Nonwhite Countries refusing to take back their Citizens from Germany

Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and several other nonwhite countries are effectively refusing to take back their fake asylum-claiming citisenz from Germany by refusing to issue them with new identity documents, it has emerged.

According to a report in the Deutsche Welle (DW) newspaper, in 2017 at least 65,000 invaders whose asylum claims were so bogus that even the deluded liberals in charge of the German asylum system could not be persuaded of their case, could not be deported because their originating countries refused to issue them with new passports.

The nonwhites had, for the greatest part, all destroyed their documentation when making their invasion of Europe.

One case quoted by the DW was of a Nigerian, identified as “John O.,” who had recently received a letter informing him that his application for asylum had been rejected.

“At that point, he had already been living in Germany for three years. The immigration authority wants to deport John O. — but it can’t, because he has no passport. He says it was stolen. There’s no way of sending someone back to Nigeria from Bavaria without travel documents,” the DW report continued.

John O. is one of the “hundreds of thousands of foreigners living in Germany as rejected asylum seekers,” the report said.

The 65,000 invaders who should have been deported were granted “exceptional leave to remain” last year because they had no documents, a figure which is twice as many as the previous year.

This increase is related to the large numbers of refugees who arrived in 2015 and 2016, says Ernst Walter, the chairman of the German Police Union.

“However, it also has to do with the fact that more and more people are trying to disguise their identity to avoid the risk of being deported,” Walter told DW.

According to an internal report by the Ministry of the Interior which has been quoted in newspapers of the Funke Media Group, cooperation with foreign authorities can often take a very long time.

The report said that Indian and Pakistani authorities, in particular, rarely cooperate. With regard to India, it says that “processing requests for replacement passports [is] slow or nonexistent, despite frequent visits to the embassy.”

Regarding Pakistan, the report says that “replacement passport procedures are being processed, but there is a lag.”

The report also mentions that cooperation with Lebanon is sketchy, with “replies to requests very rare. Contact with the embassy is poor.”

Cooperation with Turkey on migrant issues has deteriorated since late 2017; the report says it is “poor to very poor, nationwide.”

In 3,800 cases, the person’s nationality could not be established.

To complicate matters, it has also emerged that rejected “asylum seekers” in Germany almost always challenge the decision in court, and around 40 percent of them win.

Over 328,000 bogus “asylum seekers” appealed the decision to deny them asylum in Germany in 2017, a figure that is almost double the amount in the previous year.

Claimants from Syria and Afghanistan were successful in over 60 percent of the cases.

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  1. Laughable. All this because of that b*tch merkel
    and her comrades in the EU elite. Interesting as
    to what’s next.

  2. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but as they came in on nothing why can’t they be sent back to anywhere in Africa/India/Pakistan and they can make their way home from there

    1. I totally agree with you, they have no legal right to remain in a foreign country, in any case because they have more than likely bypassed many safe countries which is against the Geneva Convention that states that they must claim in the first safe country they reach. Additionally as they have destroyed any identifying documentation this should render them unsuitable to be granted the right to remain on security grounds alone. We have a human right in the UK and Europe to be kept safe at all times. When an invader forces entry and refuses to declare or prove who they are, how old they are and also their reason for entry they MUST BE REMOVED. Take away their mobile phones which will contain information that will solve many of these issues. It will also reveal who they have been in contact with, and what they have been doing. Mobiles can be tracked around the world, why is this so difficult for the authorities to get their heads around ?

  3. The solution to this is to stop funding the countries that refuse the take back their own citizens. No more foreign aid for those countries. Also impose sanctions.

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