Nonwhite Majority in Antwerp Schools

An absolute majority of elementary school pupils in the Belgian city of Antwerp are nonwhite, according to figures released by the Belgian Minister of Education, Claude Marinowe.

Answering a parliamentary question from Vlaams Belang Member of Parliament, Filip Dewinter, Marinowe said that of the 12,300 children in elementary schools, some 6,451 were “followers of the Islamic religion.”


Antwerp Central Station.

Although it is illegal in Belgium to collect data based on race, the figures (as reported in the Gazet van Antwerpen newspaper), can be taken to mean that 52.4 percent of all elementary school pupils are of Arabic, north African, or Middle Eastern origin.

In contrast, only 18.7 percent of the children are Catholic, and some 26.4 percent Protestant, and thus more likely to be white.

According to the Gazet van Antwerpen, in the suburb of Kiel, just south of the city center, 83 percent of children are Muslims. In Antwerp-North, the figure is 64 percent, and in the suburb of Borgerhout, it stands at 63 percent.

The lowest numbers are in the northern suburb of Ekeren—where De Winter lives—where 14 percent of the school children are Muslim, and in Berendrecht, Zandvliet, and Lillo district (the three towns along the seaport docks north of the old city of Antwerp), where 15 percent of the school population are Muslim.


The Flora school in Bergerhout, Antwerp. Pictures from the school website.

The elementary school with the largest percentage of Muslim children is the Flora in Borgerhout, which has a 94 percent Muslim enrollment—and going by the pictures on its website, what appears to be close to a 100 percent nonwhite school body.

The Gazet van Antwerpen added that Muslims make up more than half of the student bodies in thirty-three of the fifty-eight urban elementary schools in the city. Each year this figure increases by 2 percent on average.

Given these statistics, it is inevitable that Antwerp will be a majority nonwhite city within the next ten years at most, unless all Third World immigration is halted and reversed.


Street scene in Borgerhout, Antwerp.

The influx of nonwhites into Belgium has been growing for a number of years through legal immigration channels, promoted and encouraged by successive conservative and socialist party governments.

The Vlaams Belang party is the only group which has consistently opposed mass Third World immigration. It was previously known as the Vlaams Blok, but had to reform into the Vlaams Belang in 2004 after the government had it banned for breaching “anti-racism” laws.

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  1. 82% of school children in Inner London are non-white, according to a new report issued by Bristol University.

    1. Yuk. Be interesting to see what pass rates are and what IQ rates are like after a few years of schooling to actually see if it has any effect. Employment figures would be interesting too

  2. This is why it’s important to bring the system to its knees. Do not support the system. Don’t work or pay taxes. and ready for the burning and war.

  3. Can’t report that one has become a minority in your own country. That’s BS. Time to emigrate or send your children to a CHRISTIAN PRIVATE SCHOOL and then emigrate. Europe will no longer be a tourist destination.

    1. The non-whites will just follow wherever big groups of whites emigrate too, spurred on by their new world order masters. At some point Europeans will have to make a stand and fight, for your own sake and for your children’s future!

      1. Youll be fighting against your own white race too, I see moronic Germans are protesting against the AFD

    2. I’d hate for my child to go to one of those overrun schools, besides bad habits they’d be picking up diseases as well, no doubt education is also dumbed down to accommodate them too

  4. The Germans aren’t given a choice in this invasion – thousands of foreign troops in NATO uniforms are literally pointing guns at their heads. But the Belgian elite are sheer collaborators and traitors to the Belgian people. I better call Jean Claude Van Damme to save his people.

  5. Utterly crazy !! We`re allowing our politicians to enforce cultural genocide on us all without so much as a murmur.

    1. Thing is we have been brainwashed without realizing it for many years we have been ruled by the far left into submission now we are starting to question a lot of things protest even, which in their eyes makes us racist,bigots,facists ect they don’t care about the future of our country the next couple of years will be an eye opener one way or another.

    2. You can see what those governments have done. Back in the day when this was less of a problem, they brought in anti-racism laws (although this, now, has less to do with race than religion) in the fond hope that everything would be all right tomorrow (just like the UK/Ted Heath). That has led to those same laws being used to silence any opposition.

      Let’s face it, politicians aren’t known for insight and vision, they aren’t capable of thinking long term, nor have they any idea that there might be unintended consequences. So now they govern Islamified states – until the imams take over. The Muslim Brotherhood has done brilliantly with its insidious takeover.

      Belgium, well much or Europe has had it.

      1. Step forward our `trustworthy friends` – those good old Saudis.
        The recent donation of $32 billion by a Saudi prince to spread “understanding” of Islam here in the West
        will certainly help in the relentless ramming of Islam even further down our infidel throats.
        Goodbye free speech – it`s been good to know ya!

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