North African States Refuse Repatriation

Three North African states whose nationals have taken part in the Angela Merkel-created mass “refugee” invasion of Europe—Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia—are now refusing to take back their nationals even if they have been served with deportation orders, it has emerged.

The revelation has made a mockery of Merkel’s announcement that her government was going to “speed up” deportations of nationals from these North African states.


According to a report in the NTV service in Germany, government officials have admitted that their attempts to deport nationals from those three countries have largely been undone because their governments have simply refused to cooperate in “any meaningful way.”

A government report obtained by the TV station gave one example of the sort of problems the German authorities were facing: in late July 2015, it said, some 5,500 Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians were ordered deported back to their countries by the Interior Ministry after their “asylum” requests had been turned down.

However, since then, only 53 of that number have successfully been sent back home.

The main reason for this failure, the government report said, was deliberate “blocking of the process by the Maghreb countries.”

Repatriations to Morocco were limited “due to the uncooperative behavior of the embassy” it said, adding that the “behavior of the Tunisian authorities is also totally inadequate.”

The report revealed that contact with any of these three states’ embassies on the matter of taking back their nationals is “extremely difficult, and with the exception of a few isolated cases, there is no reaction and no results.”

The situation is so bad that Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier have sent a joint letter to their Maghreb counterparts to “urge better cooperation,” the NTV report said. Suggestions that German “foreign aid” to those nations should be cut as a result was, however, rejected.


The leaking of the government report could not have come at a worse time for Chancellor Merkel. According to the Bild newspaper, she has just announced that her party has “agreed to create a special procedure for refugees from Algeria and Morocco in order to deport them faster.”

In terms of this “special procedure,” the nonwhite invaders will “no longer be distributed to communities throughout Germany, but held in special facilities while awaiting deportation.”

This procedure has already been put in place for illegal immigrants from Kosovo and other already declared “safe” countries.

The new plan does not, of course, address the fact that these nations are refusing to accept back their nationals—but nothing else Merkel has done in connection with the nonwhite invasion has worked out as she planned either.

The three states—known as part of the “Maghreb” region—have now joined Pakistan in refusing to take back their citizens. In November 2015, Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, announced that his nation would no longer accept Pakistani deportees from Europe. The reason, he said, was because European states were “abusing” Pakistani nationals by demanding that they go home after illegally invading Europe.

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    1. Surprised? Not in the least. However if we can get rid of the idiots who think they control Europe, this could be turned around quite quickly. Ideally with a ‘negotiator’ with a bit of military experience, you just explain the facts of life and lean on them. Really not a problem but where is Europe going to get it’s guts from? Maybe Vlad will loan us a couple Spatznost?

    1. She wants an eu army. They will soon propose that and raise tax to pay for that. All this incoming of refugees is just part of the grand plan.

      1. The tax was proposed over the weekend by a German minister who said that they should put a tax on every litre of fuel sold in the EU to pay for this scum…………

  1. Put them all on boats and tow them out into the Med. and this time don’t rescue them, and force them to do a 180 every time their boats head towards Europe. If they all drown then the responsibility lies with the North African countries.

    We had one of many cases here a couple of years ago in the UK. A Nigerian had been denied asylum, so he went on hunger strike. He went weeks without food as his human rights parasitic lawyers, and celebrity campaigners fought for his right to stay in the UK. He was apparently close to death when finally the highest court upheld the deportation order, and he was put on a charter flight to Nigeria, only once the flight arrived, the Nigerian authorities refused landing permission, and they had to fly all the way back to England with him still aboard.
    There was never a word in the media about him after that, so presumably he was granted asylum, given a house and welfare, and no doubt ate heartily until he was back to full health, and all at the expense of the British taxpayer.

    Had I been in charge of the government at that time, I would have had the Nigerian Ambassador dragged round to Downing Street, and informed him that all aid to his country from the UK was suspended indefinitely, but of course our invertebrate Prime Minister has other more important things to do such as punish the poor, sick and disabled. It’s much less trouble, and there are no human rights lawyers, nor film and pop stars making any effort to campaign for their rights.!

    1. New Observer on line, you are doing a great job, for which a heartfelt thank you. However, as has been mentioned before a ‘tick’ box alongside comments would be welcomed, not because I’m lazy, but simply because quite often the commentator has already covered the ground, more than adequately. It would also help you to gauge the mood of your correspondents a lot more quickly.

