Nonwhites Attack at Trump Rally

An alliance of nonwhites and supporters of the Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders yesterday violently halted a planned Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)—one  of the most nonwhite educational institutions in the country.

Even though the controlled media has tried to blame Trump for the violence, video coverage of the events clearly shows that the peaceful meeting was violently attacked by the largely nonwhite crowd, many of whom were waving Mexican flags.




The anti-Trump mob—numbering anywhere between two and three thousand—managed to infiltrate the rally at UIC’s Pavilion, but could not wait—as was apparently planned—for Trump to take the stage.

Instead, they started shouting and abusing the far larger—and mainly white—crowd of Trump supporters before the meeting even got underway.

The mob repeatedly shouted “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” in a reference to Sanders, followed by repeated chants of Latinos Unidos (“Latinos unite”), and a large number of other far cruder slogans and insults.

Many of the protestors wore yellow starts with the word “Muslim” in the center, supposedly being reminiscent of the Nazi-era “Jude” yellow stars. Other protestors even wore Mexican hats and openly raised the Mexican flag, while tearing down US flags, trampling them underfoot and, outside the venue, even burning them.



Mexicans, draped in their country’s flag and wearing Mexican hats, took part in the anti-Trump attack.


Earlier in the day, nonwhites trampled and burned the U.S. flag.


Hispanics and blacks dominated the anti-Trump mob.


In spite of the violence, the controlled media has predictably gone into overdrive to blame Trump.

As conservative columnist Ann Coulter tweeted: “Can you imagine hundreds of Trump supporters swarming a Sanders rally, engaging in mass violence and being referred to by the mainstream media as “protestors?”

Earlier in the day, thirty-two protestors—also mostly nonwhites—were arrested at a Trump rally in St. Louis, Missouri. At least one was arrested for third degree assault.

The UIC was a strange choice of meeting place for the Trump rally, because the campus is 60 percent nonwhite.

The venue choice was most likely motivated by the fact that Trump himself does not understand how his perfectly sensible comments on stopping illegal immigration are interpreted as “racist” by the nonwhites and their fellow travelers in America.

Trump has never run anything even approaching a “white nationalist” campaign and there is no indication at all that he thinks in racial terms, or understands the significant of race and racial differences in determining society and history.

Nonetheless, the far left and the nonwhite mass, immersed in decades of closet-communist equality propaganda, identify Trump’s simple anti-illegal immigration message and “get tough” stance as not being in their interests.

Thus Trump has, by default, and not through choice, energized large numbers of nonwhites, Jews and far leftist whites against him, and, by the same token, energized large numbers of previously uninvolved whites to his banner.

Trump himself could not however miss the obvious racial undertone of the events on Friday night, and volunteered the fact that large numbers of the protestors were black on CNN, even though his reasoning as to the cause of that fact was completely flawed.

In the CNN interview (during which the mixed-race interviewer also tried to blame Trump for the violence), Trump volunteered the opinion that the root cause of the protest was “economic,” saying that “59 percent of African-Americans were unemployed. You have to bring back jobs! I’d be angry too,” he said. “We have to bring jobs back. These kids are not getting jobs.”

Trump’s ignorance of race is actually underlined by these comments, as the protests have absolutely nothing to do with economics but everything to do with race and how his campaign is perceived by nonwhites.

The city of Chicago, according to the 2010 US Census, is 70 percent nonwhite. As reported by other media outlets, the majority of the pro-Trump crowd at the UIC meeting were from outside the city.


The largely white pro-Trump crowd far outnumbered the nonwhite attackers.

The ultimate lesson from the cancelled Trump rally in Chicago is one which the New Observer has stated before: that if Trump is to stand any chance of winning not only the Republican nomination, but also the presidency, he is going to have to achieve a massive white voter turnout and take at least 65 percent of the white vote.

As Friday night demonstrated, the racial dividing lines in American politics are becoming clearer, and, more importantly, time is running out for white America. If illegal immigration is not halted—and reversed—with immediate effect, this will be the last election in which the imminent Third World destruction of America can be avoided.


A nonwhite invader raises the Mexican flag during the protests outside the UIC Pavilion.

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  1. All these immigrants are totally ungrateful b*stards of the first order. Kick them all out to the lands of their forefathers!

  2. Yes it’s all about race. Even while they tell us to be race-blind and treat everyone as equals they are mobilising their own racist troops against us.

    1. Still so many American Whites do not get it. They make excuses for the nonwhite behavior by blaming ‘white privilege’ or ‘lack of jobs’ or ‘systematic racism’. When whites stand up, even conservatives, go “Don’t do this, this is what they want!” Or claim “Obama is a divider!” I say “Yes, but you put nonwhites into positions of power and this is what they do.” Of course, they always bring up some black “conservative” to not deal with race. You can point every black neighborhood that is a disaster and these conservatives blame it on ‘lack of jobs’ or ‘democrats run those bad cities’ or “They don’t got no gun rights! That’s why there’s so much time.” Point out majority white liberal area that are nice and clean and these same conservatives STILL don’t get it.

