Nonwhite Invasion Crashes Swedish IQ

More than one-third of all school pupils in Sweden are unable to complete the most basic of academic standards or pass any exams, a new report has revealed—the direct result of the mass nonwhite invasion of that country and the subsequent flooding of its school system by hordes of low IQ Third Worlders.

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According to a report in the educationist’s Lärarnas Tidning newspaper, more than one in three 15-year-olds cannot “pass the basic requirements in one or more” of any school’s main topics, according to data released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The OECD report—which covers 34 countries, including most European nations, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, the US, Mexico, Chile, Japan, and South Korea—found that Sweden’s rating was below even the international average of one in four.

The OECD report, titled “Low-Performing Students: Why They Fall Behind and How to Help Them Succeed,” is based on the most-up-to-date “Program for International Student Assessment,” or PISA study—a survey of 15-year-old school pupils’ scholastic performance on mathematics, science, and reading.

According to the report, the “failure” rate among “Swedish” 15-year-olds is now 34 percent, higher than the international average of 28 percent. Compared to the number of students in Sweden, this works out at around 30,000 15-year-olds.

The Lärarnas Tidning added that the numbers did not come as a surprise to educational authorities in Sweden. According to that paper, educational attainment levels in Swedish schools have been in free fall for a decade and a half.

As the OECD report said, Sweden has seen “dramatic increases in the percentage of low achievers in all subjects since 2000.”

Eva Lundgren, director of education at the National Agency, and head of PISA in Sweden, told the Lärarnas Tidning that this meant that her nation was the OECD country in which the “proportion of low-performing students increased most.”

The dramatic drop in scholastic ability is, of course, directly linked to the mass nonwhite Third World immigration which has swamped Sweden for the last twenty years.

There are no exact numbers on the racial background of migrants and their descendants in Sweden as the Swedish state refuses to record race. It does however record “national backgrounds” which provides at the very least an indication of the foreign-born nonwhite population, although it does not give any information on second or third generation nonwhites born in that country, recording them as “Swedish-born.”

In 2011, a Statistics Sweden study showed that around 27 percent, or 2,500,000 inhabitants of Sweden, had “full or partial foreign background.” This number includes some from other European nations, and so the nonwhite element is likely to be slightly lower—but still well above 20 percent.

There are significantly large populations from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Chile, Lebanon, India, and Eritrea—all nations with notoriously low IQs.

It is these groups—which dominate the younger age demographic—which have caused the catastrophic collapse in Sweden’s OECD score.

Despite the cause being obvious, the OECD and the liberal Swedish authorities have ignored race as the origin of the problem—as if a person from a 73-IQ average Third World nation will suddenly be transformed into a 102-IQ European just by living in Europe.

As a result, the OECD has recommended to Sweden that they can magically fix this biologically-determined problem by “higher teacher salaries, higher expectations for students, parental involvement,” and the provision of “targeted support for schools, families, and students who are disadvantaged.”

This “help to disadvantaged” students and “schools” (as if the bricks of a school are somehow to blame for the institution’s poor performance) is well-known to Americans, where billions of dollars have been poured into “no child left behind” programs which have all failed because they refuse to address the core issue behind IQ decline: race and inheritance.

Only one prominent intelligence researcher in Scandinavia has dared to tell the truth on the topic. Danish intelligence researcher Helmuth Nyborg, famous for his studies on how immigration affects IQ levels and social development in Western countries, wrote in a 2012 article in the Dispatch International journal that the influx of Third World immigrants had been the direct cause of the lowering of IQ in his nation and in other European countries.

“In the 14 largest German cities, every second child is already from an immigrant family,” he wrote. “Ethnic Europeans will soon be extinct in their own countries as a result of the enormous demographic upheaval, while the average IQ falls. And when the average IQ of a country has fallen to 90, then the viability of a democratic welfare state collapses. The same thing will happen in the United States,” he wrote.

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  1. Yup they are going to be of great benefit to Sweden, I would estimate that 99.999999% of EUropes new citizens will be unemployable.

    1. So they thought that by bringing Somalians to Sweden it would, by some miracle cause their IQ to jump from 68 to 105? you have to wonder who the real idiots are here.

      1. Don’t think that you have to wonder too hard peanut, and without some draconian measures Europe wide, it’s not going to change. All of Europe’s wealth and tradition will rest in a few east European countries who refuse to toe the line of the EU/UN.

        1. I know mate. I have already decided that if it gets too bad here, I will go to Hungary or Poland and join the militias that will have formed by then, at least there I won’t have the enemy behind me with their daggers drawn, and I won’t be fighting for a country where the government is made up of Dhimmis or fith columnists.

    2. well so are their parents but never mind the ruling elite there will take them all in hand and also offer their daughters for them to practice on..Thats what sweden does isn,t it?The REAL swedes no longer exist!!

  2. I wish you could find correspondents able to (secretly?) scan in exam papers and/or exercise books, essays etc from invaders. With their ages, and comparisons with whites of the same ages. All the published material above is somewhat vaguely alarmist; the full impact of illiteracy and innumeracy and inabilities generally need to be rubbed in. For that matter, oral videos would be a good thing, except that a witch hunt might be started. The enemy of course will lie and deceive and pretend; but direct evidence may be unforgettable.

    1. There are plenty of fed up American teachers that can show overwhelming evidence. Surely you don’t think white students here score less than rest of world. I visited 10 New Zealand schools. They said “Of course we do not include aboriginal scores in national reporting!!!”

      1. I don’t think that’s true, education ministry has NCA results on their website for all to see, in some schools clearly a lot of the kids only go to school just to eat their lunch

        1. They may have results of supposed tests, summarised, on their sites. I don’t mean that. I mean scanned copies, photographed copies, photostats, scnas, whatever you call them. I would guess obviously malformed letters and words, spelling errors, layout problems, omissions, and other glaringly obvious direct evidence that they can’t read/ write.