  2. Pakistan also refuses to repatriate, and no doubt other countries will say the same now. Europe will be stuck with every manjack of them and there`s still countless hordes of the rellies they left behind waiting to set sail.

    1. “Europe will be stuck with every manjack of them”

      Only the will is lacking to deal with this problem. Pakistan relies on foreign aid as do these other non-white nations. Ban flights to those countries and withdraw European embassies. Stop feeding their nationals in Europe and withdraw passports from those who settled on Europe. They would find some way to flee back home.

      1. @Teddy quote: “Only the will is lacking to deal with this problem.” One minor hitch with your solution Teddy.
        OUR will….. that of the people….is there alright but our politicians – supposedly OUR mouthpiece – have all been struck dumb, deaf and blind…..until voting time comes round again.

    2. Apparently Pakistan has no problem with the English repatriation of their nationals as there are so few of them. Were I Cameron I’d be worried about that, but, were I Cameron I wouldn’t be a traitor.

  3. Just like the infamous Mariel Boatlift where Castro emptied his prisons and dumped his trash on Florida, with that idiot Carter welcoming the garbage with open arms, not a damned thing has been learned other than how to shit all over alleged democracies…

  4. Merkel mustn’t let these countries dictate to her what they will and will not do. It just goes to show what sort of countries we are dealing with when they disown their own people. We don’t want the scumbags either. Just send them back and don’t let them back in.

    Perhaps a lesson must be learned here. Don’t let any more over from Libya or Turkey, returning all those in their little boats to whence they came.

    1. Merkel is only dictator of Europe. Muslim countries laugh at Merkel. After all she is just a women.
      They won’t even listen.

    2. Merkel, the European Pimp mistress, Driving her moslem clients towards their unwitting sexual partners. All seems to be fair game, groping, digital insertion, rape, just lie back and think of the Fatherland? It’s all for the economy you see. You don’t wish to be impregnated by a moslem? Then you are anti-European. Your menfolk will protest, they’ll be dealt with. Welcome to the world we’ve designed for you!

  5. Bloody sauce. Just dump them at the gates then. And yet, here in the UK our wet useless politicians allow battle-hardened ISIL people back in for just saying “sorry!” We should never allow them back.

    Surely some arrangement can be reached, like sanctions against these countries, refusal of aid or some such – I mean, how weak and drizzly are EU politicians? Don’t count on ours though. Cameron’s 5 o’clock shadow just happens to be the same colour as Juncker’s ar…… never mind.

  6. Forcefully returned. No one really cares if you refuse. We have the military strength to do so. But sadly we are to soft in the head.

    1. It is not us, it is the traitorous governments who want to wipe out the white race, we can think for ourselves, the third worlders are easier to control…!!!

  7. It is taking soo long for Europe to wake up and smell whatever it is their PC breakfast rules say they can have. Oh and I suppose if these countries refuse to take their people back, Germany backs down, and keeps em, beheaders and all. How about this, give em a crash course in parachuting and air drop the suckers.

  8. When Indonesia refused to accept deportees, Australia said it would pack them onto barges and ground them on Indonesian beaches at high tide. Indonesia relented, and now accepts deportees.

      1. @ John Merkel obviously thought she had more than enough “equipment” for the lot of them, and leading from the front she`s fully intending to “tackle” problems head on!

  9. Naive politicians and their naive policy. Unfortunately, if taken to court, they will only need to step down and not go behind bars. No true justice in this world anymore.

  10. some non white person on the radio was saying there is lots of green land in England to build houses for refugees, I say theres lots of spare land in Afica including deserts drop them all off there every last one of them forget their human rights they do not act like humans so not entitled to any rights.

  11. So, throw them into the sea (with life jackets, of course) just off the coast of the North African countries. They can sink or swim home.

  12. If Germany is providing foreign aid to those countries, it should be cut off immediately (obviously!) and restored only once the illegal migrants have been fully repatriated. Duh.

  13. Excuses, excuses. Link Europe’s aid hand-outs to repatriation and these countries will take back what they spawned. It isn’t rocket science.

  14. All foreign aid to these countries should be stopped with immediate effect until such time they take back their rejects but i guess thats much to simple a solution to enforce by our lame brained politicians,

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