Nonwhite Politicians Seek to “Punish” Trump Wall Builders

Three nonwhite politicians in California—a Chinaman and two Hispanics—have put forward a bill in that state’s assembly calling for official state disinvestment in any companies that sign up to build President Donald Trump’s border wall.

The rickety existing border fence on the California-Mexico border.

According to reports, the three California Democrats have “a warning for contractors who sign up for President Donald Trump’s border-wall construction project between the U.S. and Mexico: Build it, and we will divest from your company.”

“This is a wall of shame and we don’t want any part of it,” Chinese-origin Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, said in a statement.

The announcement of the proposal came on Monday, three days after the U.S. Customs and Border Protection requested proposals for border wall prototypes.

Assembly Bill 946 would require the California Public Employee Retirement System and the California State Teachers Retirement System—the two largest public pension funds in the nation, with investments of $312 billion and $202 billion, respectively—to liquidate investments in any company involved with the wall’s construction within a year.

It would also require the pension-fund management to report a list of those companies to the Legislature.

The proposal will be carried by Ting and two Hispanics serving in that body, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, D-San Diego, and Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella.

“The state’s contracting and investment practices should reflect the values of our state,” said Gonzalez Fletcher, who co-authored the bill.

“It’s clear the people of California don’t want to invest in the hateful values that the Trump wall represents.”

The bill follows similar proposals across the country and beyond. A Jewish lawmaker in New York, Nily Rozic, earlier this year introduced a bill calling for the state to boycott firms that work on the wall.

Local officials in San Francisco on Tuesday submitted a similar proposal.

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  1. I like to hope these people are leftover from Obama’s ‘administration’. They still feel free to openly be anti-white, and to openly make political claims which are not their business. With luck – not I hope too much luck – they will be countered under Trump’s new broom administration, and eased out permanently.

  2. And what makes them think that patriotic Americans won’t pick up the investments and/or invest in these companies??? I would rather be associated WITH, not against, a company that helps protect MY America.

  3. I believe Donald Trump does have the winning card, he can reduce the amount of public funding California receives. Yet another example of people who probably now hold a USA Passport but will never be American for as long as they live.

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