Norway: Man Denies Burning Invader Center

A man, identified only as an “Eastern European,” has denied being responsible for the burning of an invader center in Lindås, Norway on December 6, Norwegian media have reported. Media did not initially report the burning of the center, apparently waiting on police instructions.


According to the Norwegian newspaper abc Nyeter, police have now charged two people for setting fire to a planned invader center in Lindås Municipality in Hordaland. One man was described as an Eastern European in his mid-30s while a description of the second individual was not immediately available.

Police refused to rule out the possibility of more arrests, with police spokesman Kjell-Idar Vangberg saying that the extent of the blaze was “not the action of a single man. There are probably more involved. These people are part of an environment that does not support asylum centers in Lindås.”

The man in his mid-30s was held on remand at an appearance at the Nordhordland Municipal Court on Friday afternoon. The man was first thought to be a possible witness in the case, but upon questioning, police decided to arrest him instead, based on inconsistencies in his account of his movements on the night of the fire.

According to local media Bergens Tidende, an additional person has been charged and police suspect several other people of being involved in the fire.

“We don’t believe that the man is connected to a specific group but that there are people in his circles who don’t look positively upon the establishment of an asylum center,” Bilnerg said. “We suspect more are involved.”

The man has however denied starting the fire at Hotel Lune Huler, which was scheduled to house 40 underage “asylum seekers” after the start of the new year.  According to the man’s lawyer, he is “totally puzzled” by the charges.

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