Ocoee Movie Theater Riot Highlights Controlled Media’s Cover-up of Black Crime

A St. Valentine’s Day riot by nearly a thousand blacks in Ocoee, Florida, has once again highlighted the shocking lengths to which the controlled media will go to cover up black crime—in strong contrast to their reporting of any crimes committed by whites.

The Ocoee riot was reported by News13 in Orlando, for example as “Shots fired as hundreds of teens rush Ocoee movie theater.”


News 13 went on to report that “Gunfire erupted late Saturday night at the West Oaks Mall as hundreds of teenagers rushed the mall’s movie theater. Ocoee police were called to the mall to help control a large, hostile crowd. Police said 200–300 juveniles and young adults were causing a disturbance in the food court and movie theater area of the mall.

“Police said a large group rushed into the theater and continued causing a disturbance there. Orange County deputies and police from Winter Garden and Windermere were called in to help disperse the crowd.

“Ocoee police said one juvenile was arrested for battery and resisting an officer without violence, and a second was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges.”

Note that there was no mention of the race of the “teens” and “young adults.”

This pattern was followed through by all the other controlled media outlets which reported on the event.

For example, WFTV9 reported that “Orange County deputies are trying to figure out why hundreds of teenagers suddenly rushed into the movie theater at West Oaks Mall in Ocoee Saturday night.

“Deputies said as many as 900 kids, described as being in middle or high school, attempted to rush the theater at once.

“Nearly 300 teenagers were able to get in before the security gates were closed. Police said a group of about 100 rushed into the theater and continued causing a disturbance.

“Witnesses said several fights broke out with reports of shots fired.

“‘At that point, since we’re dealing with 800 to 900 juveniles, they called for assistance from surrounding agencies,’ said Lt. Paul Hopkins of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. ‘We all formed together and were successfully able to get all these kids out of the mall area.’

“Police said one juvenile was arrested for battery and resisting arrest. A second juvenile was arrested for misdemeanor drug charges.”

Once again, there was no mention of the race of the “teens.”

The Orlando Sentinel also ignored the race of the “teens,” as did WKMG Orlando, and WESH 2 Orlando, which also revealed that “investigators said the teens moved across Colonial Drive and gathered at a nearby gas station.

“‘A whole bunch of kids came in the store and just started stealing stuff,’ witness Taylor Davis said. ‘They (were) just taking everything out of the store, and then the kids (were) just trying to fight the owner, and everybody was just trying to fight.’

“‘Our main concern is this: These are middle and high school kids going to a public movie theater, some armed with guns, some firing guns, some fighting in the parking lot, disturbing everyone else there. Not only that, but putting them in danger with the violence they’re creating,’ Orange County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Paul Hopkins said.”

WFLA 8 in Tampa, Florida, also announced that “Teens” had tried to “storm movie theater in Ocoee.”


The Independent Journal Review, which claims to be one of the US’s top 50 news aggregator sites, went even further, describing the rampage as “scary teen angst”—and even blamed schools for “hiding St. Valentine’s Day”—while at the same time refusing to identify the race of the mob.

In reality, as the photographs on WFTV’s own report showed, the “teens” were all black—and this in a city which, according to the 2010 US Census, was 53 percent white, 17 percent black, and 20 percent Hispanic.





The complete blackout of reporting the race of the rioters is further proof of a deliberate conspiracy by the controlled media to always cover-up and hide black criminality.

The extent of this cover-up becomes apparent if it is considered what the media’s reaction would be if the race of the Ocoee incident had been reversed—namely, what if a mob of 1000 white “teens” had stormed a movie theater and mall in a city which is nearly 50 percent nonwhite.

The same media now pretending that this is just some inexplicable “teen angst” would be hysterical in its denunciation of “white racism” if a mob of whites had rioted in a black area.

The disparity in coverage and the refusal to identify the race of the rioters reveals the controlled media’s agenda, which is always to portray whites in the worst possible light while constantly covering up and “lying by omission” about nonwhite crime.

It is a tactic which, as can be seen on the comments section of the WKMG website, is increasingly falling on deaf ears. Some of the comments by ordinary citizens reveal that increasing numbers of whites are no longer being fooled by the media’s deliberate lies—mostly thanks to the Internet’s ability to smash the controlled media’s censorship.

A small sampling of the comments left on the WKMG site make this truth apparent:

Serio Vitium: Teens? I see what you did there.

J_Biggs: Remember when NBC used the term “white” Hispanic to infer that the Martin case was white on black violence. Then NBC went on to INTENTIONALLY alter the 911 tapes to make Zimmerman sound racist?


Son_of_Mithra: *”Investigators say as the crowd was being taken from the area, several fights broke out in the parking lot. Deputies say gunfire could be heard at one point and someone was robbed.” * Silly Amish…

ORYGUNWASP: This is another outbreak of the “New Black Plague”

Addison: What color were these kids? I think I know…

daTruffYall: One of the smartest things I ever did was move to a 98% white community, 50 miles away from the nearest public transportation.

