Obama Wants Australian Invaders

The Australian government’s plans to ship 1,600 nonwhite invaders currently holed up in its remote Pacific island “illegal immigration” centers to the U.S. might be sabotaged by the change of government in America, it has emerged.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spent most of Monday this week seeking to allay fears that the deal he had struck with the Obama regime to take the illegal immigrants would now founder.


On Sunday, the government in Canberra announced a “one-off” arrangement with the U.S. that would see up to 1,600 of the nonwhites who attempted to invade Australia by boat—and who are currently detained in the offshore processing centers on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea—“resettled” in America.

The deal had been struck with the Obama government, which had set its sights on bringing in as many nonwhites as possible into the United States.

However, the head of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington DC warned the Australians that this was “the kind of thing the Trump administration will nix on Day 1.”

“I don’t expect any Republicans will defend it. I can’t see a lot of Democrats defending it either,” Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Sydney Morning Herald. “My sense is that when the word gets out on this, it’ll be dead on arrival.”

Officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are due to arrive in Australia soon before heading to Nauru to determine who will be eligible for the U.S. move.

While Turnbull spoke to Trump by phone soon after the shock election win last week, he said he did not bring up the refugee issue.

“Until Jan. 20 when Donald Trump is inaugurated, the president is Barack Obama and we deal with one administration at a time,” he told Channel Nine. And you don’t discuss confidential matters with one administration with a future administration.”

According to the plan negotiated with the current U.S. government, invaders who are offered the American option but reject it would be offered a 20-year visa in Papua New Guinea.

As part of the Australian government’s plan, all future invaders arriving by boat will be ineligible for anything and will be barred for life from entering Australia, even on a tourist visa.

An article on the Center for Immigration Studies’ website by researcher Dan Cadman, said that in its “waning months the Obama administration would use its lame duck status to slip through as many more ‘transformational’ changes to immigration policy and regulation as it thinks it can get away with.”

In the most recent “example of twisted logic,” the article continued, the Obama administration “has announced that it will take at least 1,200 migrants — quite possibly more — who are now in detention camps on the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus, where they were sent by the Australian government after it interdicted and ejected them for attempting to enter Australia illegally.”

“What’s in it for the Ozzies? At least some short-term relief from the unrelenting pressure they have felt over taking a tough stance on attempted illegal entry by migrants. They may even be puzzled by this bizarre gesture on the part of the administration, but unwilling to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“On the flip side, what’s in it for the United States? Nothing, as far as I can see. Of course, it is one last chance for the Obama administration to put its thumb in the eye of the American people as a final gesture of its profound contempt for a reasoned immigration policy based on our national interests; their own kind of pay-back to us for having the audacity to elect Donald Trump.”

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  1. Just like most governments, especially the UK, they have no consideration for the indigenous. Not enough rope in the world to go round these traitorous scum. Politicians live in a self centered bubble with their own protection!

  2. The Australians probably gave a substantial donation to the Clinton Foundation to get the USA to take the problem off their hands!!

  3. We do not want them they are not welcome you will play with lion till it scratches you this lion is going to bite back bigger than you’ll ever know YOU R GOING TO HEAR US ROAR

  4. This deal, and it is one I don’t agree with as an Australian citizen (illegals should be sent home), is designed to clear the detention centres filled by the former Labor government who reversed the ‘turn back’ policy of the Liberal government, and allowed thousands of illegals to come to Australia. Some 120 drowned at sea, likely more, and our navy spent its time picking up body parts torn apart by sharks.
    The current Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull, is left-leaning but committed to no boat arrivals, but the Greens and Labor continuously visit detention centres trying to get illegals in to Australia any way they can. Protestors also attempt to subvert Australian law (surprise, surprise) by getting illegals in to the country, so clearing the detention centres will be good for Australia. If the loony left Americans want them, they can have them, ’cause the mighty Trumpster won’t take any more!

  5. 1,600 more refugees will only be a drop in the bucket for the United States – and as I understand it Australia is willing to take some people from Latin America, presumably refugees.

    1. I had a melt down when I heard Hussein Obammy and Mal Talkbull were gonna get together in S American Boss Cocky Expo Meet , in 2016. Hey. What the Hell could go wrong ? Two commie walking disasters getting together. ?? we soon found out . Hussein was gonna give us – God knows What out of the h hole Sth American and Talkbull was gonna off load wannabe welfare for lifers off Manus. Every one happy . LOL . No, we are sorry and embarrassed , it was just another stinking Obammy ‘gift ‘ for the next USA president. And Chuckles Talkbull is happy to go along with anything at a big boys party.

  6. Its puzzling Australian Analysts how this awkward arrangement benefits anybody. Its just shuffling homeless people around the globe.
    AND THATS THE CLUE. It also happened in the UK where the deportation service was provided by some official’s brother who owned a small Lear Jet airline. $10,000 per deportee ! The only beneficiary of this nonsensical US–Aust people swap will be a Private Airline. LOL

  7. The World needs Donald to state unequivocally that if Obama let’s these people in before he departs, the Trump adminstriation will ship them back to where they’ve come from immediately. What a nerve of Australia to add to the melting pot of racial disorder that is now the US.

    1. We can hardly blame Aussie politicians if Obama`s done a Merkel. Who in their right mind would hang on to invaders when some idiot offers to take them off your hands.
      Blame Obama….. he knows exactly what he`s doing…… the traitorous jerk.
      Perhaps he`s hoping to be next in line for the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize to nicely round off his presidency.

  8. ‘Dear Mr Turnbull,
    I regret we will be unable to take your refugees as our trash container is full. I suggest you try Germany. I believe their trash container has unlimited capacity.

    Yours, Donald Trump’

    Just hoping………..

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