Nonwhite Cologne Attackers “Like an Army”

Violence resulting from the 1,000-strong nonwhite invader mass sex attack in Cologne on New Year’s Eve forced the closure of the Cologne suburban rail network, overwhelmed and “terrified” the police, and included knife fights between North and sub-Saharan Africans, the first eyewitness accounts have revealed.


According to a video interview released through Facebook by door guard Ivan Jurcevic—who has worked at the Excelsior Hotel club in central Cologne since 1989—and a number of interviews conducted by the T-Online news service, a dramatic picture of the “refugee” invader violence has now emerged.

According to Jurcevic, the nonwhite mobs moved through the city center “like an army” in search of German women to assault, and were ultra-aggressive to anyone who offered resistance.

Jurcevic said he saw at least “ten groups of North Africans storming down the street like a real army. This is something I have never seen before.”

“They came with beer and liquor bottles in hand. Most of them were already drunk. The trouble started immediately,” he said.

“Hotel guests who were smoking outside the entrance were violently accosted, with women being grabbed and told to ‘Come with me,’” Jurcevic said.

By ten o’clock, the violence at the cathedral square had escalated: the mob were throwing firecrackers and rockets into groups of passing Germans, he continued.

While standing in front of the Hotel Excelsior, which lies to the west but within eyeshot of the cathedral, Jurcevic said he saw two young German girls come running down the street, pursued by a pack of nonwhites.

“The two young women were fleeing North Africans, and they asked me for help,” he said, adding that he weighs 130 kilograms (286 pounds) and is 1.98 meters (6’ 5” ft.) tall. He is also an experienced martial arts trainer.

He ushered the girls into the hotel behind him and blocked the path of the nonwhite mob, who “immediately moved up to attack,” he said.

 “I kicked the first one in the chest and he flew ten feet through the air. This stopped them for a minute, and they then called out in English, saying, ‘We will come back and make you cold.’”

By this time, he said, the management of the hotel had come out to ask guests to all come inside and not stand or smoke in front of the hotel, as the violence in the street was getting much worse.

Everyone then took up observation positions on the first floor to observe the unfolding “refugee” chaos and criminal rampage through the cathedral square, he continued.

Then the riot police arrived, but, as they were heavily outnumbered—and bombarded with firework rockets, the “task force seemed to be afraid.”

After midnight, knife fights started breaking out between the invaders, Jurcevic continued. “I saw packs of Arab North Africans hunting black sub-Saharan Africans,” he said.

The rioters beat each other with bottles and whatever weapons they had to hand. Several were left unconscious in the street in front of the hotel.

One of the “refugees” beat an African senseless with a bottle in front of the main entrance, and Jurcevic and another doorman rushed downstairs to intervene.

“As he was standing on the head of the unconscious victim, I grabbed him and held him down until the police arrived,” he said.

The “refugee” was arrested, he said, but, “later released because all the prison vans were overcrowded.”

“I saw him released,” Jurcevic said. “He spat on the police car, and shouted ‘F*ck the police’ into my face.” Jurcevic added that he “lost his grip” and kicked this nonwhite to the ground as well.

Another eyewitness interviewed by T-Online was the brother of a CDU (Angela Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union) councilor in Cologne, Peter Erkelenz.

Erkelenz passed through the cathedral square with his wife on his way to a New Year’s Eve event, and said he was “surprised at the large number of Arabic-speaking young men” on the square.

“The atmosphere was aggressive. I started to get worried and went quickly on to my venue,” he said.

At 1:30 a.m., Erkelenz left his party and went back up to the cathedral square on his way home, trying to use the Stadt-Bahn (S-Bahn, the city railway). But to his surprise, the gates of the station were now locked.

“In front of me stood a uniformed policewoman. A man jumped from behind, tried to grab something in her jacket pocket and then ran away.” Other policemen chased the “refugee” and arrested him.

“The chaos is too much for the police; they cannot fight all these fires at once,” he added.

Erkelenz also discovered from the police why there were no trains: the “refugees” had stampeded through the railway station, “attacking passengers and being chased by the police. The S-Bahn stations had been closed for the night. “I was really scared,” Erkelenz concluded.

The T-Online report ends by saying that the nonwhite invader violence only ceased at about six o’clock in the morning.

* All of these facts have been known to the police since New Year’s Eve, but none of it has been released until alternative media sources and social media forced the controlled media’s hand in the matter.

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      1. So you’re suggesting that the collective passivity which has been indoctrinated in the German people because of past events which had nothing to do with them, and for which they should feel no shame or guilt, means that women and young girls “wanted” to be sexually assaulted and raped.?

        I’m really quite surprised that the moderators allowed such an ignorant and offensive comment to be posted.!

      2. you talk utter rubbish none of us have a say. In England we or any one with a functioning brain cell do not want any of these people here but its the government that decides. That is why for every citizen whom gets attacked should be able to sue their governments. Merkel and Junker must be told to stand down they are not fit to tell the whole of Europe what to do.

