Nonwhite U.S.’s Murderous Mayhem

The leftist establishment—so quick to whine about “Black Lives Matter”—is silent about the 792 murders committed by nonwhites in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C. this year.

The vast majority of victims of these shootings have been black and Hispanic—something else the establishment has not seen fit to comment on.

shooting scene-baltimore

The majority black city of Baltimore officially reached its 200th homicide victim for this year over the weekend. The victim, identified as Franswhaun Smith, had been stabbed in the back.

Last year, there were 344 people killed in Baltimore, the city’s highest per capita rate ever—but this year is set to surpass last year’s record.

In addition, there have been a record 427 “non-fatal shootings” in Baltimore this year. Last year, there were 637 shootings in Baltimore in 2015, a 72 percent increase from 2014, when there were 370 shootings.

An article in the New York Times—which did not dare mention race—added that at the end of 2015, some 55 people had been murdered in Baltimore for every 100,000 residents, one of the highest per-capita murder rates in America.

Baltimore has a population of 622,793, according to the most recent estimate by the U.S. census.

In all, 322 adults and 22 juveniles were killed in 2015, including 10 children under the age of 10, and 12 children and teenagers from 10 to 17. Ninety-one of the homicide victims were from 18 to 24 years old, 133 were from 25 to 34, and five were 60 years old or older.

Furthermore, the majority-black police department—bizarrely always being accused of “racism” against blacks—has been getting steadily poorer at solving the soaring number of murders.

Overall, the percentage of homicides solved by the police, known as the clearance rate, fell to 30.5 percent in 2015, down from 45.5 percent in 2014 and from 50.2 percent in 2013.

T. J. Smith, the director of media relations for the Police Department, explained away this declining solution rate by claiming that “many of our victims are involved in the illegal drug trade or involved in illegal activity. It makes it much more difficult to solve those cases,” he said, without explaining exactly why this was so.

In Chicago, the month of August 2016 has already proven to be one of the most violent months in the city’s history, with more than 400 shootings and at least 78 homicides, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago has recorded 487 homicides and more than 2,800 people shot so far this year, compared to 491 homicides and 2,988 people shot in all of last year, the Chicago Tribune said.

This year, Chicago recorded more homicides and shooting victims than New York City and Los Angeles combined, even though the two cities are larger than Chicago’s population of roughly 2.6 million.

New York, with more than three times the population of Chicago, has recorded 760 shooting victims and logged 222 homicides, according to NYPD crime statistics.

In Los Angeles, a city of about 4 million, 176 people have been slain and 729 people shot, according to LAPD crime data.

Chicago police officials have blamed the violence on what they say is a “constant flow of illegal firearms through dangerous neighborhoods and an intractable gang problem.”

In Washington D.C., there had been 105 homicides reported as of August 30, according to that city’s police department.

The cities of Chicago, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, are now the top three most dangerous cities in America—and the common denominator is that they are all majority black and Hispanic.

Once again, the hard statistics show the clear link between race and violent crime—and the urgent need for a constitutional arrangement which takes race into account as a factor which determines social stability.

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    1. That’s a bit harsh on the victims. And not a good idea for the police to effectively surrender the streets to criminals. Thin end of the wedge and all that.

      1. The British government and many Britons ‘surrendered the streets’ of Russia to Jews during the USSR. It’s standard policy.

  1. Culling the herd, culling the herd. Others can’t do it, so let them do it to themselves. Too bad they’re such bad shots and we have to give them free medical treatment. Not to mention the police and security involved at hospitals when one of them hits another and their whole family and homies show up to have a fight in the emergency room, dragging their precious babies along for the fun. No shit, I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

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