Notorious Jewish Extremist Blames ‘White Racism’ as Hispanic Acquitted of Killing Black

jrichardcohenNotorious anti-White Jewish Extremist and president of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, Richard Cohen, has blamed ‘white racism’ for the “racial bias in our system” after the Hispanic George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing the black thug Trayvon Martin.

In a press release issued by his organization, Cohen—who has never said anything about Jewish bans on intermarriage with Gentiles or about Israel’s overtly racially-based immigration and marriage laws—claimed that if “If Zimmerman had seen a white youth walking in the rain that evening, would he have seen him as one of ‘them,’ someone about to get away with something?  We’ll never really know, of course.  But we can seriously doubt it without assuming that Zimmerman is a racist in the conventional sense of the word.

“George Zimmerman probably saw race the night of February 26, 2012, just like so many of us probably would have. Had he not, Trayvon probably would be alive today.

“The jury has spoken.  Now, we must speak out against the racial bias that still infects our society and distorts our perception of the world.  And we must do something about it.”

This reaction is fairly typical of the Jewish supremacist “logic” which these far leftists, anti-white hypocrites regularly employ.

The implication of this approach is that it is ‘white racism’ which has ‘created’ a ‘negative stereotype’ of blacks—in other words, it is all whitey’s fault once again.

The facts are, of course, exactly the opposite.

In the Martin-Zimmerman case, whites were not even a factor.

Zimmerman is a Hispanic, who might or might not have some distant white ancestry (The Russian news service RT claims he is half Jewish, half Hispanic)—but the controlled media, which as everyone knows, is strongly under the influence, if not utterly under the control of Cohen’s co-religionists—continues to claim that he is white, or at the very least, a “white of Hispanic descent.”

This is as accurate as claiming that Barack Obama is a “white of African descent”—yet this fact does not halt the “blame whitey” train for a minute.

Crime and race is one issue which can be taken as a test case: Everywhere in the world where there are large black populations, there is an exceedingly high crime rate. This is an undisputed fact—yet, time and time again, anti-white extremists like Cohen will always blame “white racism” for this phenomenon.

Somehow, it will always be “institutional racism”, “Police profiling,” “racist judicial systems”, “social deprivation,” “Lack of opportunity” ad infinitum which are to blame—and these “factors” will always be due to some form of “white racism” at their core.

Blacks will, according to this twisted logic, commit crime because whites supposedly deny them education, deny them jobs, deny them a decent standard of living, etcetera, etcetera.

This “blame whitey” argument collapses when it is considered that there are exceptionally high violent crime in areas where there are no whites (or very few), but that small gap in logic is ignored as equally as the fact that George Zimmerman is not white.

For, in the twisted mind of the Cohens of the world, whites must always be blamed. They are the source of all evil, and the plan to get rid of them will never halt until the end goal—the extermination of Europeans and their civilization—is achieved.

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  1. Listen, Richard Cohen I am one white, Anglo-saxon, Roman Catholic that is not going to take your Jewish bullshit anymore. Zimmerman was half Hispanic/half-jewish. If you want to see real black crime go to Liberia, and there is not a white man in sight. You will see murder, rape, prostitution and their biggest export is AIDS. Look at what your tribalists are doing to the Palestinians. I hope all CATHOLICS will come together and say NO MORE JEWISH BULLSHIT, NO MORE, NO MORE!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t forget what the Native Blacks did to the Whites who built civilisations in Haiti and Rhodesia, and in the case of South Africa, what the Blacks still engage in – ethnic genocide of the Whites.

  2. A friend sent an email to his racial hate group, SPLC, about spreading the good news to Israel for PC stuff. Never got a response…

    Sometimes I feel like the SPLC is just a vehicle for old people to get laid with warped college coeds through oddball social movements.

    The Pick Up Artist self-help groups are now being targeted because they ‘harrass’ women…

  3. It’s time to send these types of Marxist progressive Jews to Israel, a racist land that wants purity of its peoples.. they very badly need Southern Poverty & Law to teach them how to become more diverse..LMFAO!

    1. There are way too many of them in positions of influence for that to happen and all backed up with worthless dollars to burn.
      Thank god that Russia and China still appear to be realtively free of zionist ideals.

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