Norway “Not Civilized”: Fake Asylum Seeker

Norway is not civilized, a fraudulent asylum seeker—who has since fled back to the Middle East after fleecing European taxpayers of thousands of euros—has told the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.


The astonishing interview with the “asylum seeker”—who has now withdrawn her asylum application and gone back home to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)—was carried by NRK under the headline “Asylum Camp Not Fit for Humans” (Nov. 26, 2015).

In the interview, the “asylum seeker” openly admits the fraud she perpetrated in coming to Europe as a “refugee.”

Firstly, she said, she had been living in Dubai, far away from any “war zone,” for years before the war even began, when she decided to invade Europe.

Secondly, she said, she paid thousands of euros to get to Norway—hardly the “poor impoverished fleeing refugee” which she claimed to be upon arrival.

Thirdly, she travelled via Russia—the longest and most “safe” route she could find.

Lastly, she freely admitted that the only reason why she undertook the journey in the first place was “to get a European passport,” not to actually seek asylum.

She told NRK that she was happy to be “back in Dubai” where she “lives in luxury”—courtesy of a 20,000 krone “relocation package” granted to her by the Norwegian government—this after already costing the Norwegian taxpayers untold thousands in related costs.

The interview with “Aisha”—not her real name—was conducted in Dubai, where she had once again established her residence after leaving Norway, NRK said.

She started off by explaining why she decided to go to Norway:

It is said that Norway is the best country for refugees. So I visited some web sites that promoted asylum applications to Norway. There are many Facebook and other Arabic websites which promote asylum seeker travel to Norway. There it is said that you can get 3,000 krone (about $350) per month as an asylum seeker, and that you will get a house.

above this picture

A Facebook page encouraging “asylum seekers” to come to Norway. The posters read “You are welcome in Norway” in Arabic.

“Aisha” is originally from Syria, the NRK report continued, but moved to Dubai “several years” before the war in Syria even started.

Then, when it became apparent that European nations were offering “asylum” to “war refugees” from Syria, she decided to exploit the offer and obtained a visa to go to Russia as a tourist.

Once in Russia, she then then followed what NRK called the “popular route to Norway” used by invaders which runs over Storskog in Finland.


The journey which the fake asylum seeker “Aisha” took to get to Norway, from Abu Dhabi via Russia to Norway and Storskog.

The airfare to Moscow and her stay there cost her 60,000 krone ($7000), she told NRK. In addition, she paid “over 40,000 krone (nearly $5000) to the smuggler who brought her to the Norwegian border.”

From Storskog she was sent to the emergency reception center at Tingnes in Hedmark, and from there she was moved to the asylum center in Sjøvegan in Troms.

I thought Norway was more civilized

The picture “Aisha” took of the “asylum” accommodation in Sjøvegan.

It was here that she first realized that she had given up luxury in Dubai for the reality of an “asylum accommodation” in Norway, telling NRK:

Honestly, I was shocked. I thought Norway was more modern and more civilized. It was so cold there. Cold in all respects. We stayed in a very small village, with only two supermarkets. We had to walk for an hour to get there. And then you had to carry all the heavy goods back to the reception, on your own feet. It was very tough for me.

It turned out that the claim about 3,000 krone per month was true, but she was very unhappy to discover that out of this money, the “asylum seekers” were expected to buy and cook their own food.

She complained about the food as well to NRK:

The food! It was the biggest problem. It was neither organic or natural. We had not enough vegetables, and not enough food. And meat! It was full of blood. During the two months I was there, I ate no meat.

The beds were for children

A picture “Aisha” took of the beds in the “asylum” accommodation.

The living quarters were, she continued, not fit for humans:

At the reception center, you live in apartments that can accommodate six people, with its own kitchen and bathroom. Each applicant shares an apartment with one other. We were six women, and the rooms were very, very small. And the beds were for children. If one turned to the right or left, you would fall out. The conditions were very bad. The camp was not suitable for humans, and I could not stay there.

As a result, she said, she decided to withdraw her asylum application and go home. To help her along, she received 20,000 krone from the Norwegian state, through the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which distributes repatriation money on behalf of the Norwegian authorities.

Back in Dubai, the NRK said, she “could finally return to the life to which she was accustomed.”

Back in Dubai

A picture of the kitchen of “Aisha’s” apartment bedroom in Dubai in Dubai, and below, her fully-equipped kitchen at home.

we live a life of luxury here

She even gave NRK pictures of her new apartment in Dubai, which she boasted, was “luxurious.” She has a nice kitchen with modern appliances, a living room, a “huge” bed—and, a car.

When she goes to the supermarket, there are “always people who carry goods from her cart to her car,” she said.

