Only 10% Invaders in Germany Identified

Only 10 percent of all the nonwhite invaders who have entered Germany have been identified and registered by the police—meaning that well over 1.3 million are completely unknown, official figures have revealed.

uncontrolled invasion of Germany

Figures released by the official Police Union (Gewerkschaft der Polizei, GdP), indicated that only a tiny number of the invaders entering Germany this year have even been fingerprinted.

Deputy GdP chairman Jörg Radek warned that this poses an extremely “high security risk” to both Germany and all of Europe, as once inside the Schengen borders, the nonwhites can go wherever they want.

In a strongly worded letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Radek warned that since the federal police have no idea who is entering Germany, the ability to gather even basic intelligence about potential terrorists has been completely undermined.

The government’s policy had, Radek wrote, resulted in a “complete disregard of security concerns,” and that the security situation cannot be “reconciled with the political decision to accept asylum seekers.”

Radek wrote that the border police are, “in hundreds of thousands cases,” unable to know who “enters the country, under what name and for what reason. This subverts the ability to enforce internal security.”

Radek also said that the police have been able to positively identify only “10 percent of the refugees.”

Earlier German government figures said that at least 1.5 million invaders had entered Germany already this year. Ten percent of that figure correlates to 150,000—which means that at least 1.3 million have been able to flood in without any control at all.

According to GdP estimates, only around 25 to 30 percent of invaders entering Germany from Austria are carrying passports or identifying documents.

Even this, Radek said, was no guarantee of anything because of the fact that tens of thousands of Syrian passports had fallen into criminal hands as a result of the Syrian “civil war.”

Therefore, he said, “even passport checks cannot rule out any risk.”

Finally, Radek said, the federal police are unable to enforce law and security on the Austrian border anymore.

This was confirmed by Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, who told the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag that there many border crossing points along the Bavarian–Austrian border which are now completely unmanned by the federal police.

Herrmann said that the Bavarian state government had requested of the central government that the Bavarian police take control of these crossing points, but that this request had been denied by the federal authorities.

The refusal is “purely a political decision,” Herrmann said, indicating the depth of distrust which is opening up in the coalition government. “There is indeed no doubt that the Federal Police have a problem with the Bavarian police. It is a purely political decision, in which Berlin is the aggressor,” he said.

According to Herrmann, the Bavarian government could intervene in the border crisis at any stage, but would now instead concentrate on what he called “drag net” operations behind the border—in many cases only a few feet away—to have some sort of control over who is entering the country.

“The security risk is enormous, given the nature of organized crime and the threat of international terrorism,” Herrmann went on to say, adding that any state which fails to comply with the obligation to border security should leave the Schengen area.

He went on to condemn Greece’s complete lack of control at the border as a “farce”—which it is is—but then conveniently ignored the fact that his own government was doing exactly the same thing, letting in untold hundreds of thousands of Third Worlders in a completely uncontrolled manner.

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  1. If only 10% can be identified, then no one will know when the others start disappearing.

    German Nationalists: are you paying attention?

  2. Send them all back home. We the people of Europe do not want these parasites invading our homes, trashing our countries and milking our welfare systems dry of cash. The invader kids, especially those who have landed in Kent, UK have now rendered the local authorities millions of pounds in debt. We cannot support them and do not want them in in Europe. The kids should be shipped back, they arrived alone and should be sent back the same way.

    1. “Send them all back home” – how do you send well over a million of young, fit and determined males back to their own countries especially that it’s so little known where they’re from?

      1. If one does not know where migrants come from just drop them off on a North African coast
        in the middle of the night. Eventually they will run out of money and not return.

        1. I hear’ya Herman, but as it stands now Brits and Germans pick them right from the shorelines of Libya and transport them straight to Italy – nice, isn’t it? Trafficers paradise 🙂

    2. UK youngsters in care have to make their own way in life at 16 – 18 due to `financial constraints`.
      Yet we can afford to support influxes of sponging foreign chancers aka “unaccompanied`minors” until they`re 25 ?
      Send the bloody lot en masse to Germany. Shmirkel sent for them. Let her deal with the bastards over there..

  3. Only 10% of these freeloaders have been fingerprinted? Perhaps the rest of them are those who have self-mutilated fingerprints?

    Now seriously – the mess that idiot “Mother Angela of Berlin” has created pretty soon is going to affect the whole continent due to the completely insane Schengen concept and I can’t comprehend why leaders with some “muscle” like Cameron are still silent about it. This is the case she should be tried by some European justice court!

