NPD Backs AfD in State Elections

The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) has called for its supporters to rally behind the Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) candidates in the March 13 state elections in order not to split the anti-invasion vote.

Making the announcement today at a press conference in Berlin, NPD leader Frank Franz said that “despite the political and substantive differences between the NPD and the AFD, we recognize that it is now not about parties, but about the future of Germany.”

NPD press conference-01

Franz presented a new poster to the assembled media which called on voters in the states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt to give their “first vote” to AfD candidates, and keep their “second” vote for the NPD.

In those states, each voter has two votes. The first allows a voter to choose their candidate of choice in their district. That candidate is elected on a simple majority vote.

The second vote is on a “party list” which elects representatives based on a proportional representation basis. This means that if a party gets 10 percent of the vote, it gets 10 percent of the seats. Both first and second vote candidates get to sit in the state legislature.

The system is not in place in Baden-Württemberg, the third state which has elections on the same day.

Franz said that the decision to defer to the AfD in the “first vote” count was made because of the extreme crisis facing Germany.

“Last year, 1.1 million asylum seekers and refugees came to Germany. It is not expected that the influx will abate this year,” he said.

“Germany will change dramatically due to mass immigration unless it is halted quickly.

“The police are hardly able to maintain security, law, and order. Only about 10 percent of immigrants are being registered at the German border, and thus even more threats to Germany’s internal security are being imported.”

Franz went on to say that he was “aware that the AfD has numerous points of difference in policy and opinion with the NPD. While the AfD just wants to control and organize the mass immigration, we want to bring it to a complete halt.

“While the AfD want to grant asylum seekers access to the German labor market, we do not want German workers to be forced to compete with foreign laborers who will undercut wages,” he explained.

“But despite the political and substantive differences between the NPD and the AfD, we recognize that it is now not about parties, but about the future of Germany. Or, as the last German Emperor Wilhelm II said, ‘I know no more parties, I know only Germany!’

NPD press conference-02

He went on to say that the “disaster” which Angela Merkel has inflicted upon the country can only be “averted when all nationalist and patriotic forces pull together.

“Only the cooperation of those political forces which are against asylum fraud and Islamization, will save our country.

“The single common factor must be the ending of the current wave of massive illegal immigration. None of the governing parties or the Left-Green parliamentary opposition are in favor of implementing such a policy,” Franz said.

Referring to the constitutional barrier in the proportional representation system—which states that a party has to get at least 5 percent of the vote to qualify for seats—he said that the “state election in Saxony in 2014, in which the NPD was narrowly defeated by the 5 percent hurdle, has made it abundantly clear that there is great potential for the two patriotic parties in Germany.

“The stronger the patriotic block in parliament, the more effectively we can present the displeasure of the German public about asylum fraud, mass immigration, and Islamization.

“The NPD and AfD should not be understood as being opposed to each other, but as a common counter-model to the old parties. Therefore, on March 13 in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt, we are calling on all voters to give their first vote to the AfD and their second vote to the NPD. Together for Germany!”

NPD press conference-03

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  1. They are working for the national good. Wait until Merkel’s latest arrogant dictates are viewed. Don’t eat first. The deal she is making with Turkey is straight from hell. She is determined to foister migrants still on Europe no matter what.

  2. All the establishment wants is unlimited pool of submissive and cheap labor to fuel profits and hence the EU, debt and refugee crisis.

    1. Plus their intention to encourage the spread of miscegenation across Europe courtesy of an unlimited pool of foreign male invaders only too willing to oblige.

  3. The new deal of one Syrian returned to turkey for one Syrian to be taken to Europe proves once again that Merkel is in trying to flood European countries with migrants they do no want.She is determined to run Europe though not elected to do so.
    Latest estimates of the number of ISIS fighters suggest that 5000 was a low figure to placate Europeans. More contempt and German secrecy against Europe.

  4. “we recognize that it is now not about parties, but about the future of Germany.”

    Most sensible thing said by a politician in years. Good Luck National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) & Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD)

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