “naval vessels from EU partner countries” were involved in the operations.

The single largest invader boat was described as an “unseaworthy ship” upon which 435 Africans—among them 124 women and 18 children—had “risked the dangerous crossing to Europe,” an official statement said.

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  1. I've recently seen a program where people who got new organs acquired new personality traits. So yes, better to keep yourself healthy as no one knows what the donator has been through in life.

  2. I'm sorry on behalf of our beloved, important and unfailing celebrities and stock market speculators…I mean philanthropists we are preparing a gala for the poor children of the Africa where YOU can donate your money via sms and help ending the drama on the Mediterranean sea.
    But now I have to leave as the banquet with caviar and champagne is awaiting. Our live stream television will blend in the number where you can donate YOUR money.
    Thank you for your attention

  3. Bob Geldof, Benedict Cumberbatch, Angelina Pitt, George Soros, Peter Sutherland, etc…….where for art thou?…. too busy wiping the blood off your hands?…… This could be nipped in the bud by forcibly stopping the human cargo and shipping existing cargo back to the source, until the message is loud and received. They traffic because liberals ensure it is worthwhile and can continue. Yet it is we who seek to stop it all who are treated as the monsters. Shame on them.

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