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Nonwhite Invader Violence Swamping Germany, Police Reports Reveal

Nonwhite invader violence is beginning to overwhelm the German police, with authorities in one federal state alone reporting 926 “incidents”—or 30 per day, every day—in “asylum centers” during the month of August.

The 926 “incidents” took place in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, according to an article in the far leftist Der Spiegel magazine.

The violence is the inevitable—and predictable—result of allowing hundreds of thousands of Third Worlders to flood into the country, caused by the liberal race-blind delusion that anyone from anywhere can “become” a European by simply crossing a border.


German police at a nonwhite invader hostel in the town of Suhl, Thuringia, the scene of a major riot.

According to Der Spiegel—a magazine which feverishly promoted the nonwhite invasion in the first place—“Concern is rising in Germany at the increase in incidents of violence at refugee hostels in the country.”

The Der Spiegel article then went on to detail some of the more violent incidents caused by the nonwhites, starting with a September 27 “mass brawl” at Calden Airport, near the city of Kassel, between Albanians and Pakistanis—neither of these groups actually qualifying as “refugees” in any sense of the word.

According to the report, the clash started when an 18-year-old Albanian hit an 80-year-old Pakistani in the face.

A security guard intervened and separated the two, but, according to Der Spiegel, “three hours later, 50 to 60 Pakistanis stormed into the hangar and threatened the young Albanian with aluminum rods they had taken from their cots. The police moved in and were eventually able to restore peace.

Come dinnertime, though, 300 angry Albanians had turned up. Some attacked the Pakistanis, benches were thrown; men struck each other with clubs and used pepper spray.

“Police estimate that more than 350 of the 1,500 refugees staying in the emergency shelter at the Calden Airport near the city of Kassel became involved in the fight. The incident resulted in 14 injuries, including police officers. Two weeks prior, another altercation at Calden left 60 people injured.”

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Suhl, Thuringia: German police are called out to a nonwhite invader riot.


Suhl, Thuringia: Above and below: Workmen remove doors and furnishings destroyed by the nonwhite invaders.



“Asylum center” offices destroyed during the nonwhite invader riot at Suhl, 

The Der Spiegel article then admitted that there have other violent outbreaks at hostels in Ellwangen in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Suhl in Thuringia, Bramsche in Lower Saxony, Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate, Heidenau in Saxony, as well as in Dresden and Leipzig, saying that an “explosive mood is developing in many of the refugee camps across Germany” with “police situation reports from across the country describ[ing] a growing propensity to violence in the hostels.”

As an example, in one nonwhite invader camp in the Bavarian town of Königsbrunn, police seized machetes constructed from bed frames—one-meter-long (three-foot) pipes with knives attached to them,” as well as a “chair leg whose tip had been shaped into a club and four iron pipes, each about one meter in length.”

At the beginning of September, hundreds of nonwhite invaders began fighting at a trade fair exhibition hall that had been converted into a hostel in the town of Sinsheim in Baden-Württemberg. According to the report, security guards fled after being threatened by nonwhites with knives.

Germany’s police officers’ unions have already called for the nonwhites to be segregated, echoing a request made by Thuringia Governor Bodo Ramelow in August after the offices of an invader camp in the town of Suhl were destroyed in an invader riot.

In Leipzig, the Trade Fair complex, a mass brawl between Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, and Pakistanis broke out, with the nonwhites attacking German army personnel and security guards. Six Afghans were arrested during the rioting.

In the city of Trier, it took 70 police officers to quell a mass brawl between Syrians and Albanians which erupted during a soccer match.

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More violence is expected, Der Spiegel admitted, saying that “Experts believe that there could be more violence in the coming months. One reason is the sheer number of arrivals. September saw a record number of refugees reaching Germany and reception facilities have had a hard time erecting tents and cots fast enough.”

According to Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, between 8,000 and 10,000 nonwhite invaders are still arriving in Germany every day.

In addition, Der Spiegel said, there are a “growing number of sexual assaults targeting women and children in the refugee shelters.” These attacks are “constantly climbing, according to the federal government’s commissioner for abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig.”

Aid groups have reported “numerous rapes” in the nonwhite invader camp in Giessen, in the state of Hesse, and since then, “such reports have accumulated across the country. Single women no longer feel safe showering or going to the toilet at night, according to the reports.”

The large number of nonwhite invaders who have flooded into Germany from countries where they do not face any persecution—such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and most of the Middle  East—are also violent time-bombs just waiting to go off as their “asylum” applications inevitably get rejected.

Der Spiegel, quoting a spokesman from the far leftist “Pro-Asyl” organization, Marei Pelzer, admitted that the rejection of these patently bogus asylum applications was causing further violence.

“The potential for aggressive behavior,” Perlzer said, “grows when refugees begin to realize that such reception facilities are the end of the road for their asylum hopes. In Calden, for example, some of those involved in the brawl had just learned that they wouldn’t be allowed to stay…They were, of course, correspondingly excitable.”

Thus it is that the race-blind, far leftist “open doors” asylum policy promoted by Angela Merkel and other traitors in the German establishment has created a situation which cannot but end in bloody violence.

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Firstly, the sheer numbers of nonwhites who have now entered Germany is of such proportions that no matter what happens, they are present in large enough numbers to have brought their violent, chaotic, and criminal Third World culture with them.

Secondly, when those hundreds of thousands of “asylum seekers” who have not the slightest real claim to asylum, are told that they have to leave, their numbers are such that they will violently resist any deportation attempts.

No matter which way it goes, it is sure that the Third Worlders are going to inflict significant violent damage upon Germany and Germans.

The only question which remains to be answered will be if the Germans—and all Europeans affected by this mass nonwhite invasion—are going to let it happen, or fight back, politically and, most likely, physically.

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