    1. Kol, no offence my friend, but you must be deluded if you think Cameron has any “muscle” at all. The other EU leaders ignore him, and probably mock him behind his back, as do we UK citizens. I forget the details, but a few years ago Cameron said he would use his power of veto to prevent some EU financial arrangement being agreed among the other member states. He claimed to have used his veto, but what happened was the other states went ahead with the agreement anyway, just left Britain out. He’s just ignored.
      Also, we aren’t part of the Schengen Zone in Britain, so he’ll have even less influence than on other matters.
      Trouble is though, as soon as these savages get EU passports, they’ll be able to walk straight into the UK, unless of course we’ve voted for BREXIT before then.
      Cameron is always claiming to have made “progress”, even when other leaders completely contradict him. The man is a buffoon, just like his Eton chums 🙂

      1. Stu, out of many European leader Cameron is the man whose voice of criticism could actually make a huge difference. You don’t expect Hollande to criticize Mutti Merkel’s insane policy, right? The current Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, is not exactly Berlusconi if you know what I mean. I think the leaders of Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland (so called Visegrad Group) have said and done already enough to clarify where they stand. Other countries are either too small (eg. Baltic states, Croatia) to count or they have their own agenda (like eg. Scandinavian states). Absolutely nobody is interesting what Greece has to say about it neither. Therefore, I still say that Cameron could’ve been that voice!

        BTW. Stu, if you think that the UK is safe because it’s not part of this insane Schengen fiasco than think again. Several years ago, due to some strange political circimstances, there was a lot of Chechen “refugees” in Poland. The minute they got some sort of document just remotely resembling an ID, almost all of them suddenly disappeared and they didn’t return to Chechnya of course :).
        Believe me, you don’t have to have an EU passport to legally enter the UK and claim welfare benefits!

        1. Don’t get me wrong Kol, I don’t think the UK is “safe” because we’re not part of the Schengen Zone, but had we been, Cameron would have just accepted Merkel’s ‘commandment’ to take our share of the invaders. As it is Cameron has said we’ll take 20,000 over 5 years, and only directly from refugee camps, not those flooding in over Europe.
          I still disagree about Cameron’s influence, I don’t believe he has any (or very much) among the EU leaders (your Polish PM made it clear she wouldn’t accept his welfare conditions, and he still tells the UK media that he’s “made good progress” …the man is deluded). Also he’s as much of a Europhile as Merkel and Hollande, and the referendum we’ve been promised was only promised because he was terrified by the rise of UKIP. Sadly the sheeple didn’t have the guts to vote for true change on polling day, and we’re stuck with the same old self serving liars and traitors.
          I think the leaders you mention in Eastern Europe can do more, more to convince others that their defiance is the only way to deal with this disaster, and encourage other people to rise up against their so-called leaders and Merkel & Co. I’d also say that it will only really be brought home to them when the German people really begin to fight back, not just the burning of invader centres every other night, but mass civil unrest which brings Merkel’s government to its knees and forces political change. I’ve said it since the beginning of this mess, war is inevitable and will prove to be the only resolution in the end, because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

          1. Stu, it looks like we have to agree to disagree regarding Cameron’s influence on political landscape of Europe 🙂

            I’m glad that you recognized that he had decided to accept only real refugees
            directly from refugee camps just like the USA and Canada did – unquestionably very
            experienced players in the game. I’d say that’s a very wise approach.
            BTW. Althou I’m Polish I can’t quite comprehand why so many Polish people in the UK
            insist on receiving child benefits when their siblings don’t even live with them
            but stayed behind in Poland and often are under their grandparents care – that’s IMHO
            bordering with a social service abuse and I fully agree with Cameron’s position on this issue!

  4. No problem with the missing 90%. They will show up some where eventually. Just collect the heads and fingers after a suicide attack. Eventually they will get fingerprinted and identified.

    1. Sadly this will have more than an element of truth to it Herman 🙁
      I think they ought to have ‘test suicide bombings’, just as we used to test atomic weapons. The Muslims should go far away out into some desert and test their devices to see that they’re working. The more ‘tests’ the better as far as I’m concerned 🙂

  5. Unfortunately, this “touched in the head” Merkel confused “leadership” with “dictatorship” and that’s
    in a nutshell the core of the current crisis in Europe. She bit much more than she could chew and now she will try to “share” these parasites with the whole Europe – just watch her!

    Not surprisingly to me most Germans still blindly follow her crockshit rethoric about “humanitarism” until it’s too late and the history is going to repeat itself.

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