“None of Us Had to Flee:” Syrian Invader

No one in Syria had to flee the war and they all have come to Europe just to seek money and take up jobs supposedly offered to them by Angela Merkel, an “asylum seeker” Syrian in Germany has admitted to the Huffington Post.

The confession is contained in an article prepared by a well-known Iranian-born writer living in Germany, Ramin Peymani, and published in that newspaper’s German edition.


The article, titled Der Syrer—eine Flüchtlingsgeschichte (“The Syrians—a Refugee Story,” Dec. 2, 2015), starts off by Peymani explaining that he met up with the Syrian refugee by chance in the checkout line at a local grocery store in Germany.

Being Iranian, Peymani could speak fluently with the “refugee,” who freely admitted that he, and all the others claiming to be refugees, were not fleeing war, but had merely come in search of jobs and money.

The Syrian told Peymani that his mother lived in America, that that his sister was still in Syria.

“Did you escape with your mother? Why your sister has not come?” Peymani asked.

“No, I did not flee. None of us had to flee,” the Syrian freely admitted.

“The Assad regime is cruel and unjust, but you can live in Syria, if you just don’t mess with it.”

Peymani then asked if the Syrian had then fled from the Islamic State terrorists. The Syrian’s answer in this regard was revealing as well:

“I come from Damascus, like most of us [refugees] do that I’ve met in the camp. There is no IS [in Damascus]; it is in other regions, for example, towards Iraq.”

Peymani then asked him the logical next question: “Are you saying that most Syrians do not flee from war and persecution?”

The Syrian answered: “Yes. My friends and I went because we didn’t want to go to the army. And because it is easier to get a good job and earn money in Europe.”

Peymani then wanted to know why so many Syrians had come so suddenly. “Why now are so many coming? Is it because the Assad regime has become worse?”

The Syrian replied: “No. He [Assad] has been in power many years already. The regime is cruel and can kill opponents, but my family and I have not been touched, and none of my friends either.”

So why had they all now come to Europe, Peymani asked, to which the Syrian replied:

“In the summer we saw on the Internet that Germany wanted people to live there. We were invited to come here. And it was said that the state would take care of us and we would be given jobs. But I cannot find one…”

Peymani also asked him what route he had followed to Germany.

“I lived in Turkey for some time after my mother had emigrated to the United States to be with relatives. But I could not get a visa for the USA, even though my mother has a green card.”

Peymani asked him if he had “fled” to Turkey “because of the war in Syria?”

Laughing, the Syrian replied: “No (laughs). My friends and I are here because we thought we’d find work. We did not like Turkey.”

He was then asked if his “story is typical of the people who leave Syria?”

The Syrian replied: “I think most go for the same reason as I did. All men of my age, who want to just live better elsewhere.”

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  1. All these spongers must be deported. The smiles on their faces will be wiped away soon when the local people decide enough is enough. its all going to end in tears, they have a bloody cheek piling into Europe, forcing their culture on us. We do not want or need them in Europe.

  2. They’re all freeloaders. They walked through many safe countries to get to Germany – but Merkel the Mad did invite them. They want a better life – like being fed and housed at taxpayers’ expense. Fact is most of them are unemployable. They can’t speak German. Most have had no education and their women don’t work. They’re young and fit and could build a better life in their home countries…but that would take work. They wouldn’t like that,

    To clear up her mess, Merkel now wants to force quotas on other countries. Guess what? They were hell-bent on getting to Germany and won’t like the far lower welfare in other countries, so I bet they’ll creep back to Germany once they can afford a new set of fake documents.

  3. The patriotic non-politically-correct-brainwashed folks of the USA are increasingly becoming aware that the corporate-owned media is a propaganda/indoctrination tool of the ruling elites who are waging class war against We, the People.

    Muslims, illegal aliens and every other sub-group is used to divide-and-conquer We, the People. The elites and their lackeys fear the masses tiring of being spit upon so do all they can to keep us bickering among ourselves.

    Tiring of the ongoing scam and with the political system corrupted by the vast wealth thus power of the elite class the time for the much-needed Revolutionary War Two may be upon us.

  4. Totally agree with you all….Well said Obbop…….The truth at last……I look forward to seeing this story in the mainstream media…! Yeah, as if they will print this, dont want the plebs to know the truth….

  5. You never know what you can learn in the checkout line at a local grocery store in Germany 🙂
    Now seriously – this is the shortest story showing stupidity of this ugly, stubborn bitch!

  6. and thus they are all economic migrants and those politicians, UN and EU are all lying to us? are we living in a world of lies?

    1. Yes. Our white world’s governments hate us whites, want to replace us, and accordingly will lie to us outrageously and incessantly to accomplish their goal.

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