“Not Black Enough” to Join Congressional Black Caucus

A Hispanic member of Congress hailing from Dominica has been denied membership of the supposedly “anti-racist” Congressional Black Caucus—because he is not black enough.

Rep. Adriano Espaillat was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and in November 2016 became the first “Dominican-American” congressman. He “identifies himself,” according to news reports, as a “Latino of African descent.”

He now wants to join the Congressional Black Caucus, an organization whose very existence highlights the reality of the establishment’s rampant anti-white racism—because any congressmen forming a “White Congressional Caucus” would be attacked as “racists” or “white supremacists.”

Although Espaillat is clearly of mixed race—and in fact more Negroid than some other members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), his membership application has been rejected because they have decided that he is not actually black at all.

The CBC has a long-standing policy of limiting its caucus to “African-American members,” denying membership to white lawmakers in the past who have tried to join, even if they represent majority-minority districts, the news site Politico reports.

According to that source, Espaillat—who is already a member of the “Congressional Hispanic Caucus,” has been in discussions with CBC leadership.

“We have discussed, yes, the pros and cons, the bylaws,” Espaillat told Politico when asked about the CBC. “I’m in discussions with some of the members from my state and with the leadership. We’ll make that decision later on as we move forward.”

CBC members debated Espaillat’s potential membership during their weekly meeting Wednesday. Several members Politico spoke to “confirmed ongoing tensions over the matter.”

Espaillat has a long history of leading racially-organized organizations, and previously served in the New York State Assembly, where he was chairman of the “Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus.” He also previously served in the New York Senate, where he also led the “Puerto Rican and Latino Caucus.”

CBC member Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) told Politico that the problem was that Espaillat “is the first Dominican to [apply] and we’re just trying to figure it out.”

Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), a former chairman of the CBC, added that if “he’s considered an African-American then he’s certainly welcome in the caucus. But I can’t speak for the caucus.”

All past and present members of the caucus have been “black,” in as far as the definition of “black” in America applies. Often it is enough for an individual to be only of slightly African descent to be classed as “black” even if there is a vast difference between them and a real African from Africa, in intellect, physiognomy, and ability.

The last time that a non-“black” tried to join the CBC was in 2006 when the Jew Steve Cohen, while running for Congress in a Tennessee district which was 60 percent black, pledged to apply for membership in order to represent his constituents.

After Cohen’s election, his membership application to the CBC was refused.

Rep. William Lacy Clay, Jr., Democrat of Missouri, said at the time that “Mr. Cohen asked for admission, and he got his answer. He’s white and the caucus is black. It’s time to move on. We have racial policies to pursue and we are pursuing them, as Mr. Cohen has learned. It’s an unwritten rule. It’s understood.”

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  1. This is insane. Espaillat could be an albino black and the CBC wouldn’t let him in. It’s clearly racism against Latinos and Latin Americans have a long history of African mixing. So what if he looks like a darker Caucasian? Look at Cory Booker, Hakeem Jeffries, Keith Ellison, and others… All black legislators that are mixed. Ben Jealous, former NAACP chair, looks pretty damn white. This is just Latino bigotry. Or maybe the CBC just doesn’t like his stance on issues. Hmmmmm.

    1. It appears to me, that they’ve all been blown off course by hurricane Donald, and haven’t a clue, what is what, and whom, is whom. But they don’t really care, providing they are government funded

  2. I once watched a documentary about the famous “black mayor of Atlanta”, Maynard Jackson, who couldn’t have been more than 1/4 black. Light-skinned black people spoke eloquently about what a great leader he was, while dark-skinned blacks (i.e. 100% African genes) could only grunt out some gibberish that vaguely resembled human speech.

    Every black person knows that “half-breeds” are smarter, so they get all the cushy affirmative-action jobs, and pure blacks resent this.

  3. The most racist people on earth are not indigenous white people, this article proves that but of course we are not allowed to say that.

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