One Week of War: Patriots vs Invasion

German patriots continue to increase the pace of the defense of Europe against the Third World invasion, with at least nineteen serious incidents reported in the last week alone.


A CCTV image catches two German patriots with Molotov Cocktails attacking an invader center in Stuttgart, December 15, 2015.

According to a report published in the print version of the Bild newspaper in Germany titled “Eine Woche rechte Gewalt in Deutschland” (Bild, December 21, 2015), the following attacks took place from Sunday, December 13th, to Saturday 19 December:

Sunday, December 13

– Bad Bevensen (Niedersachsen). Unknown perpetrators force their way into a planned “asylum” accommodation. Drains clogged, and faucets are opened, while a fire is set in the roof.

– Roßleben (Thüringen). An incendiary device is fired at the front door of an invader house with seventy inhabitants. Part of the front door is burned away.

– Eichstaett (Bavaria). An invader accommodation for “unaccompanied minors” comes under an organized bombardment of stones and other objects. All the windows are destroyed and the front façade of the building is damaged.

Monday, December 14

– Pirna (Sachsen). A Molotov cocktail is thrown against the front of a planned invader accommodation shortly before the first fake “refugees” are about to arrive.

– Kirchhundem (Nordrhein-Westfalen). A planned invader accommodation in a former farmhouse is damaged in a fire started on a wooden staircase. The damage prevents the house from being used.

Tuesday, December 15

– Herne (Nordrhein-Westfalen). The door of an invader center is damaged in a hail of steel balls, apparently fired with a slingshot.

– Altenburg (Thüringen). Police arrest two patriots for allegedly setting a fire in the stairwell of an invader center on December 7.  Several invaders were hospitalized with smoke inhalation.

– Zwickau (Sachsen). Several incendiary devices are fired at an invader center set up in a former hardware store.

– Stuttgart (Baden Württemberg). €10,000 damage is inflicted in a Molotov Cocktail attack on a Turkish-owned building being used as an invader headquarters.


Stuttgart, December 15.

Wednesday, December 16

– Stadtbergen (Bayern). An arson attempt on a planned invader center only causes minor damage after the fire burns itself out.

– Altenburg (Thüringen). Two patriots are arrested for an arson attack earlier in December on an invader center.

– Güstrow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Two patriots—a sixteen-year-old woman and a nineteen year old man—are arrested after an invader camp comes under a barrage of stones and other objects.

– Dessau (Saxony-Anhalt). Two invaders are attacked by a group of men and are hospitalized with head wounds. Police announce they will increase their presence in the downtown area to protect the invaders from the local people.

Thursday, December 17

– Gräfenhainichen (Sachsen-Anhalt). €80,000 damage is inflicted on a former office building planned to be used as invader accommodation when “unknown persons” gain entrance and flood the building by turning on the taps of all the ablution facilities on the top floor and letting them run all night. The plan to install the invaders on December 23 is cancelled by local authorities as significant repairs have to be carried out. An access road is daubed with what police describe as “xenophobic slogans.”

Friday, December 18

– Zinnowitz, Usedom (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). A Molotov cocktail is thrown against the wall of a planned invader center in an annex of the Zinnowitzer sports school.

Saturday, December 19

– Lingen (Niedersachsen). A gymnasium of a local high school being used as an invader center is set on fire by what police describe as an “unknown person” who manages to escape.

– Gräfenhainichen (Sachsen-Anhalt). A church square is covered in stinking butyric acid in order to prevent a planned gathering of a meeting of an organization called “Cosmopolitan Gräfenhainichen.”

– Altenkirchen (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). A Molotov cocktail sets fire to the front of an invader center housing 28 invaders, causing €4,000 damage.

– Tutow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). €15,000 damage is inflicted in an arson attack on an invader accommodation which drives all the invaders onto the street.

In addition to these incidents, the Bild also listed a number of assaults (which could not be directly linked to patriots) and graffiti incidents, which, when included in the list, brought the total number of incidents to over twenty-four for the seven day period.

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    1. If all countries do this and keep doing it, they won’t want to come anymore. That should help our “leaders” figure out who the bad guys are if they’re the only ones coming. I think someone with good computer skills should start telling huge lies about the western countries since we get nothing but lied to. Start going to sites where lots of these people go and putting up horrific scary stories about thousands of refugees coming up missing and or being killed in all western countries. Propagandize them out since that’s how and why they’re here!

    2. America needs to do this with our Mexican Thug invasion. Mexican thug cartels are buying up ALL the condos in Vail, Colorado, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Silverthorne. They HATE the beautiful White locals. Deliberately cause accidents for insurance money, leer at White women, steal, and kill our young with Heroin. Native Coloradans need to do exactly what Germany is doing, and set a hot fire under these criminals asses!

  1. Trust in International Law and its implementation to solve a crisis is something that is of vital interest for world peace. The Root Arbitration Treaties say “nevertheless, that they do not affect the vital interests, the independence, or the honour of the two Contracting States, and do not concern the interests of third Parties. (Taken from the Root Arbitration Treaty Signed with France February 10 1908).
    The Universal declaration of Human Rights prohibits the raising a servitude over the Taxes of citizens of a State while the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development says that the poor must have access to credit, sets the condition that the International Financiers are there to guarantee the credit given to the international travellers. The contracting parties are the Financiers and the travellers and the third parties the Germans here must not get involved in any financial transactions not recognised by International Law or provided for in the services offered by Embassy’s. It would be preferable, instead of violence, legal action in the courts against any official violating International Law is instituted with the punishment of a fine that deprives them of all their possessions with the exception of their own means of subsistence. This taken from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 1.2

    1. noble idea, William. But by the time that would work its way through the court system, Europe would be over run with invaders.. the time for action is now..

  2. Those listed incidents are just ”rumblings” of the true feelings of the indigenous peoples of Europe ; nothing serious yet. Will the incidents need to escalate ?

  3. This is what the global elites wanted. Destabilize, depopulate and profit from the crisis. Allowing all these migrants to suck up all the money will definitely lead to unrest. The gov under the control of the global elites has performed an act of treason.

  4. Good work my German friends. Perhaps these spongers will get the message they are not welcome and they should stay in the camps provided in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

  5. The GERMAN PATRIOTS are working hard to defend their country and culture against the INVADERS and the TRAITORS. Well done you good & valiant GERMAN people.

  6. Damn! This makes me have hope seeing more of Western European men, if not their governments, taking matters into their own hands and fighting back. Eastern Europe is already deadset against having nonwhites there and uses force to prevent the invasion there, the Italians and Greeks and Mediterranean Europeans are pushing back too. Long live Europe!

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