      1. I am serious. Why should german police get hurt by interfering, wait it out and you hopefully have fewer retrograde misogynist. I never thought I would say this, bur extreme times…

        1. “I am serious” – no, you’re not!
          Tell it to this girl who was raped and dozens other girls who have been sexually assaulted on the streets of several German cities causing they lost their confidence in the state who invited hundreds of thousand backward, primitive and aggressive desert dwellers and forgot to defend their own citizens, alright?

          1. To clarify, I meant when they attack each other. According to the news the police is already doing very little to defend their own citizens! Order from above?! There will be civil war because these retrograde will just welcoming. I seems all of Africa is on the move. There is no way this will end well. I am weeping for my formerly clean, quiet, orderly ancestral country

      1. Story now quickly being buried with every other unworthy news item the BBC can find Kol. Within a few hours you’ll struggle to even find the story.

        You know the the British have an affectionate nickname for the BBC which is “Auntie”, however I myself believe it ought to be “Anti”, and refer to the Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation.

        1. Stu, I was only using the link from Herman’s post, which happend to be the BBC news, but what struck me the most, the guy who represents the justice dept. in Germany as the justice minister can come up with such grotesque comment!
          I’m slowly beginging to believe there are some strict orders from Berlin for police behavoiur toward this primitive Arab animals and for the German media to keep quiet. It’s almost like a copycat of the Swedish way of “dealing” with those issues and that’s very troubling!

        2. BBC ~~Bullsh it Broadcast Corporation
          CBC~~Communist Broadcasting Corp

          *both are a big waste of taxpayer’s money, both should be sold off.

      2. Exactly what you expect from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation theses days. So over run with P.C. correct left wing luvvies it just does’nt bear watching any more……………….

        1. Not to forget its decades of covering up for and protecting paedophiles within the corporation.
          One more reason I’d never give them a penny of my money.!

  1. “I saw packs of Arab North Africans hunting black sub-Saharan Africans” – Sudan and Yemen revisited!
    Are we still sure that Mekel is completely sane and follows the “plan” of this lunatic Kalergi?

    1. I honestly think Jews are inbred to such an extent that their impulses (mostly hate of people who might be a threat; in practice, people who outperform them) rule over them. They are like a pack of army ants or rats. Merkel is not completely or partially sane: she is just doing what her genetics tell her. The other inbred feature is to obey whoever they regard as an alpha-Jew. Merkel is simply doing what she is told. It’s essential to understand Jews to understand the modern world.

      1. “Merkel is not completely or partially sane: she is just doing what her genetics tell her” – she’s got Polish roots.
        Her grandfather Ludwig Kazmierczak was Polish, and fought against the Germans in World War I.
        And trust me – she’s NOT Jewish. Rest assured, I really know what I’m talking about here, ok?
        Perhaps the answer regarding who she really is could be found in her so called “political career” starting from her commie-youth-activist years when she was deeply involved in the FDJ propaganda dept. This is the case of a very independent minded and incredibly stubborn woman who won’t admit she made a huge mistake by blurting out something irreversibly stupid last summer and the Arab world caught it. Now we’re witnessing the consequences … I’m so sure of this, that I’m willing to bet a lot of money!

          1. @ Ante & Jay
            Gents, ignorance spreads when people do not understand concepts or facts and additionaly when special interest groups create confusion. Unfortunately, the internet is helping propagate ignorance ’cause it is a place where everyone has a chance to be their own expert 🙂

    2. The Kalergi ball started rolling 1922 in Vienna with his ideas for aPan-European New World Order proposing that through miscegenation etc; nationhood would be finished. Agenda 21.
      Jewry and blood aristocracy being the elite will then dominate the resultant mixed breed mongrel race of we serfs…. the masses.
      Members of the `elite` take pride on being awarded the Charlemagne Prize for work in furthering the agenda of the NWO.

    3. In a recent online news video
      after seeing Merkel deviate and try to evade answering a question a German citizen put forth of terrorist threat and Merkel told her to go to church I thought for sure she is mad. She has no heirs
      It is just one big test tube to experiment with.Diabolical.

      1. Couldn`t believe my ears when I heard Merkel….lol !! No wonder she looked so shifty, having to spout such utter rubbish in public. She obviously prefers stage managed walk abouts, pre arranged speeches etc.
        She was like a rabbit caught in headlights, having to answer to the public off the cuff and without notes.
        Oh joy ! Merkel droning on, realising she hadn`t a clue and oh how obvious it was !! . Wonderful !

        1. Jay, I’m so glad you’re beging to see the light about this ex-commie youth propaganda agitator who turned “liberal” when the opportunity was there 🙂

          “The plan is that there is no plan” – that’s what her own party buddies had said before!

        2. It was a priceless Merkel interview. She said absolutely nothing of value. Once the rapes go up
          the people may not wait for 2017 to vote this monster out of office.

