October 2 is Decision Time for Austria, Hungary

Austria and Hungary will face momentous electoral questions in October 2016: the former will hold a new presidential election campaign on October 2, while Hungary will hold a referendum on the European Union’s forced invader “redistribution program” on the same day.

In Vienna, the Austrian government has announced that the presidential election rerun—ordered by that country’s Constitutional Court—will take place on October 2.


“Today we had to take a decision on holding the presidential election on October 2. As you can imagine, it was a relatively easy decision to take,” Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

The country’s constitutional court decided last week that the run-off presidential election originally held in May will have to be held again after finding widespread procedural irregularities.

The court, which questioned more than 60 witnesses in a four-day hearing, upheld the challenge brought by the Freedom Party (FPÖ) against its candidate Norbert Hofer’s narrow defeat in May’s election.

The election was won by the communist-Green Alexander van der Bellen by a margin of 0.6 percent—after highly suspect “postal ballots” were counted.

The FPÖ then launched a legal challenge on June 8 because of “massive irregularities,” including allegations that tens of thousands of votes were opened earlier than allowed under election rules and that some votes were counted by people not authorized to do so.

According to the German far-leftist newspaper Der Spiegel, Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka and Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz have said they want the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to make sure that their election observers are present in the districts “where mistakes were made” during the original election.

In Hungary, that country’s president János Áder has called for the government-initiated referendum on the “mandatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens” to take place on the same day.

The referendum is the result of the European Union’s unilateral decision to force each EU member state to accept thousands of bogus asylum seekers invited into Germany by Angela Merkel under a plan to “spread the load” of the invasion.

Called a “mandatory migrant quota system,” the plan is to “allocate” the nonwhite invaders to each EU state according to its Gross Domestic Product and population size, so as to avoid Germany having to carry the entire burden.

Not surprisingly, those EU nations with an ounce of backbone—such as Hungary—have refused to partake in this plan, and the Viktor Orban-led government asked parliament earlier this year to call out a referendum on the matter.

The proposal passed in the Hungarian parliament with the support of the governing conservative Fidesz-KDNP alliance and the opposition nationalist Jobbik party by a margin of 136 to 5.

The referendum question being put to the Hungarian people will read as follows:

“Do you want the European Union to require the compulsory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without authorization by the Hungarian Parliament?”

The former communist party MSZP and a number of smaller liberal parties have called upon their supporters to stay away from the vote, which, they say, serves government propaganda and is a move toward Hungary leaving the European Union.

A poll conducted in late May showed that the vast majority—77 percent—of Hungarians reject the EU plan, and that the “no” side is assured of a runaway victory.


“Let’s send Brussels a message so they too understand”—a Hungarian government billboard which has appeared across the country urges the Hungarian electorate to vote against the “migrant” quota system.

Both the votes in Austria and Hungary could have far-reaching effects which will speed up the dissolution of the EU.

The last time that the FPÖ was in government in Austria—as a junior coalition partner in 1999—the EU placed sanctions on that country in reprisal for daring to allow a nationalist populist party near the corridors of power.

It is highly likely that a similar, or even more extreme, reaction will follow the possible election of a FPÖ president.

The FPÖ candidate, Norbert Hofer, has already previously announced that he would be in favor of an EU membership referendum should Turkey be granted EU membership—an event which appears increasingly likely.

It is also likely that the EU will respond in an extremely negative fashion to a Hungarian refusal to take in their “share” of the Merkel-induced invasion. Any moves by the EU against Hungary will certainly encourage an already building anti-EU sentiment in that country, which in turn is likely to spread to the other Visegrad 4 nations.

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    1. If this ‘diversity’ is so good, why is it being forced and why is it only whites told to be “diverse”? That’s what we need to throw back at them.

  1. The collapse of the EU is gaining momentum. Can’t wait to see the whole Socialist dictatorship slowly & I hope, painfully dissolve into the sewers where it belongs.

    How dare they Try to usurp the wishes of any nation that wants a nationalist government. That alone tells you what the actual agenda of the EU is.

    Get rid of that unholy aberration quickly & permanently!

    1. The Jews declared economic boycott on Germany for electing Hitler. This time the Jews (under the EU) have pretty much declared war, not just on Germany, but the entire white race. This is only going to speed up their demise and our people can and will get very violent when we are pushed too far. Our history shows this. They have awoken a sleeping giant that is very pissed.

  2. Drive the message home to the young and foolish ,tell the young men their future is one of praying five times a day ,no more music ,drinking ,and dancing.Tell the young women they need not worry about which dress to wear it will be black and from head to toe.Sounds like the fashion industry is finished.All this will come to pass if islam takes over…….terry

  3. Be aware of the date 31st March 2017 when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty expires, and the European Union becomes ” fully integrated “. To leave the Federation after that date will need the agreement and approval of a majority of member provinces, what were known as countries. You will be locked in, there is virtually no way out ! So if Hungary and others want to get out of the E.U. then your Article 50 notifications must be in before 31st March 2017.

    1. you’re assuming the EU will not try and halt nations wanting to leave the EU. They are dead set on financially draining us and killing us off via nonwhite invaders. What makes you think they will just let us go, especially without a war?

      1. That’s my point ; 31st March 2017 the EU fully integrates into One Monster.
        The UK is being pilloried now, and we have not yet triggered Article 50 !
        The UK is slowly, being ‘ritually’ bleed dry, as an example to others, and to get us to reverse our course.
        Death by a thousand cuts ? Sounds familiar ? Private banks run this world.
        31st March 2017 deadline comes closer everyday for the UK and other EU Nations !
        Get out of the EU then expel the nonwhite invaders by force if necessary, but get out first to regain control !
        The UK is deliberately ‘dragging its feet’ to enforcing the democratic vote referendum. Why ?
        Will we leave ? Why did we not adopt the Euro currency ?

      1. google : lisbon treaty article 50 and read it taking note of ‘qualified majority’ and ‘non participation in talks’ and ‘obtaining consent’. It will take less than one minute to read !
        Now google : qualified majority voting eu 2017. Take note of the transition expiry date 31st march 2017 when the pre 1st november 2014 rules will no longer apply.
        If a 55% majority block withdrawal after 31/03/2017 you are denied exit ?
        Hope that helps.

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