Whites Blamed for Nonwhite Riots in Stockholm

Nonwhites are burning and destroying schools, day care centers, and cars in the Middle Eastern and African overrun neighborhood of Husby in Stockholm, Sweden, in a typical Third World orgy of violence—and are, of course blaming “white racism” and “discrimination” for their wanton acts of criminality.


The riots—which were suppressed in the western media until they had carried on for two days—are allegedly a response to a police shooting in the area a few days earlier.

More than 80 percent of Husby’s 12,000 or so inhabitants are from an immigrant background, and most are from Turkey, the Middle East, and Somalia.

Why nonwhites always riot after a police incident involving a nonwhite (this happens everywhere—see the Rodney King riots, etc.) is an issue which continues to baffle liberals all over the world.

The latest riots in Sweden have been blamed by Reuters on the (white) government’s “failure to substantially reduce long-term youth unemployment and poverty, which have affected immigrant communities worst.”

The Reuters article does not, of course, address the obvious question of why thousands of unemployed white Swedish “youths” are not out burning cars and schools—for the controlled media is under strict orders to avoid mentioning race as a motivational factor whenever nonwhites resort to criminality.

Even in much of the coverage of the latest riots, the perpetrators are referred to as “Swedish youths.”

This rule—of never reporting on race—is only ever lifted if the occasional white person does something criminal against a nonwhite—then the same media wastes no time in broadcasting this fact to the world, over and over again, for decades (see for example the Stephen Lawrence stabbing in Britain).

The police shooting which has been “blamed” for the reason why the Third World immigrants have decided to burn down their two schools, a police station, an arts and crafts center, and at least 130 cars, occurred after the nonwhite in question threatened officers with a machete.

Nearly 20 percent of Sweden’s population is nonwhite, and most are simply sponging off the generous welfare state which is supported by working white native Swedes.

Björn Söder, parliamentary group leader of the Swedish Democrats (a conservative party labelled by the media as “far right” even though it is not), called for a debate in parliament on the riots.

The SD are currently the third most popular party in Sweden according to opinion polls and won 20 seats in the Swedish parliament at the last elections in 2010.

“Riots in the outer boroughs of our cities has become a regular event,” the SD leader said.

“Over the last few years we have experienced riots in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. We now have a situation where the authorities cannot maintain order in neighborhoods in the nation’s capital.

“We want a debate in parliament about the problem, its causes, and how best to prevent them from re-occurring.

“It is always the case in these riots that the number of apprehended offenders is always very few. The problem is not one of just law enforcement, but has causes whose roots can be traced in a deeply divided society created by irresponsible policies.”

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  1. Angela Merkel is safe in her ivory tower. Multiculturalism is a big failure. Get rid of Assad and Syria will be like Iraq, Tunisia,Libya. Fortunately Egypt has pulled back. The Shiite Sunni 1000 year conflict has come to Europe.

    1. boycott sweden and swedes the country is a write off!!!It no longer exists in my mind!!!The swedes voted for this so they should shut up and accept that they are no longer a country!!

    1. we will get out of the eu and we will destroy that porky leader that some call cameron!, If the muslims want the UK then they are going to have to fight for it..we aren,t ffin scandanavians and we aren,t germans.. as churchill said….TAKE ONE WITH YOU!

  2. Incredible – those riots were in May 2013 … didn’t Swedes learn anything from that? I guess not.
    Why are they taking 190K new spookes?

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