NY AG: Jew Who “Leads Trump Resistance” Wants Third Worlders in America, but Not in Israel

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman—named by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency as the “Jew who leads the Trump resistance”—has announced that he will “defend” his state’s illegal invaders against the Administration—even though he openly supports Israel which actively arrests and expels all illegal invaders in the Jewish state.

According to a statement on the New York Attorney General’s website, Schneiderman has urged President Donald Trump to “maintain and defend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program”—the system set in place by Obama to grant amnesty to the nonwhite invaders.

Less than two months earlier, however, Schneiderman proudly tweeted a message expressing his support for the Jews-only state, which has an immigration policy which bars non-Jews from settling in that country, uses DNA to check for the Jewishness of potential immigrants, and which outlaws marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

“Today, on Israel’s 69th Independence Day, we celebrate the realization of the dream of a homeland for the Jewish people. #YomHaatzmaut,” Schneiderman tweeted, along with a picture of David Ben Gurion signing Israel’s declaration of independence.

In his statement about New York’s so-called “Dreamers,” the hypocritical Jew Schneiderman said that since DACA’s inception five years ago, nearly 800,000 invaders have been granted DACA status.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform in this country, but in the meantime, we need to maintain commonsense programs like DACA that empower our young people to pursue the American Dream,” Schneiderman said in his statement.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency only recently carried a large feature on Schneiderman, boasting that “This Jewish attorney general is leading the Trump resistance.”

According to the JTA article, Schneiderman was among the litigants who got the courts to stay one of Trump’s first major executive orders, which temporarily banned entry into the U.S. by refugees as well as travelers from seven Muslim majority countries.

“Since the election, he has been busy attacking Trump in a near daily barrage of lawsuits, statements, tweets and news conferences,” the JTA continued.

He is also “the lead strategist among the state attorneys general, all Democrats, who have blocked the Trump immigration bans. Schneiderman has also advised sanctuary cities how to protect undocumented immigrants and launched bids to frustrate the president’s plans to roll back Obama-era reforms in health care consumer and environmental protections, and to protect abortion rights.”

Significantly, the JTA added:

“Even so, he balked a little when a reporter called him the “Jewish face of the resistance.” It was the “resistance” part that unnerved him — New York’s top lawyer noted that he bucked Obama administration policies, too.”

“But the ‘Jewish’ part he liked.

“My work for justice is very much grounded in what I see as the Jewish tradition’s commitment to justice,” he told JTA recently in his lower Manhattan office.

“Schneiderman switched handily into Hebrew and used the two biblical terms for justice, saying that ’mishpat’ and ‘tzedek’ are spoken of in the books of Moses.”

The JTA went on to state that Schneiderman, “who attends services at B’nai Jeshurun, an independent Manhattan synagogue, works closely with the city’s Jewish establishment,” and that “Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, the executive director of the New York Board of Rabbis, said Schneiderman was always thoroughly prepared before taking on an adversary.”

“He looks at the Torah, the weekly portion, and he also looks at the haftarah,” the reading from the books of prophets, Potasnik said, using a metaphor for studiousness.

Evan Bernstein, the Anti-Defamation League’s regional director in New York, said the group appreciated Schneiderman’s efforts. “We’re very supportive of him taking it on,” he said.

However, the state of Israel, which Schneiderman publicly celebrates, actively pursues policies which are the complete opposite of those which the New York Attorney General and his gaggle of fellow Jews seek for America.

Israel’s “Law of Return” immigration policy is actually based upon the Nazi Nuremburg race laws, which defined a Jew as anyone with two or more Jewish grandparents.

This law of return is not based on religion—because Jewish atheists also qualify for settlement in Israel. They do not have to be believing Jews to come to Israel—all they have to have is biological Jewish ancestry.

In addition, it is illegal for Jews to marry non-Jews in Israel—another direct carryover from the Nazi laws concerning race.

Israel also has a zero tolerance policy for asylum seekers. They have set up concentration camps in which thousands of Africans are interred awaiting deportation, and the Jewish state announced that it was deporting all Africans to Uganda, no matter which country they originally came from.

Finally, Israel has recently announced that it is to start testing immigrants for Jewish DNA before allowing them to settle in Israel. This significant move (because it confirms a biological basis to Judaism) came about because of concern in Israel over suspected non-Jews entering Israel from the former Soviet Union countries.

Israel, therefore, has a completely racially-based immigration policy, and only allows people of biological Jewish descent to immigrate to that nation.

This policy is directly contradictory to the position taken by Schneiderman and all the major Jewish groups in America and other European nations—yet these same Jewish organizations and individuals will defend Israel to the last.

This hypocrisy is too obvious to be coincidental, and is clearly part of a malicious design to promote the racial destruction of European nations while preserving Jewish purity.

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