Now Merkel Offers Turks Asylum

Not satisfied with last year’s massive “asylum” invasion, the Angela Merkel regime has now made an unconditional offer of asylum to all Turks who claim that they have been “persecuted” by Turkey’s government following the failed coup in that country.

The offer is likely to spark off a new wave of hundreds of thousands of nonwhites claiming to be Turks flooding into Germany, just as the “asylum” offer to “Syrians” sparked off a similar invasion in 2015.


Turkish soldiers who took part in the failed coup after their arrest.

According to the Bayern Depesche newspaper in Germany, the government has “announced a generous asylum-grant for Turks who have been exposed to repressive measures by the Turkish authorities since the failed coup of July 15.”

The newspaper added that according to official figures, around 35,000 people were arrested on the orders of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the failed coup, and “tens of thousands” of others were released from the state service.

The Federal Foreign Office has now recommended the granting of “political asylum” to all “politicians, journalists, artists, and academics” affected by Erdogan’s crackdown.

It means that anybody who can buy a Turkish passport—and that country has been named as an epicenter of the fake passport manufacturing industry, especially for those claiming to be “Syrians”—can now claim asylum in Germany by saying that they “feel persecuted.”

According to Michael Roth, the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) Minister of State for Europe at the German Federal Foreign Office, “All critical spirits in Turkey should know that the federal government is in solidarity with them.”

The SPD politician—who is part of Merkel’s ruling coalition—said that “Germany is a cosmopolitan country and is open to all politically persecuted persons. You can apply for asylum in Germany. This is true not only for journalists.

“What is currently happening in Turkey has nothing to do with our understanding of European values, the rule of law, democracy, and media freedom,” Roth said.

His opinion was repeated by Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party chairman of the Bundestag’s Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, Michael Brand, who told the media that “As a matter of course political asylum seeks to be granted asylum. This basic right is anchored in our Basic Law for good reason. It would not be responsible to offer up courageous people like Dündar to Erdogan’s guillotine.”

Dündar is editor in chief of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, arrested after his newspaper published footage showing the Turkish state intelligence agency, MIT, sending weapons to ISIS in Syria. He has been sentenced to jail for “leaking secret information of the state.”

The move is likely to further exacerbate tensions between Germany and Turkey, and as a result, hasten the collapse of Merkel’s “EU-Turkey Deal” which was supposed to make Turkey halt the invasion of Europe from its shores.

Merkel’s latest move is therefore likely to reignite the 2015 invasion from Turkey, and add a further dimension to the matter by giving any “Turks” the opportunity to invade Europe as well.

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  1. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. No matter where they come from, including Turkey where the dominant ideology is Islam (aka ‘Submission’). Has’nt Merkel had enough of trying to dominate Germany with Islam without the German people digging deeper into their pockets to support more Muslims? –
    “…….a generous asylum-grant for Turks….”. Sure, it can be “generous” when taken from the taxpayers without their consent. I’d call that ‘theft’.

  2. Will Germany take the flood of leftie refugees fleeing ‘persecution’ in American now Trump is president? (granted he doesn’t become president until January and most have nominated Canada as a preferred destination)

  3. She is hammering in the final nail in Germany’s coffin, she is completely mad, she cares nothing for the ordinary German citizen, surely somebody should pull her aside and tell her to shut up and get out.

    1. Agreed I think its high time the Germans face the facts, this nut job needs to be sectioned, shes a danger to herself and everyone else on this planet

    1. Dont forget Sweden the savages are raping their children in broad daylight now and its escalating.Theres another bunch of fruit loops

  4. Right on Iceberg. Bezerkel merkel
    is beyond crazy. Her brains must
    have been bombed out long ago.
    Paris -heck all of france will be lost
    to tourists.

  5. President Trump must open the USA borders to conservative Germans. Nothing like bringing in good assets for the benefit of the USA!

    1. Also disgruntled Brits, and SA whites. The space will have been created by a huge exodus/ deportation of criminal elements. Wow, imagine being able to walk safely, alone, at night, through any major US city…

    2. Graham, if the Germans cannot stand up and be counted in respect of the Merkel Madness in Germany, home soil, what hope for them in the US in the same circumstances? Could DT expect any support in a similar circumstance i.e. Mexico. It’s the World over, at some point the people have to stand up and rise to the effort that’s needed to get these loons out of power – urgently!

  6. The one thing I admire about all the crazy lefty kooks violently protesting Donald Trump’s presidency is that they come together no matter what the repercussions are or whose bodies or emotions they hurt. I think every nationalist needs to start doing the same thing..

  7. Does Merkel never learn? Is she Erdogan’s friend or not? As others have said she needs to be kicked out of power. She is doing untold harm to Germany and Europe as a whole.

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