Now Africans Invade Canada—from the US

Hundreds of Africans are illegally crossing the unprotected U.S.–Canadian border near Pembina, North Dakota—and claiming “asylum” in Canada, even though there is no reason to “flee” the U.S. except possibly for better welfare handouts north of the border.

This latest—and nearly unbelievable—scam has come to light with a sudden surge of Africans being intercepted by the Canadian authorities near Emmerson, Manitoba, over the past few weeks.

According to a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), “hundreds” of Africans have entered Manitoba near the Emerson border crossing in an attempt to get asylum in Canada.

The invasion has apparently been proceeding for some time, but has only come to public attention with the news that two blacks from Ghana were hospitalized in Winnipeg after getting frostbite while they wandered around, lost, on Christmas Eve morning on Highway 75 near the Canada–U.S. border.

Maggie Yeboah, volunteer coordinator for “African Communities of Manitoba,” with Seidu Mohammad in hospital. Mohammad, a 24-year-old from Ghana, was found on Highway 75 after crossing the US-Canada border. He has frostbite.

Asked by CBC, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) admitted that 410 “refugee claimants” had been intercepted near the Emerson port of entry while crossing into Canada between April 1, 2016 and Dec. 8, 2016.

“Individuals attempting an illegal border crossing are intercepted by the RCMP and brought to the Emerson border crossing, where they can make a refugee claim,” said Jacquie Callin, a CBSA spokesman—although she did not say exactly why anyone would be seeking asylum coming from the U.S.

She did however say that the “majority of refugees entering near Emerson are from Somalia.” So far, no news has emerged of where exactly all these Africans are coming from, apart from the obvious fact that they were already in the U.S. before crossing the border into Canada.

Somalis could possibly be coming from the large Somali population in Minnesota, but it is equally unclear how Somalis from the U.S.—settled in the latter country as “refugees”—could possibly qualify for “asylum” in Canada.

Furthermore, if the African invaders are not actually legally resident in the U.S.—something which is extremely plausible, given the Obama regime’s “open borders” and “catch and release” policies—it is also a mystery as to why they are not applying for “asylum” from the American government.

The CBSA “declined to comment” when asked by CBC how hundreds of people could be making their way into Canada, saying that they were only responsible for manning the border post, and that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were responsible for patrolling the area.

CBC reported that it was “not clear” how many of the Africans are able to stay in Canada, but the presumption is that they all are. This is because after applying for “asylum” and filling out the paperwork, claimants have their photos taken and are given hearing dates at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, and then released once again.

Derek Sabourin, mayor for the Regional Municipality of Montcalm, which covers the area just north of the Emerson border, told CBC that “residents have been reporting people coming across their land for years.”

There are no fences near the Emerson border, and the only border markers are ditches across which people can walk, he said. “It’s a safety issue and people don’t like people walking through their properties at night,” he added.

“The windmills have red lights on top in the southern part of our municipality, so you know if they’re walking to the red lights, I guess you could say that’s like their northern star. They just, you know, walk towards the red lights and eventually they’ll be in Canada.”

Sabourin said local RCMP told him in July 2016 that 41 “undocumented people” were taken into custody during a six-week period alone. “They just walk on through or get picked up and brought to the border service,” he said.

He said that it was his understanding that most of the people are coming from Minneapolis and originally from Somalia.

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  1. If Canada takes in all these Somalis they are asking for trouble they are the most lawless of all the African nations, expect a Somali gang in your neighbourhood soon, they have no intention of working just building a criminal empire.

  2. They should all go to tubhead trudeau’s home. Let that idiot liberal take care of them. Many somehow make their way
    into Brazil and just keep going north from
    what I read. Haitian laborers in Brazil
    are doing the same. US border control
    control is a joke.

  3. We already have our fair share and growing somali population in canada…which are already wreaking havoc in our local communities, thanks to our gutless justin trudeau government that wishes to destroy our european based canadian culture in the name of multiculturalism. However, under a mutual agreement…if they have migrated from a safe country (USA) they are not supposed to be allowed to claim refugee status in Canada…So sorry guys, but you will have to take them back..!

  4. This is just the perfect demonstration of what a complete and utter fraud the entire “refugee” issue is. “Escaping” the U.S., a free and safe country, to claim asylum in Canada is beyond absurd…and the fact that Canada will keep these wandering welfare moochers is the only proof we need that the Canadian government has as much contempt and total disregard for their people as the American government does for their own.

  5. Having been in the US, they must have been issued with ID documents. But they’ve seen the writing on the wall with President-elect Trump. They’ll get everything they want from Islamophile Trudeau. They know a soft touch when they see one, like the thousands of Somalis who arrived in the UK as soon as they got their EU passports, courtesy of The Netherlands.

    1. I don’t think Trump has anything to do with it. They have been crossing the border into Canada since long before Trump was even running as a candidate…..

  6. I would imagine they are commuting between the two idiot nations to collect the excessive welfare in both. I doubt many even bother to use a different name knowing the blatant incompetence of each government. More bears and wolves are needed in that border area methinks!

  7. I would say that they are planning on double dipping for welfare and handouts, both in Canada and the US. If the left wing taxpayer funded CBC has reported this, then we know that the problem is ten times as bad. They’ll let anything into Canada as long as it’s not white.

  8. Except for the timing (trekking to Canada on foot from North Dakota in winter), it is not surprising that Somali “refugees” would be showing up in Canada. Importing these people to the US from Somalia as well as other 3rd world countries in the Middle East and Africa is a profitable industry for Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Charities various Jewish charitable organizations as well as some secular organizations involved in this business as subcontractors to the US State Dept.

    The reason they would be traveling to Canada is that the organizations named above actually coach these people on which areas of the US (and other countries) have the “most robust” social services available for them to exploit. Residents of North Dakota have been battling these organizations efforts to relocate these opportunists for some time now. Ann Corcoran has a website dedicated to exposing this industry which website she has named “Refugee Resettlement Watch” and I have linked a relevant article here:

    I would like to recommend her site to anyone interested in how this industry is (negatively) affecting areas all over the US and WILL do the same to Canada. As others have pointed out, Somalis are the bottom of the barrel of 3rd world hominids. Their proclivity for crime is legend. I hope this info is, as it should be, of interest to your readers since this trend will alter our countries for worse not only for ourselves but for our progeny as well.

  9. Wow! This border crossing is part of the Pan-American Highway, so these Somalians could be coming directly up from Mexico, not from the USA at all! I read some time ago that human traffickers were charging as much as $50,000 to smuggle people from India, Pakistan, China & Africa into the USA via Mexico, where they paid Mexican government officials a hefty bribe to turn a blind eye.

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