      As you can tell, I’m quite annoyed with how many of my fellow countrymen in America. There is an 800 lb gorilla sitting right next to them and they think it’s a sweet little puppy.

      1. Oh yes, we do. We have the Mongol invasions of Eastern Europe, the Islamic Moors of Spain, the Turks subjugating the Slavic people, the North African barbary Pirates who kidnapped Europeans, the Haitians who killed the French in1804

  3. When the time comes to finally put an end to this madness and punish those responsible, let us remember who is ultimately behind it.

    The AIPAC lobby is the political arm of the Rothschild banking conglomerate, and George Soros is their water-boy…

    George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, to a nonobservant Jewish family.

    George Soros spent $33 Million to Bankroll the Ferguson Protesters.

    Jewish supremacists’ have always been known for throwing a few shekels at activists, agitators, and malcontents for thousands of years.

  4. I thank all of these morons. They have opened the eyes of many “on the fence ” voters. Let’s also thank the posers Cruz, and little Marco as they have lost many many would be voters by putting the blame on Trump!

    1. As a white american, I agree to an extent, but still so many non-liberal whites don’t want to see race or refuse to. They’re still frantically looking for those nonwhites that agree with them or saying “Oh, Martin Luther King wouldn’t approve of thse racist blacks” or “Oh, why it’s the Democrats and liberals who are the real racists.”

      I’ve even talked in depth MANY times with fellow white conservatives about race and they all bring up economy. “If you give them jobs, they won’t act up” I tell them they’re missing the point and they act savage because 1) it’s in their DNA and 2) they know most white men aren’t (or haven’t) collectively and strongly stood up to blacks and browns who are ruining America.

  5. La Raza and the Black Lives have declare war on white Americans. This is what America get for helping to create Israel.

    1. Viewed on the news ‘many Sanders placards’ and video of Clinton ‘advocating violence’.
      Typical Marxist anarchism.

    2. No, this is White America’s fault for being so complacent, full of guilt and self -hating for decades now. This is our fault for coddling these nonwhites and allowing them into our lands and letting them do whatever the hell they wanted. As the late great Dr. Pierce said in an old broadcast called “Middle Class deserves what it gets”

    1. True, but I’m more concerned about most whites being pro white and standing up strongly to these black and hispanic and traitor white leftists and militants.

  6. From the article:

    “…Trump himself does not understand how his perfectly sensible comments on stopping illegal immigration are interpreted as “racist” by the nonwhites and their fellow travelers in America….even though his reasoning as to the cause of that fact was completely flawed…”

    I disagree. I think he knows exactly who and what are causing and creating the violence and the impact his words are have on them – and who, exactly funds and supports them (((Soros))).

    If Trump were to come out and point out that it is (obviously) non-Whites, Jews and illegal immigrants inciting and causing violence, the American media would headline “Trump is a Racist” across every newspaper in America and CNN would devote 24/7 non-stop coverage – interviewing lying BLM members and illegal aliens who will claim that Trump’s people called them n**** and s*** and roughed them up. The media will report their word as gospel while attacking Trump relentlessly (not that they’re not doing that now- calling him everything from KKK, Nazi, White Supremacist to the Anti-Christ).

    He must measure every word he says very carefully to a lying media that twist his every word into “racist” meanings – while giving criminals like Hillary Clinton a pass.

    Good news is these violent protesters increase Trumps popularity and poll numbers.

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hillary Clinton has offered a path to citizenship (amnesty) for ALL illegal immigrants in the United States. This means not just white people but African Americans will all lose out getting jobs if she is elected. Their lives do not matter to Clinton.
    Sanders says he knows nothing about his placard carrying supporters being at Trumps rallies.
    Republican supporters do not disrupt Democrat rallies. Why the Democrat hypocracy ?

  8. If true, that would saddening news. In Sweden we have a political party with representation in the Parliament that is ostracized by the other seven parties. This main fact makes people believe that Sweden Democrats are the true nationalist party, despite its being openly pro-Jewish. The party’s front figures have received special awards from Israel for promoting Israeli interests.

    1. Here every congress person must sign the AIPAC agreement or forget about being re-elected. Support Israel first or else. See YouTube for Cynthia McKinny’s interviews about her re-election. It gets sick and we have choice until they are gone. By the way, the people from south of the border are Caucasian. Mostly from Spain but a vast number are related to native Americans. We can thank the yewish media for making them ‘brown’ people. Its all BS to keep us fighting between ourselves.

      1. Well, Mexico is sending over their “brown” citizens here while, yes, the white Spanish in Mexico and Latin America generally live better off than the brown Mexicans do. They use them as a biological weapon against whites like the Jews do.

  9. I’m not sure if I agree with the coolest and most successful part but both of Donald’s daughters are married to wealthy Israelis. He build his empire on loans from yew controlled banks.

  10. Euro Americans and Europeans attacked by the ziobots, the gang rap(p)ers and illegal immigrants. Racist Obama is delighted “the white polar bears honkies had it coming, its all their fault”. People, pull the plug out of the fascist international zion machine.

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