Nonwhites Attack Nantes, France: Schools, Libraries, Town Hall, Clinics and over 500 Vehicles Torched

The sale of jerry cans, gasoline and fireworks were today banned in Nantes, France, after thousands of nonwhites attacked the city center, burning down over a dozen buildings—including schools and libraries—and torched over 500 vehicles after an accidental police shooting killed a North African resisting arrest earlier this week.

According to French media, the ban on the sale of jerry cans, gasoline and fireworks will be in force until July 13.

“The prefect of Loire-Atlantique has signed two orders to prevent the risk of disturbances to public order in the agglomeration of Nantes, caused by the use of fuel and fireworks,” reports said.

The first order concerns the purchase and transportation of fuel and states that the “purchase and retail sale, removal or transportation of any fuel, jerry cans, containers, cans, flasks or other assorted containers are prohibited in all distribution points located in all municipalities of Nantes metropolis to with the exception of products specifically intended for the supply of individual heaters.”

The second order concerns fireworks. Until July 13, “any sale or sale of fireworks of any kind” is prohibited.

The nonwhite rioters—consisting of blacks and north Africans—have Africans have been attacking the city every night since the shooting, which occurred when a French policeman accidentally discharged his firearm during a brawl with the North African, named as Aboubakar Fofana.

The nonwhite violence was initially contained within the suburbs in which they were the majority, but have gradually spread into other parts of the city, reports said.

During the night of Thursday July 5 to Friday July 7, eight buildings were burned down, and 52 vehicles torched, police and municipal sources said.

In the Quartier Bottière, the Léonard-de-Vinci High School was damaged by arson, as was the Urbain-le-Verrier nursery school.

The nearby service station on the Sainte-Luce road was also attacked with Molotov cocktains, and in the Quartier Vieux-Doulon, a restaurant was burned down.


In Nantes center, an underground parking was targeted by a fire and more than 200 vehicles were set alight. A Molotov cocktail was thrown against a police van in the courtyard of a police station in the suburbs of Nantes.

Since Tuesday evening, several businesses, the library, a job center, the town hall annex, the court house, and a medical center were set on fire in Dervallières. At Breil-Malville, a medical center and associated premises were destroyed by the flames.

In Malakoff, the local town officers, (including a library/toy library) were destroyed by flames, along with the post office.

At the Château de Rezé, the Barakason auditorium and two shops were burned down, and another 200 vehicles were torched by the nonwhite mobs.

The attacks started after Fofana was pulled over in his car by officers for an inspection. He was identified as a wanted suspect for drug trafficking, but was not carrying any identification.

After he provided a false name, the police tried to apprehend him. The nonwhite refused to surrender, and an altercation ensued. At some point in the struggle, an officer’s firearm went off, fatally wounding the nonwhite.

Riots also flared up in the Paris suburb of Garges-les-Gonesse where Fofana had previously lived.

The nonwhite attacks have been almost completely ignored by the English-speaking media, or, where there has been coverage, the racial aspect has been covered up and has been presented as “protesters”  objecting to “police violence.”

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  1. It’s strange how this major news story is being suppressed by the main stream media.

    If this happened in China or Russia, for example, there would be saturation coverage by the BBC.

  2. Macron will still allow thousands more Africans to pour in through the open borders plus the ones he is flying in direct from Africa, they won’t assimilate but they will be a powerful voting block that will out number any true French nationals, thats the grand plan to wipe out the white people of Europe.

  3. The EU is a danger! Trump realizes who the real threat is and should kick the EU to the curb,.Trump must steer the US clear of any attachment to the EU.Set sanctions against them and do no more trade with them.NATO should be abandoned and Trump must embrace Russia.The EU is a cancer and a security threat to the entire world.Smash The EU!

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