Nonwhite Invaders Attack Again

Illegal nonwhite invaders—denied entrance into Macedonia—today once again launched a violent attack on the border between Greece and that country.

The renewed attack started when hundreds of nonwhites—from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, and assorted states in sub-Saharan and North Africa, assembled an assault force at the Greek-Macedonia border near Idomeni.


The mob appointed a five-man strong delegation to approach the police and soldiers guarding the border to ask for permission to cross over into Macedonia so that they could continue on their path to parasite off Europe and its taxpayers.

The Macedonian police refused to even consider the absurd demand, and as soon as this became evident, a mob estimated to be between 500 and 1,000 strong then attacked.

First, the nonwhites tried to physically pull down the border fence, and then, when police fired tear gas, the crazed mob bombarded the border guards with rocks and metal bars—which they had brought along in preparation for the attack.

Seeing that the media had been alerted to their plans, the nonwhites pretended to faint and “suffer” because of the tear gas, even though until the press arrived, none had seemed to suffer any major ill-effects.

The Macedonian police later denied firing tear gas, and claimed that the Greek police were responsible.

The attack had been coordinated, with Greek media reporting that leaflets written in Arabic had been distributed on Saturday, April 9, urging the nonwhites to storm the border and to cross into Macedonia by force.

Efforts by the Greek authorities to persuade the nonwhites to leave Idomeni—where they have been camped out, illegally, for weeks, and move to invader centers have been unsuccessful.



Most of the nonwhites know very well that if they are put in camps, registered, and interviewed, their claims to be “refugees” will quickly be exposed as lies, and then they stand the chance of being deported back to Turkey.

Observers have pointed out that even those tiny numbers of “refugees” who might be genuine, and who claim to be “traumatized” and “fleeing from war,” notably refuse to fight for their own countries, but are more than happy to fight with Europeans.

Finally, even these “genuine” refugees are all leaving Turkey, a safe country, and therefore do not qualify for “asylum” anywhere else.

* On Friday, April 8, the Greek government lifted its suspension of the EU-Turkey migration deal, forcibly deporting 124 nonwhites—from Bangladesh, Iraq, India, Morocco, Egypt, and the Palestinian territories—who had all congregated on the islands of Lesbos, Samos, and Kos.

The deportation ended a four-day halt in deportations, instituted after the first day of operations. The halt had been caused by administrative chaos and violence from the invaders.

The expulsions came just hours after the nonwhites violently attacked police and locals on the island of Chios. The invaders, who had seized control of the island’s main port buildings, had to be forcibly removed by the authorities.

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  1. It is time for live rounds in a situation like this.
    What country, when under attack from a threatening, invading force, should be expected to use tear gas as their only defence – this is wrong.

    1. Yet it was the Macedonian’s who were condemned for their violence in protecting their borders……………….. Sick, sick, sick……………..

  2. According to the Polish media it was the refugees who were hurt there. Apparently 200 of em were injured while peacefully protesting and asking politely for the borders to be opened for them.

  3. It seems that along with Peter Sutherland of the UN Refugee Council, more enemies of the European people is the charities!

    Save the Children, OXFAM et al. All are now on the bandwagon pleading the case for permitting unrestricted access to your country and mine for millions of wasters who originate from (and prefer) failed states and countries. They are dedicated to destroying what’s left of so-called “Democracy” and imposing the will of Allah on us all including t he likes of Merkel, Cameron and all the rest of the dim-witted so-called, “Leaders”.

  4. The Macedonian police should have shot the five man ‘ delegation ‘ , the others would have then backed off to consider the wisdom of trying to get past them I’m sure .

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