  2. White women must stop attacking white men and making common cause with blacks and non-whites in the lefty ‘equality’ agenda.
    Once they have managed to marginalize and emasculate white men from their traditional leadership role – a project 99% completed – then the non whites will make very very easy meat of white women.
    For starters, that bitch Harriett Harman must go.

  3. Wonder how long Merkel will manage to keep the lid on now things seem to be bubbling up to the boil.
    She won`t be able to keep the press muzzled ad infinitum, especially if things blow up big time as seems possible.

    1. Jay, I agree – you asked a very good question regarding the German press being muzzled. IMHO she is quite lucky none of the rape victims still didn’t go to the international press and accuse her of gross negligence and endangring innocent citizens safety. As vulnurable as she seems right now that would be the final nail in the coffin for sure!

  4. Where is the outrage and condemnation from the womans groups?This story has been quickly dropped by the controlled press….This is beyond outrageous…

  5. The BBC are finally reporting on the attacks in Cologne, but quoting the mayor as saying, “It doesn’t matter where someone comes from, it matters what they did and that we can prove it.”

    The only reason the left-wing BBC are reporting it is because hundreds of women have been protesting in Cologne and now they can’t bury it any longer.

  6. And Article 33 The Commission shall meet “in camera” appointed under the EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN (ABUSE OF) RIGHTS, and draw up its own rules and shall determine its own procedure (Article 55) in order to violate Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants and Statutes of the UN and International Law (Article 62) and ensure that this continues indefinitely for the amusement of certain people who seem to have a lot in common with Central African Genocidal Despots and mass murderers.

  7. These people following a particular ideology thrive on numbers, letting a bunch of them together is asking for trouble. They will cause trouble, attack, rob and rape.

    1. You’ve just hit the nail on the head – muslims, and Arabs in particular, become in fact much “braver” in large groups. Let me also suggest that given such shameful “reluctance” of the local police and politicians to deal decisively and without any mercy with them only ads fuel to the fire!
      Just bring some American SWAT units and it will be over in no time 🙂

      1. “Just bring some American SWAT units and it will be over in no time”

        Why are these units not doing that NOW in their own country?

        1. “Why are these units not doing that NOW in their own country?”
          That’s a €1 mln question – only time will tell … all we can do is speculate and wait 🙂

        2. Because Robert it was not the daughter of ‘German police’ that were molested,
          raped or murdered. Eventually that will come to pass too.

    1. They are both of them beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood. It is official now, thanks to Czech President Zeman. It explains everything. And yes, they obviously do hate their own citizens.

  8. All of this was entirely predictable and WAS in fact predicted by many outside the delusional Marxist bubble. Do not believe Merkel’s fake sympathy, she KNEW it would happen but she was taking orders. Thanks to the Czech President we now know from whom – the Muslim Brotherhood. It would be better to be in league with Devil.

    There will be civil war in Germany if Merkel and her allies are not removed quickly.

  9. Hunting in packs comes naturally to Africans. You can take the boy out of Africa but you can’t take Africa out of the boy.

  10. It was obvious to most this would happen,thousands of young men flooding into Europe without women bringing their very different lifestyles and cultures,madness to let this continue,poor women.

    1. We could all see it, thousands of young men and they didn’t look as if they were fleeing war, if we could see right through this invasion how come these so called intelligent leaders of ours couldn’t should have been turned back and not allowed to land at Italy when it all kicked off sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind

  11. Folks, This is nothing new. Yes it is a pogrom in an new era. Remember the history this happened all over the german lines when the momentum of war turned against Germany. And it was not done to german women folk alone. And it won’t just be against German women folk now. It will spread all over Europe and is. It will even happen in the U.S and Australia. Wherever people of European descent are it will happen. Mis-education of the young is guiding both sides. But it is, is the multi millennium plan by the tribe to destroy the one peoples that have ever had any effect against their plan for world denomination. The tried with the Mongol horde the Arab invasion and the Communists. This is just the new putsch. And, slowly very slowly the people affected are starting to see this for what it is. I had people tell me that china was free from the tribe. And yesterday it was reported that they have a lobby in china. So what does it mean. Everything. They see the euro nations as almost being destroyed and the money is there. Long after we have departed they will have destroyed Asian nations as well. Everything the tribe does is cyclical. Please do not blame all the people in the European countries. Since the announcement of their diversity plan there have many many people fighting against it. But that too is gaining in numbers. God save the European Peoples Long live the European People.

    1. We (in China) are all saying that Europe will becomes Eurabia very soon, they will take over Europe by born rate, normally they have an average of 7-9 children in a family, and Europeans have only an average of 1-1.5 children in a family.
      in China, the situation is a little bit better, because they are central located in the west, not mixed with Chinese population, then when disaster happens it is more easy to control. Not like in Europe, they are spread in every city, mixed with you all together.

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