Nonwhite Invasion of Europe Unabated

The nonwhite invasion of Europe has continued unabated this year, and the first six months has already seen over 230,000 Third Worlders cross the Mediterranean Sea—more than last year at this time.

This figure is also more than the total number of nonwhites who invaded Europe in all of 2014.


As reported in the Bayern Kurier, the invasion is “far from over—in fact it has not stopped at all.”

According to that paper, at least 230,000 nonwhites have crossed the Mediterranean Sea in the first half of 2016—about 20,000 more than the number who invaded Europe in the same period last year.

Nearly 160,000 of the invaders came over the Aegean Sea to Greece, while 71,000 landed from Tunisia and Libya into Italy. In July 2016, at least 20,000 nonwhites landed in Sicily alone.

 This figure was only slightly down from the June tally, when 22,500 landed in Italy, which was a 25 percent increase on the figures for May.

The Bayern Kurier article pointed out that the “Operation Sophia” mission launched by the European Union’s border agency Frontex, in cooperation with naval units from various EU states, was acting as an “invitation” and not a deterrent.

The paper said that the “search and rescue” missions being run off the Libyan coast were in fact making it easier for the nonwhites, because most of them were now only traveling around 40 kilometers (24 miles) before being picked up and taken to Italy.

This is “shortening the route across the Mediterranean, making illegal immigration even easier,” the newspaper added.

Furthermore, the article said, the invaders “come almost exclusively from black Africa: Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia.”

“Le Monde noted that this summer many migrants from francophone Africa cross the Mediterranean: from Cameroon, Mali and the Ivory Coast.

“800,000 African migrants wait on the Libyan coast for an opportunity to cross over to Europe, France’s Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned last March.

“Since then, it will have become more, as the mass smuggling from West Africa through Agadez in Niger to Libya has continued.”

The figures are clear: at this rate, Europe is being flooded with Africans on a vast scale, all fleeing their self-inflicted disaster states in search of white European-provided welfare and easy criminal pickings.

It is also equally clear that unless this nonwhite invasion is definitively halted—and reversed—western Europe will be destroyed within a generation and turned into the Third World.

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    1. It wouldn’t work if it was were Merkel alone. The Italian government is involved in that as well. Basically all “European governments.”

  1. Ficki, blonde girls, ficki ficki. Don’t believe the money, cars, housing, benefit system. ALL young males, here for only one thing…ficki on tap! And the pussy European males get all scaredy.

  2. It is so obvious what governments are doing eg. ethnic cleansing of the white races. They are very dangerous and the invaders are WMD.

    1. White people need to rise up before theyre screwed. UK home office even wants to give asylum to the evil Muslim brotherhood. Crime rates in these stupid countries are going to soar. People are soon going to be minorities and strangers in their own countries. With so much knowledge freely available now its amazing that people are so dumb. There’s going to be no more money for pensions with all these parasites

  3. This is the biggest crime against humanity ever. Merkel and her evil conspirators MUST be held to account. Aren’t white people aware that they are being genocided?

    1. They aware but brainwashing & propaganda have demotivated the population so they don’t react.LAM BS TO THE SLAUGHTER!

  4. The escort service from the North African Coast to Italy works perfectly.
    Do all have life jackets? Yes
    Enough food? Yes
    Social system awaiting? Yes
    Thanks NGOs and masonic governments.
    *Irony off*

  5. In fact, “Operation Sophia” is clearly an important part of the conspiracy of European States to import the Third World. Evidence, (if further were required) that all the joint armed services involved support Merkel’s desire to inflict upon Europe a civil war.

  6. I only realised a few days ago (partly after reading the Occidental Observer) that (((Bob Geldof))) and the ‘Feed the World’ thing in the 1980s was part of the black population explosion idea to destroy Europe, as per Coudenhove-Kalergi. (((Geldof))) was supported by all the Jewish media, a sure sign (at least looking back) that it was Jewish policy: just like 9/11, the anti-apartheid ‘movement’, the laws to force unwanted immigration etc. Of course they couldn’t give a sh*t about famines – Jews caused huge famines, such as the ‘Holodomor’, the Bengal Famine, for example – so ‘Band Aid’ must have been a deliberate policy, not just to support old boring pop types.
    . . . The population explosion in Ethiopia etc must have been calculated to assist invasion. Let’s instead encourage passages across the Red Sea and NE Africa, to the promised land of Israel, where they are sure to be welcomed.

    1. We must form ” private ” armies.
      Obviously, not connected in any way with government, alphabet agencies, traitor military, and traitor law enforcement.
      We space, funding, and ex special forces for instructors, ASAP.

  7. It’s abundantly clear that immigration and resettlement programs are being used as a weapon to destabilize European Nations.

  8. The gov will have to sign lots of IOU to bankers and enslave the people for generations. The migrants will can go back but the debts will stay.

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