Greece: Nonwhite Hordes Attack Border

Thousands of violent nonwhite invaders smashed down a fence on the Greek-Macedonian border yesterday in protest at not being allowed entry into Europe to parasite off white taxpayers.

The nonwhites pulled out a steel fence pole and used it as a battering ram to smash down the gate, behind which stood a line of armed Macedonian policemen, who finally used teargas to ward off the rampaging criminal hordes.


The attack, organized by nonwhites from Afghanistan, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa, occurred after it had finally dawned upon them that they were not going to be granted access to western Europe’s fleshpots because they were not fleeing “war zones.”

The resentment had been building for the past week as the crowd—estimated at anywhere between seven and ten thousand—found themselves stuck without food and shelter on the Greek side of the border with Macedonia (also known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or FYROM).

The first sign of trouble came early yesterday morning when a large mob of nonwhites forced their way past a thin line of Greek police to reach a gate used to let trains through at the border crossing.


There, after chanting “open the border” for a short while, the nonwhite criminals started throwing rocks at the Macedonian police.

They then pulled a metal pole out of the ground and used it as a battering ram to smash down the gate. At that point, the Macedonian police opened fire with teargas to stop the invaders from crossing the border.




The 99 percent male crowd of nonwhites were then forced to retreat, stopping only to put the handful of children they had brought along to the forefront so the controlled media journalists could photograph their “misery.”

The controlled media dutifully reported the nonwhite attack as another “European Union crisis” and portrayed the criminal mob as “poor migrants fleeing war and poverty,” a by now-standard lie with which they try to generate sympathy for the invaders.

Following the attack, the FYROM government announced that it would be reinforcing security measures on the border and would start army and police helicopter patrols.

FYROM police sources said the gate—which has been repaired—will remain closed for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, thousands of nonwhites still continue to arrive every day in Greece, all seeking to take up German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s offer of “no limit” of “refugees.”

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  1. If this invasion is to be stopped, the cause of the invasion must be eliminated, got rid of.

    Merkel & her government in cahoots with several other socialist regimes refuse to reverse their policies & they are the real culprits.

    In the news recently, the French are threatening the opposition party of Marine LePen with arrest. Now Merkel’s socialists are threatening to ban the German opposition parties fighting her. Is this not the way the Nazis came to power.

    And of course the the British Government wants to join up in the madness. What are the people of Europe & the once Great Britain doing about it.

    The time for talking is over. The EU is going to flood Europe & displace the white populations unless there is strong resistance from the people. Talking about it for months is only making things worse and the flow of. 3rd worlders increases. Physical action is the only way. Those governments involved must fall to make way for sanity.

    1. Yes that is the same tactic Hitler used but remember Merkel is a Marxist. If She fears she will lose an election she will indeed outlaw all the competition like the communist did in Venezuela..
      North Korean style elections will be the new norm.

    2. In South Africa the savages are killing 48 whites per day. You will have to turn violent very quickly, it is the only language they understand Viva Apartheid viva.

  2. Graham is correct.
    Idiot woman MERKEL the Mad ‘MUST GO!!!!
    What is wrong with the German Government to permit. This to continue?
    Also, when the gates and fences are restored I suggest they are electrified.
    Also boats made available for these marauders to sail back to Turkey.
    Another country that MUST be forbidden visa free travel.
    This gets madder and madder.

    1. Germans are waiting for five million more migrants to arrive. They are waiting for more lawlessness to happen. They are waiting until its TOO LATE.

  3. International law and Treaties, Declarations, etc. are there to prevent the mistakes of the past being repeated and the dumping of Chinese goods in a State dependant on the availability of foreign currency. To expand their business International companies are abandoning the THIRD WORLD with their destroyed local industry and bringing customers to a spot where there is cash the Chinese will accept for their exports. If you don’t believe me see The International Traders want honkey cash to clothe the Pakistani and Afghans millions and avoid supporting the Pakistani and Afghan economy’s.

  4. Another photo-op for the ultra-left socialist rag Guardian and BBC . Children used as shields too. Typical use for their children. No supermarkets around to loot either. No gun stores to arm themselves. Thank God.
    “The 99 percent male crowd of nonwhites were then forced to retreat, stopping only to put the handful of children they had brought along to the forefront so the controlled media journalists could photograph their “misery.”

  5. One day, live ammunition will have to be turned on the invaders.

    Oh, I forgot!, this is the EU we are talking about – so live ammunition will be turned on nationalist whites.

    If you are British, be sure to vote ‘leave’ in the upcoming EU referendum.

  6. If they will do this, they will definitely rob and/or kill us if we refuse to submit to them when they are all here…the time for action is NOW…!!!

  7. The politicians can easily solve this mess by adopting Australia solution but they are not. They are interested in elevating the mess into a higher level and turn EU into another soviet union.

  8. There has been no sign of abatement of this problem for over a year now, and still there is also no sign of any unification of action that is needed to end this invasion. Dictatorship is the new norm within the EU and all opposition to this is to be quashed, both legally and illegally, because the media will be part of the latter. Denigrating all those that object to this massive invasion will be relentless. Therefore, is it not time to withdraw all payments to all public authorities across the whole of Europe with immediate effect? My biggest regret is that I did not emigrate to Canada on leaving the Forces when I had the chance in 1972.

  9. Merkel=protestant Christian–not Marxist. Merkel to Siberia and Putin to Berlin<slogan here in Holland!

  10. Macedonia has its own problems – it sure doesn’t need to clean up Merkel’s mess. Macedonia is relatively poor ex-Yugoslav state and certainly doesn’t need to waste its money on transiting and feeding masses of illegal migrants as they trash the public facilities there. Macedonia has big enough problems with Greece already without all this – Greece object to name of the country – Macedonia – claiming it is old Greek term – and refuse to even acknowledge it. Then on top of that international problem, Macedonia has been internally fighting armed insurgency by minority muslim ethnic Albanians, many who are ex KLA terrorists who cross over from Kososo – NATO has actively protected these Albanian terrorists as NATO props up EU puppet state of Kososvo, taken by force from Serbia and given to criminal muslim Albanian terrorists.
    That is enough bullshit for Macedonia to deal with without Merkel’s contrived ‘crisis’.
    If Merkel wants illegal immigrants then send planes to Greece and Italy and leave the Balkans alone – Merkel has cost these Balkan states huge revenue losses in transiting, dealing and cleaning up after her ‘crisis’.

  11. These are invaders that will destroy Europe same as the Army’s of olden times. Time to stop being nice . Time for use of deadly force. Military gun ships and small arms . When attacking border stack up a few hundred and maybe rest will decide .This isn’t a game any longer and will stop. They are useless in their country and destroying Europe . So their loss isn’t really any loss .
    Retake Europe from the terrorist inside and those attacking the borders. Both seek to destroy .

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