Nonwhite “Immigrants” in Europe Fighting in Syria “Pose Threat”

Nonwhites who have previously settled in Europe but who have volunteered to take part in the civil war in Syria on the side of Islamist rebels will pose a “serious threat” when they return “home,” a European Union security chief has warned.


Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s “counterterrorism coordinator,” has said that there are concerns about what he (quite falsely) called “Europeans” who had joined rebel forces in Syria would be “radicalized by groups with al-Qaeda links.”

It has been claimed that “hundreds” of “young men from across Europe” are fighting with rebel forces in Syria.

De Kerchove added his concern that the “fighters” would be “radicalised before returning home where they will pose a serious threat to national security.”

Of course, even that statement is ridiculous, because the individuals in question must have already been radicalized to join in an armed uprising on religious grounds—but such deliberate misinformation is part of the liberal mindset which actually believes that Third World immigrants stop being Third World once they get through immigration control at European borders.

De Kerchove did however correctly predict that once these “Europeans” return to Europe, there is a strong possibility that they will “launch terror attacks at home.”

According to reports, intelligence agencies have stepped up operations after a rise in the number of “Europeans,” notably from Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland, joining rebel forces in Syria.

In a further indication of the insanity which has gripped the western establishment, the warning about potential terrorism came on the same day that the British government was sending aid to the rebel forces, including body armor and four-by-four vehicles.

In addition, both the British and the French governments are attempting to get an EU arms embargo on Syria lifted so that they can arm the rebels against the Assad government.

The British foreign secretary, William Hague (more famous for supporting the war against Iraq by telling the UK parliament that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons), said that any shipment of arms to Syrian rebels would “have to be carefully controlled,” whatever that means.

Addressing parliament, Hague said that “The next few weeks are a very crucial period in this matter because we need to decide with our European Union partners, and indeed the United States, what are the next steps we can realistically take and should take in order to… strengthen the opposition on the ground.”

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