Dkgambler: “Teens”, huh? Could you be more specific? I think the description can be narrowed a bit.

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  1. my daughters 1st job was at the ocoee AMC 13 and many such events took place weekends while working there at age 16 in 2004, difficult years for me praying she would find a different job. She was caught up in the excitement of it all and once mentioned locking herself up on the projection room for fear of the out of control riot situation. It is a well known fact that this side of town has been completely neglected by law enforcement since it was moved to care for Walmart and that crime and activities by non resident teens from outside ocoee who may attend “ocoee high school” or Evans , west orange or none (thanks mayor goober for fighting for our city’s name to a magnet school) . Black or white the result is the same. You will no longer hear any media report facts which speak about color in order to avoid “offending” anyone, during a stop at the former circle k store recently the one just past ocoee hills, I was approached by a black man asking if I wanted to buy drugs. The last time anyone approached me at any place was 25 years ago when I innadvertently stoped at the convenience store in tangelo park at corner of sand lake road. Un investigated burglaries and theft and criminal activity taking place ,even when video of stolen trailers and property which provides a timestamp of trucks hauling away neightboors stuff in the early am hours or when cars are broken into which could be easily investigated by looking at traffic cameras placed around city intersections the reports and plight goes ignored. Only if hit and run drivers who kill children in their way out of school would anyone take a look at these cameras. In closing the only way for ocoee white,black,Latino,Asian law abiding citizens to get a hold on this problem is to make these many cameras placed in public roads available for constant monitoring via the internet by everyone, the criminals already know they are useless, I .call on all agencies in the state to make this mandatory at public roads buildings and even public shopping malls and retailers shopping centers. The west oaks crime mall should be turned in to a college or demolished. This “blight will continue to cost us more ” close it or the police department to move there along with-our sinking city hall. Force Walmart to pay its own security, make camera activities at mall and other retail area available for all to monitor This mall has become an eye sore and little if any traffic or economic impact has it ever had in the city. The long establishment good old boy government of part time elected officers some of which are experts self servants with free non contributed pentions voted for themselves against public wishes. at tax payers and employees expence .with blinders once a promising future has vanished, a tv channel still using 1985 computer generated graphics yet paid millions to setup a state of the art studio hired a producer in the late 90’s ? Hundreds of thousands wasted on equipment to built their own EMT trucks against common since then auctioned off for spines ton the dollar, what a deal. To glorify their legacy with naming schools roads after the town and founders . A day expanded events bringing vendors to the lake behind a sinking city hall since it was built.doing home owners association 10s of thousands every year for projects needed in non homeowner association areas of the city? use of our law enforcement to take care of the west oaks mall and Walmart lets not forget the largest collection of used car parking lot in southeast auto auction. Yes it makes me want to move out after 30 years adding to the ever increasing number of abandoned properties awaiting banks auctions over the past 7 years. Those long time self serving politicians must be very proud of their progressive thinking, makes me want to go to a movie at the sinking city hall this friday. Thanks for your narrow minded work well done. I hope when you cash in your checks to pension you voted for yourself they may just bounce.

    1. I read your comment that the community was “neglected by law enforcement.” Well, some would say they would prefer not to properly police this “diverse” community…the officers in Ferguson can speak to that situtation. And now, the Imperial Federal Government (whose politicians helped whip up the controversy there) is now in complete control of the Department via their ubiquitous use of a “consent decree.” Officers sign up to do a job-not become targets of the thugs (via death threats to them and their families) or by investigation and “civil rights” investigations/prosecutions by the thugs in federal government. Would you do 25 years in Levenworth just to please a poster like you whose little darling is working the movie theater infested with urban thugs at risk to your career/freedom?

  2. It’s because the government (and its media arm) likes to spread the crime out. It attempts to make you think the crimes are common and wide spread, and to a degree, make you think that you are somewhat responsible. That way you won’t put up a fight as it then removes your rights and freedoms to prevent “crime.”

  3. WHY do Blacks ALWAYS complain they are targeted & holler it’s racial??? HOW MANY CRIMES involve BLACK people? Please understand I have many friends who are black and don’t act like a bunch of fools but DAMN!! We as a society can keep complaining but this world will never be safe for any of us. It’s just a fact. xo

    1. Because it works. If they scream ‘Racist!’ loud enough they can get away with anything. Robbery, rape, assault, attempted murder.

  4. I’ve lived in Ocoee for over 20 years. Now it’s infested with wanna be gangsters. The city is on the decline. Our police force is inept. Sad to say but ocoee is just an extension of pine hills. And don’t get me started on the other plague Mexicans. RIP ocoee.

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