Nonwhite Immigration Makes US Economy Worse, US Census Figures Prove

The liberal lie that “immigration helps the economy” has been thoroughly disproved by US Census Bureau figures which show that recent Third World immigrants are economically significantly worse off than the native born, having higher unemployment rates, lower incomes, higher poverty levels—and are much more dependent on welfare.

West Africans in New York.

The analysis, carried out by the Center for Immigration Studies, titled “Better Educated, but Not Better Off” also inadvertently exposed the lie that the new immigrants are “highly skilled” even though they claim to be better educated.

The report said that the US Census Bureau figures showed a “dramatic rise in the education level of newly arrived immigrants between 2007 and 2017.”

However, “this increase has not resulted in a significant improvement in labor force attachment, income, poverty, or welfare use for new arrivals,” the CIS report added.

“This is true in both absolute terms and relative to the native-born, whose education has not increased as dramatically.

“In short, new immigrants are starting out as far behind in 2017 as a decade ago.”

Among the findings about newly arrived immigrants, defined as those ages 25 to 65, in the country for five years or less:

– The share of newly arrived immigrants with at least a college degree increased from 34 percent in 2007 to 49 percent in 2017; and the share without a high school diploma fell from 34 percent to 16 percent. The education of natives also increased, but not nearly as much.

– Despite the dramatic increase in their claimed education levels, the share of new immigrants in the labor force (working or looking for work) fell from 73 percent in 2007 to 67 percent 2017. Native labor force participation also fell, from 78 percent to 76 percent, but because it did not fall as much, the gap with immigrants actually widened.

– The median income of new arrivals was $18,402 in 2017, slightly lower than in 2007. Native income also fell slightly, so the gap between new immigrants and natives stayed about the same, with natives’ income still about twice that of new immigrants.

– The share of new immigrants in poverty was slightly higher in 2017 than in 2007, and the gap with natives widened slightly. Overall, new immigrants remained twice as likely to live in poverty as natives.

– In 2007, 6 percent of new immigrants were on Medicaid; by 2017 it was 17 percent — an 11 percentage-point increase. The share of natives on Medicaid increased from 7 percent to 13 percent — a six percentage-point increase. New immigrants are now more likely to use the program than natives.

– The share of new immigrants living in households receiving food stamps roughly tripled from 4 percent to 13 percent from 2007 to 2017. Among natives, food stamp use also increased, but not as much, from about 6 percent to 10 percent. New immigrants are now more likely to live in a household on food stamps.

The CIS report refused to address the obvious racial aspect to the figures, instead saying that it was “not entirely clear why the dramatic increase in recent immigrant’s education did not cause a dramatic improvement in their economic situation.”

Steven Camarota, the Center’s Director of Research and the study’s lead author added that “the findings are important because most people had assumed that if the education levels of new immigrants went up, so would their income and other measures of success. But this may not necessarily be the case.”

Of course, the truth—which is apparently too sensitive for the CIS to address—is that if Third World immigrants were going to be “economically successful” they would have been so at home as well.

The fact that their home nations are disaster zones—despite an abundance of natural resources—is the result of racial differences in IQ, achievement, and attainment, which preclude the Third World from ever “becoming” First World.

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  1. At this point I would much rather pay a small world tax to keep my neighbors over there! Some of them can’t even get it together coming from places with less people than LA or NY. Throw in the jewish created magic dust of diversity and anti white hatred and gee, the results are pretty obvious, eh? What this has all brought out is just how truly devious the Democrat Party is in particular. They want whites finished off in a sea of Haiti like death.

    1. ‘Leaving them over there..’ is ideal, but it does not destroy the west and that is what this mass immi is all about.

      1. Jo Buchanan, you are correct, and it’s a shame the majority of Americans are either too brainwashed, stupid, or indifferent to care about this.
        The Jews ultimate goal of white genocide revs into high gear, as they continue to weaponize the mystery meats they allow to invade our white lands. More people become aware by the day, so of course it is no surprise at all that we are now seeing the finishing off of our 1st amendment rights as we USED to know them. They know the jig is up and enough white people are wise to what is going on, despite how many white people, mostly younger, are too dumb to see what is going on and sadly in many cases, our white dumb-dumb culturally confused percentage of the white population gladly intermingle with the nonwhite races and even birth their offspring, further muddying up the waters, so to speak.
        These Jews that are in the highest offices of our government and judiciary system can’t pass laws fast enough to make it illegal for anyone to state the obvious as to what dual citizen Israeli-American officials are doing to our country, via backstabbing traitor shabbos goy neocons and the Jews themselves, who are only loyal to Israel, which should be apparent to everyone by now.

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