She confirmed that she knows “many Syrians who have traveled to Norway to seek asylum even if they come from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait.” All of these countries, NRK pointed out, are “peaceful and prosperous societies.”

Finally, NRK asked Aisha why she had even undertaken the journey in the first place. She answered:

I came to Norway to be Norwegian. To get another passport. Everyone wants to get a European passport, not only myself.

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  1. Another middle eastern pos. Good riddance. We do not want you and your retrograde ways. Please broadcast extensively on social media how bad it is. Win/win!!!!

  2. I can picture all of Norway’s native homeless saying that same thing, poor woman, imagine that it’d be cold in Norway near the North Pole!

  3. Norway with its oil revenue is in a position to offer this excellent service to the aggressors, however others may have to follow another route to finance the accommodation and food for the refugees. Here is a model for the Refugee Loan. In the towns and villages without a reliable income from their citizens the municipal authorities can run up an overdraft at the nearest Bank and when asked for payment forward the demand to Central Government and if this is not paid then default and find another bank to fall for another Refugee Loan. This is consistent with the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development Annex 1 Principals and Goals Commitment 2c. Central Government is liable for these loans as they are guilty of public incitement as they forced the refugees onto communities unable to cater for their needs. The word is seen in Article lll (c) of The Genocide Convention “Direct and public incitement to commit … ” The Greeks as an example can get the European Union Parliament to guarantee these loans and the itemised billing weather inflated or honest, can be used to offset other loans made to the Greek Government. A 10 Euro ham sandwich is definitely more appealing than a 1.50 Euro Tomato and bits of Bacon sandwich.

  4. 350dollars is not much less than an old age pensioner is getting in the Uk I after a lifetime of paying in???
    Send them all back!
    Agree with joe above. Make life more difficult so they self deport???.

  5. The saddest thing in all this is that this girl and all the rest who are fake being asylum seeker are taking money and resources directly from people who really need help; real refugees, who are willing to adopt to the host country customs and laws, and host country’s socially weak people. But I guess these kind of people are too self-centered to be even able to think about anybody else than themselves. Shame on her.

  6. they will not be able to come if the politicians did not facilitate that. the main cause of this problem is that the politicians are just clueless and spending working class money with any justification.

  7. Norway (because of oil revenues) has I think the biggest ‘Sovereign Wealth Fund’ of any country. I wish they would fund investigators and historians (and websites like this one). They could plan and fund legal schemes to reclaim holohoax money extorted from Germany. They could fund an entire revisionist university out of their small change.

    1. Norway is slowly going bankrupt,hopefully the price of oil and natural gas will drop evn more and they will have nothing!

  8. That Facebook page with the picture of all the young White women holding up welcoming signs isn’t meant to send a message to potential “asylum” seekers is it?

    1. Yes, the message is “Rape us, we are disgusting mudsharking whores,” I always knew there was something wrong with Swedes but the Norwegians? They seemed a bit more realistic to me.

  9. That’s just pure nonsense … who on earth spends money on those freeloaders? Norway even brainwashed their kids – stupid is not the word!

  10. i wonder if this scheming womans story will make the mainstream press??? The real truth about these migrants is finally starting to come now, out of there own mouths…..

  11. Migrants, have you made a mistake coming to these northern countries where there is perpetual night all winter ? Are you disgusted at all the bunk beds and dirty little washrooms ? Why not post pictures here and alert others of how disgusting your group washrooms, kitchens and bunkrooms have become ? I don’t know if it will help change your new surroundings but you will be doing a great service to those that have yet to arrive and have yet to ask themselves. “Just what was I thinking when I made this disastrous decision”.

  12. New asylum rules in Norway today. There will be demands on the asylum-seeker. Demands include; they have to work, they have to learn Norwegian, and they will be given food-stamps. No more free money to send back to where they came from…

    It will be harder to get asylum. Asylum seekers under the age of 18 will get temporary stay, but will be sent out when reaching 18 years of age. And there are many more restrictions taking place.

    Those asylum seekers that try to enter Norway via Russia are no longer able to seek asylum in Norway.

    There will be much more difficult to get permanent stay with these new laws.

    Identity checks will be much stronger.

    No more free lawyers for those who get their application denied.

    The Norwegian progress party’s minister of immigration is just getting started. She got her minister post a couple of weeks ago.

    A newspaper is having a poll asking if you are for or against this change. 98% (!) of the so far 30000 that have voted agree with the new laws…

    The left wing lunatics that have been able to do as they want for years now, have been told to sit the phuck down!

    1. Good changes. Just the beginning though. Only satisfied when deportations of those already entered, and undesired, are executed. The rest of Europe to follow these “harsh” new rules.

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