NZ’s Offer on “Refugees” Rejected

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has warned that New Zealand’s offer to take in bogus refugees about to be deported from Australia will reignite the boat-borne flood of invaders.


New Zealand Prime Minister John Keys had earlier said that New Zealand was prepared to take in 37 “asylum seeker” children destined to be sent back to the island of Nauru following a recent court decision against the invaders in Australia.

Citing an agreement he had made with Julia Gillard, the former Prime Minister of Australia, Keys said that it was “potentially possible” for New Zealand to take in the invaders—even though they have broken every law in the book—because it was “sensible and compassionate.”

In his response, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said yesterday that the idea of resettling “asylum seekers” in New Zealand instead of deporting them to the Pacific atoll of Nauru will only “encourage more asylum seekers to try to reach Australian shores by boat.”

The counter comments in the media come just before the two leaders meet on Friday in Sydney, and are likely to provide for some heated discussion.

The issue has arisen after some 267 nonwhite invaders in Australia are set to be deported back to Nauru after being temporarily allowed onto the Australian mainland to “support a family member who needed medical treatment.”

Of course, once on the mainland, the invaders simply refused to go back to Nauru and launched a legal challenge in the Australian High Court which called the legality of Australia’s refugee policy into question.

As reported earlier, the court ruled against the invaders, effectively ensuring their deportation back to Nauru.

Australia has all but stopped the nonwhite invasion by boat from the Middle East and Asia by refusing to allow illegal boat arrivals to ever settle in Australia. They are sent to detention camps on Nauru and Australia’s closest neighbor, Papua New Guinea.

The Australian government correctly fears that New Zealand’s offer to take in the “refugees” will encourage the invasion to start once again. “We recognize that the most important thing we have to do is not at any point give any encouragement or say or do anything that the people smugglers will use for their marketing,” Turnbull was quoted as saying.

Key’s government reached an agreement in 2013 with the then Australian government to resettle 150 refugees a year from Nauru and Papua New Guinea. He said this week that the offer remained open despite it never being accepted by Australia.

“If they want us to take people, then subject to them meeting the criteria, New Zealand would be obliged to do that because we’ve given a commitment to do so,” Key said.

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  1. Quote: “New Zealand Prime Minister John Keys offer to take in bogus refugees about to be deported from Australia because it was “sensible and compassionate.”will reignite the boat-borne flood of invaders”.said Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
    Good luck with that one, mate!
    Sadly, some folk never learn….. until it`s too late !

    1. and Key also wasted millions of taxpayer money on attempting to change the flag, as only a leftist would, as a small step to a new world order. I do not expect he and his ilk ever expected it to happen either.

      Key, as pointed out, is Jewish.

      I find it strange he dares speak on behalf of New Zealand, where I doubt the majority fancies their country invaded by opportunists, at their expense. This is the leftist “we”, appealing to the maufactured hivemind for the herd to consume and obey.

      Turnbull has done a volte face. He is weak and only a follower, not a leader. He previously said his approach to illegals would be different to Tony Abbott’s very successful Operation Sovereign Borders, by pandering to the leftist media, openly sympathising with illegal arrivals, posing as refugees. The same day he said that, a policeman was murdered in Western Sydney by an Iraqi from a refugee family, shouting Allahu Akbar. Even better the murdered officer was Chinese, so it could not be spun into a racial psy-op by the despicable anti-Australian press.

      It isn’t like Turnbull would not be aware of the danger, given only months earlier a refugee, Man Monis, held a cafe full of people hostage in Martin Place, downtown Sydney, leaving a pregnant Aussie lawyer dead, a knife death in Parramatta Westfield shopping mall in front of horrified shoppers, domestic murders and violence in most states and of course, sexual emergencies.

      Several years before a group of Lebanese Muslims under the tutelage of cleric Benbrika plotted to blow up the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Grand Final Day. Turnbull and Key for that matter could hardly fail to know of these issues.

      Key and Turnbull seem to be of the same mold, the globalist puppet posing as conservative.

      Turnbull was instrumental in a push for a referendum to change the country from a constitutional monarchy to a republic, with a proposed government structure highly favourable to globalist elites. He is ex Goldman Sachs, member for a highly Jewish electorate, Wentworth and made a point of claiming Jewish descent in the media.

  2. Im a Kiwi and don’t support this decision at all, thank goodness for Ozzie rejecting this dumb offer. I think you will find that most Kiwis dont support this nonsense or taking inmore third world refugees especially muslim ones. Unfortunately politicians here are about as daft as those such as Merkel and equally despotic. Believe me itll be even worse here if that clown from Labour became PM

  3. I think an unwritten maxim of the politician worldwide is that you must insist on things in large quantities that your citizens do not want and are inherently bad for them…debt, wars, refugees, tax, laws and regs.
    Politicians are all cut from the same demonic cloth.

    1. You don’t seem to understand the Jewish issue. Jews, where they control the printing of money (i.e. almost everywhere), make money out of debt. THEY like debt; EVERYONE ELSE has to pay into the indefinite future. Jews also make money from wars, supplying both sides. And they like weakening and ruining other people – it’s genetic hatred in them.

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