Norway: Cyclist Invaders “Vanishing”

More than forty fake refugees who cycled their way into Norway—but were then issued with deportation orders—have vanished rather than be sent back to Russia, showing once again the inherent flaws in liberal thinking which presumes that the nonwhite invaders will freely cooperate in their expulsion.


According to a report in Norway’s far-left Verdens Gang (VG) newspaper, the forty invaders “vanished” over the past two days from the Oscar Gata reception in Vadsø, northern Norway.

Other figures quoted by the paper show that at least 2,200 “disappeared from reception centers in 2015.” Over 600 of that number disappeared in December, after spending less than three months at an “asylum reception” center.

Although the Norwegian government has—to its credit—started fast-tracking “asylum applications” and weeding out the blatantly false ones in a matter of days, they still insist on keeping the invaders in “reception areas” where they are free to come and go as they please.

It is little surprise then to find out that once the invaders receive their deportation orders, they just pack their bags and vanish. This is particularly the case with those who have illegally entered Norway over the border with Russia, and who are housed in the nearby “reception centers” of Kirkenes and Vadsø.

The invaders who entered over the border all have legal visas for Russia. Late last year, word spread among the invading hordes that if one obtained entry into Russia, then it was an easy matter to cross the border into Norway and claim “asylum.”

Some 5,500 nonwhites from all over the Middle East acquired Russian visas and purchased air tickets to Moscow or St Petersburg. From there they made the trek up to the far north to the Storskog border crossing, about 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

Russian authorities do not let people cross the border on foot, and Norway considers people driving migrants across the border in a car or truck as human traffickers. As a result, the invaders acquired bicycles and cycled across the border.

In November 2015, the Norwegian government decided that those “asylum seekers” who had been living legally in Russia, or entered Russia legally, would be immediately returned there, based on the fact that Russia is a “safe” country and the invaders have no reason to “flee” from it.

This, then, is the reason why the invaders have been finding that their “asylum applications” are being rejected so quickly. Those who do not “vanish” have found themselves being put straight back across the border—initially upon the very same bicycles on which they arrived.

Authorities said that if the invaders could arrive by bicycle, then they could leave by the same means.

Pro-invasion activists however complained that this was not “fair” because of the sub-zero temperatures, and so the Norwegian government relented and started putting them on buses to go back.


The most recent deportation by bus took place on Tuesday evening, VG reported. The vehicle, packed full of bogus refugees was driven across the border accompanied by two police cars to make sure that none of the invaders escaped.

The invaders will now be transported to the train station in Murmansk, where they will be expected to find their own way back home.

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  1. ” Quote – The invaders will now be transported to the train station in Murmansk, where they will be expected to find their own way back home”.
    Yeah right! You mean straight back to Norway ! We`re playing Ring a Roses here !

    1. Sub zero temperatures in Norway, I’m astounded. Having said which sub-zero for sub-humans seems about right, and I hope the ones that disappeared are found come the thaw, perfectly preserved with an expression of surprise on their faces.

      1. I can’t believe people can be so poorly educated that they possess no knowledge of what winter is and where it occurs. So in conclusion ‘these are not migrant scientist’, no where near.

  2. The rights of people like Armin Meiwers must always be respected, until they are exposed and the State forced to do something. The disappearance of the immigrants may have something to do with dog food, chicken and pig diets and so on but we do not know at present. An investigation of Norway’s freezers is not possible at present as there is insufficient information to investigate the matter.

  3. Ive read that soon they wont have to stop in the first safe country…what more proof do we need that the treasonous governments are out to destroy us…???

  4. You serve an illegal immigrant with a deportation order after they have travelled thousands of miles in gruelling conditions. You are then surprised when they disappear! Do these officials have a brain cell between them because if they did they would be so dangerous. I give in with the stupidity going on in every EU country at the moment.

  5. The whole of Europe will in a few years be muslim. Is that what we all want? Not only muslim it will be controlled by ISIS. Is this what our leaders really want because unless they do something to stop this flow now it will be too late. The koran says they should kill infidels (us). Is the our future? I am genuinely frightened for my grandsons’ futures!

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