Earplugs to Residents around first “Call to Prayer” Mosque

NU-letterActivists from the Nordisk Ungdom (“Nordic Youth”) organization in Sweden have posted out 500 earplugs—and accompanying literature—to native Swedes living in earshot of the first mosque in Stockholm to be granted the right to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer from its minaret loudspeakers.

The broadcast—the first in Sweden—marks another leap forward in the Third World colonization of Europe by the nonwhite invaders.

The mosque in Botkyrka, a municipality in Stockholm mostly populated by colonizers, applied last year to municipal authorities seeking permission for the recitation of the “adhan” (call to prayer)  before Friday prayers through speakers in the minaret of the Fittja Mosque.

The inaugural adhan was heard on Friday, marking a first in Western Europe. The Fittja Mosque is the only mosque in Sweden that has a minaret.

Large numbers of Muslims flocked to the mosque to witness the unprecedented scene.

The day before the broadcast, Nordisk Ungdom sent out a letter which enclosed earplugs to 500 households with Swedish-sounding names in the vicinity of the mosque.

The accompanying letter urged the recipient to use ear plugs during prayer times, but pointed out that it was now no longer possible to hide their heads in the sand about the colonization of Europe.

“It is now high time to react!” the letter concluded.

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  1. you only have yourselves and your government to blame for the moslem problems you have.
    not to late to fix but you need to get organised and do whatever it takes to eradicate permanently the problem.

    1. Michael I fear this may turn ugly soon.The citizens of this country have had this invasion thrust down their throats by ignorant government officials and leftist policy.They will reap what they have sowed soon.

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