Now Israel Goes Back to UN Plan to Deport Illegal Africans to White Countries

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reopened talks with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) to revive the plan to dump all of the Jewish state’s illegal African invaders into white western nations as a “solution” to the problem, Israel’s Channel 10 TV has reported.

According to the report, Netanyahu’s office is “again in contact with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on the deal, having failed to find any other viable solution regarding the fate of some 30,000-40,000 African asylum seekers,” and is seeking to “improve” the deal’s provisions.

The Channel 10 TV said the “Prime Minister’s Office wants the UN to arrange the resettlement of a larger number of the migrants, and to do so more quickly than in the original five-year plan.”

The UNHCR has been urging Israel to reconsider the scrapped deal, and has said it remains on the table.

The original plan proposed by the United Nations—and supported by the Jewish lobby in America and elsewhere—was to deport 16,500 of the Africans to white countries—named as the US, Canada, Sweden, Italy and Germany—and to grant temporary residence to the remainder in Israel—but only as long as it took to find a place for them to be deported to.

This deal was however scrapped by Netanyahu only a few hours after it was announced, after pressure from the right wing parties in the ruling coalition, who argued that extending the right of residence to half the African invaders, even on a temporary basis, would lead to their eventual right to stay forever.

It is this latter provision which Netanyahu’s office now seeks to “improve”—and the only possible improvement to the deal which will satisfy his coalition partners is to deport them all to white countries, seeing as no African country wants to take them.

The Africans have also refused to be deported back to any country ruled by their own racial group, but all have expressed a desire to live in white countries and will be perfectly happy to be deported to Europe or North America.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Jewish lobby (which normally spends all its time whining about “white racism”) has, along with almost every other major Jewish organization urged the Israeli government to implement the UNHCR plan to deport the Africans to white countries.

Earlier, 18 Jews serving in the US Congress issued an urgent written appeal to Netanyahu calling on him to accept the UNHCR plan to   Refugees “deal” which would see thousands of African invaders deported from the Jewish ethnostate to white countries in Europe and North America.


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  1. Yup.. In the end Jews will “jew” you right out of existence. Not all but most. Most of the Jews I know are liberal of course. The few conservative ones always put Israel first when pressed. Ironically the liberal ones will trash Israel more. Only Jews will outright tell you they will marry someone Jewish and anyone not jewish is not “good enough.” They may joke about it but they state it . When you speak to orthodox they will say it very seriously. I remember many years ago when in college and I had no clue and asked an orthodox woman out. She literally looked at me as if I was a criminal and animal. I was about 18 and clueless to the Jewish thing. After that I started to learn the Jewish issues shall we say bit by bit. If one reads the Talmud at all then you get to understand the thinking. This is the beauty of the internet. It is all right there for you.

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