Norway to Build Anti-Invasion Wall

Norway is building a steel fence at the Storskog border post with Russia after that crossing was used by over 5,500 Third World invaders last year.

The new gate and fence will force the nonwhites into highly inhospitable terrain if they try and invade Norway from the north.

Norway border crossing

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen said in a press release that the decision had been taken at “a time when the Schengen agreement has been under strong pressure,” and that it showed that the Norwegian government was “taking seriously our responsibility that comes with the Schengen Agreement.”

“Events of late,” Anundsen said, referring to the numerous refugee-terrorist attacks in Europe, “have shown the importance of knowing with certainty who is in Norway and the Schengen area.”

“To be better equipped to control who enters the country, we are upgrading the security at the crossing at Storskog.”

“Under normal usage, the new security fence and gate will not present any noticeable difference to conventional traffic, which should flow normally,” he said.

The fence will however, make it far harder slip into Norway via the surrounding forests.

Workers have so far done some preparatory work, clearing away old wooden barriers put up to control reindeer herds.

Deputy Justice Minister Ove Vanebo defended the decision, calling the gate and fence “responsible measures.”

The Russian and Norwegian governments have also taken other measures to halt the invasion, which posed security threats for both nations.

The invaders were buying air tickets to Moscow or St. Petersburg, acquiring visitors’ visas to Russia under false pretenses.

Once in Russia, the invaders made their way to the border post, where they would often buy or hire bicycles to make the crossing to claim “asylum” in Norway.

The bicycle stunt was used because the invaders were taking advantage of a loophole in the Norwegian law which said that anyone crossing in a vehicle could not apply for asylum.

The Norwegian government quickly rectified the loophole, and the Russians became more stringent in issuing visas to Middle Easterners, and as a result, there have been no “asylum applications” this year via the northern frontier.

Russia also still maintains a fence the length of the 120-mile frontier with Norway, sometimes several kilometers back from the dividing line.

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  1. I hear there is also a name change for Norway being recommended.

    I believe it will be be a low key non controversial change albeit as admittance of half witted dumb ass PC political policies.

    An ideal new name……Trumpsway!

  2. An electrified fence with razor wire and armed guards with dogs, with a shoot on sight policy. Shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

  3. What a waste of taxpayers money. While they build up a fence in the north, tens of thousands of Invaders will be invited to stay by the masonic Norwegian government.
    All these fences serve only for fooling the public and fend off temporarily some fake Asylum seekers.

    1. Yes and anyway the king just told all the Norwegians that they dont really exist so there is no people then there must not be a country culture history kith and ken to protect with a fence. Somebody just needs to let the old fart know that he doesnt exist…maybe a firing squad?

  4. Here we have the old story of locking the stable door, after the horse has been stolen. Yet, it is clear that more drastic steps must be taken to remove this cancer, and prevent its recurrence.

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