  3. Not Swedish, never will be. Different culture, language , religion , laws, DNA. These are invaders pushed here by Zionist.

    1. They’re not being pushed there by “Zionist”, they’re being pulled there by Left-wing, atheistic, self-loathing ethnic Swedes with a death wish – and they deserve everything they’ve got coming.

  4. 15/1514 Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. “Recognising the passionate yearning for freedom in all dependant peoples and the decisive role of such people in the attainment of their independence. And Recognising that the peoples of the world ardently desire the end to colonialism in all its manifestations. Convinced that all peoples have an unalienable right to complete freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of their national territory. etc. should have their own schools where interference by colonialists is prohibited.
    20/2131 Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States (and Minorities) and the protection of their Independence and Sovereignty. Article 3 The use of force to deprive peoples of their national identity constitutes a violation of their inalienable rights and of the principal of non-intervention.
    It looks as if there are criminals in Sweden’s educational institutions.

  5. Merkel’s plan was to replenish the population to handle menial jobs. So isn’t that what they got? Oh wait, the lazy drains on society won’t work.

  6. A good education is crucial re a child`s future prospects and yes – of course all children are different.
    However, minority parents have a different outlook – girls are seen as marriage material from a young age – education isn`t seen as important by very many.
    The IQ levels of very many immigrants are also much lower than those of westerners.
    Our own kids are being failed on virtually every level, held back by a nonsensical system that decrees `we`re all the same`, so does nothing to stretch the kids.
    Politicians of whatever persuasion are content to implement an unexciting, unambitious education system designed to cater for Turd worlders and their lack of ambition.
    Why should TPTB worry when they can afford to pay for better education for their own offspring.
    We westerners must be totally, absolutely and utterly crazy.

    1. The good old ‘one size fit’s all’ mentality applied to education? The authorities ought to be charged but won’t be, after all, they’re all ‘know it all’ left wingers.

    2. Education is only ‘crucial’ in a socially mobile society reliant on skill and invention. Where this doesn’t apply, education isn’t important (except to people who like theories and truth). Look at the British Royal Family – education is unimportant to them, almost comically so. Look at Jews and their parasitism – they make a pretence at having contributed to intellectual progress, but it’s something of a joke.

      1. I forget to mention the need for skills to maintain the level of existing standards. Education is important to reach current standards in health and food and buildings and transport and security etc. An influx of invaders below that level means the civilisation will start to crumble.

    3. Yip more interested in cutting off their bits down there, fgm, and breeding more uncivilised sporn to keep the whole circus going

  7. Surprising actually. Considering how easily they got rolled by their political leaders, I always assumed that their IQ’s were never that high to begin with.

  8. Certainly a decreasing IQ seems to characterize the Swedish police force. For example, when short ago a teenage Polish girl was molested by a gang of refugees, pardon me, rapefugees, in Nynashamn n. Stockholm, a group of Polish expats did a street protest. A refugee mob attacked the protesters, beating them savagely. But the cops detained the protesters, not the attackers. Afterwards, the protesters have been accused of having planned a terrorist attack on a refugee center. They are awaiting trial and the main Swedish (?) media carry on a pogrom campaign against them, depicting them as “racists” and “fascists.” Willy-nilly, or in fact consciously, the Swedish police seem to be in cahoots with the Third World criminals. And as racist as them. I mean the real racism, anti-European.

  9. South Africa solved their IQ & school achievement problem. The simple folk had a simple solution.

    Having taken over the existing education system in 1994 & filling all available schools with the black kids they discovered the European’s standards were too high for the low IQ ers so they just lowered all standards to one that the blacks could at least try to handle. Needless to say they still under achieve. ( like President Zuma who has a grade 4 education)

    This meant that the white kids were being disadvantaged & resulted in a boom in private schooling.

    So Sweden all you need is to lower ALL standards. You, of course can’t discriminate, so the whole of Swedish society can suffer as one.

    Sometimes I think the Swedish politicians must have been educated in South Africa.

    1. Swedish ‘politicians’ are under the thumb of Jews and their fake money. So are South African ‘politicians’. You don’t seem to understand the Jewish issue. People without understanding the Jewish angle are like people who will not make an effort to understand bacterial theory when looking at disease: they can’t hope to understand it.

  10. All part of widening the gap between the masses and the elite so millions become unemployable and once the system collapses, and it will, then the masses can try and figure out a way to feed themselves, good luck with that.

  11. What really gets to indigenous Europeans is that yes, they did create modern countries and political systems in African countries. However, let’s not forget that indigenous Africans waged bloody insurgencies – backed by Communists in Russia and China – to get Europeans out and back into their homelands. Having ruined those prosperous and attractive countries and put most of their populations into abject poverty and sectarian/tribal wars they suddenly realise they’ve thrown out the baby with the bathwater and run to Europe to benefit from living among (and from) those dreadful Europeans. Economic migrants and asylum seekers can’t have it both ways but we know the liberal left will do what they can to make sure they do. But when they themselves become victims they’ll run to the protectors who understand the threat, who should justifiably leave them to their fate.

  12. Those migrants, especially Muslims, are smarter than the Swedish people who allowed them to settle in their country. IQ alone is not enough to determine the intelligence of the person. There are many persons who are very stupid despite having high IQ.

    1. Its not intelligence we are talking about, its bad government. U think the white Swedish women want to make babies with a Somali, ignoring his zero education and violent personality?
      Its mixing oil and water. Canada is far worse than Sweden, our government gives $12,000 to hire someone who is too stupid and lazy to do the job.

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