Germany: “Only 2% of Invaders Will Work”

Only two percent—or one in fifty—nonwhite invaders who have entered Germany over the past few months stands any hope of getting work, and this will seriously aggravate the unemployment problem there, according to one of Germany’s leading economic think tanks.


The Kiel-based Institute for World Economy (IfW) said in a forecast that the stream of “refugees” will cause the German labor market to be burdened with hundreds of thousands of unemployed—who will all have to remain welfare recipients for the foreseeable future.

The forecast also predicted that there would be at least another one million refugees each year in 2016 and 2017, in addition to those who have already come.

According to an economist at the IfW, Dominik Groll, the influx of “refugees” will increase the available pool on the labor market by 2017 to over 470,000.

“But many will have no chance on the job market,” he said. “An employment rate of two percent is consistent with the previous experience in Germany of immigrant integration programs, particularly from asylum seekers,” he said.

“This means that out of more than two million refugees, only about 94,000 will actually find paid work,” he continued.

The invaders’ low employment prospects were confirmed by Professor Ludger Wößmann, director of the Ifo Center for the Economics of Education in Munich.

In an interview with Die Zeit newspaper, he said that his research had shown that most of the invaders have a “miserable” education, and that at least two-thirds of them cannot even read or write.

Describing them as “functionally illiterate,” Professor Wößmann said that “two-thirds of students in Syria have very limited reading and writing ability.

“They can only solve the simplest of arithmetic problems. This means that these students, even if they have learned German, will barely be able to follow a school curriculum.”

Another IfW estimate of the costs of the nonwhite invasion to the German taxpayer has said that the basic expenses involved will be around 55 billion euros ($60 billion) a year.

That forecast was however made on the assumption that 30 percent of the invaders would return to their homeland, and only another 20 percent would have trouble finding a job.

The true cost of the nonwhite invasion of Germany is therefore likely to be several times higher than the IfW prediction—and will ultimately break the power of the German economy.

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  1. The majority of these invaders are totally illiterate. What the hell did Merkel expect, rocket scientists and brain surgeons? Morons!

    1. Just illiterate but willing to work is one thing but they appear simply like criminals – incidents with police at many borders, in transit and their behaviour already in Germany show that cristal clear!

      There are also many ISIS fighters and those who disappeared without a trace and nobody knows where they are and what they are up to … German police are going to be very busy for many years.

  2. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, claims that only 1 in 132 of the migrants are real refugees – that’s only 0.8%
    The rest are simply spookes, criminals and scumbags. Germany needs a serious army to keep them out and they won’t leave without some serious “incidents” – Merkel is either so grossly incompetent or simply crazy!

      1. I don’t believe in those “theories” of some powerful forces, etc. That stubborn bitch rather sink the ship then admits she messed up royally!

  3. Billions of Euros wasted, billions more Euros to be wasted. Germany is now verbally at war with the rest of Europe because they don’t wish a share of German stupidity. And to top it off the one fool who is responsible does not want to admit she made a big mistake. The European Economic Community is a big failure because it exposed the despotic nature of a German dominated Europe. Best thing for countries like Britain, Denmark, Norway is to form your own Alternative EEC excluding the German government and their dictators such as Merkel. It’s quite obvious that Merkel has mental problems and Germany does not know how to deal with this catastrophe so “more of the same”.

    1. “Germany is now verbally at war with the rest of Europe because they don’t wish a share of German stupidity.” – that’s one of the most observant comment I heard in a long time. My congrats, Buddy!

      1. Unfortunately, most of the big, powerful western European governments – excluding Britain, which refuses to have anything to do with it – are in full agreement with Germany.

        Even most eastern European nations, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania,Croatia, Serbia etc etc are in full agreement with Germany and will accept their ‘fair share’ of blacks – despite what the people think or want, but because the leaders of those nations are dirty, filthy whores who were bought by German gold.

        Only Hungary and Slovakia really showed any intelligence, morality and backbone.

          1. The previous Polish government agreed with Merkel.

            Absolutely sickening and disgusting – when you consider 20th century history.

            I repeat, these politicians are WHORES, filthy disgusting, immoral whores who will do any type of filthy degradation so long as money is involved.

          2. Just Me – muy correcto, seńor! There won’t be any freeloaders coming to Poland … that’s for bloody sure!

          3. Jonathan Portes, I don’t know your nationality but you presented very impressive knowledge and understanding of the centuries long love-and-hate relationship between us and Krauts!

            Just recent vicious attacks on Polish govt. by this idiot Schulz tells me that we are on the right track. I’d say screw Schengen but keep Krauts out of our affairs!
            When you wait that long for freedom (Soviet bloc) it’s just natural you do surrender to Angela “touch in the head” Merkel. And what surprise me that she can’t comprehend that despite the fact she grew up in Eastern Germany 🙂

        1. Jonathan that is a list of countries that are small and therefore subservient to German
          demands. Serbia needs to reexamine why they wish to join EU as they would be treated
          the same as Greece. Their manufacturing base would be destroyed by German politics.

          1. It’s a price worth paying if it keeps the blacks out.

            Look at the sacrifice the Russian people bore in WW2, millions starved and frozen to death in Leningrad alone, in order to defend their motherland.

            The irony is that the importation and imposition of blacks into a white nation is an infinitely higher price to pay than occupation by national socialist Germans.

          2. And what happend after Leningrad? Great example I must say!
            We don’t want to have another Rothrham, Molenbeek, Malmo or Husby (Stockholm) … and we are prepared to lose – that’s why the current government in Poland won in such impressive … it was landslide victory!

      2. I agree that the comment is great but unfortunately German stupidity is going to affect us whether we want it or not. Those unemployable migrants are no doubt going to look for the best benefits available, so before long they will be our problem.

  4. It’s like watching the assisted suicide of an entire continent and cultures, and the ‘assistance’ is all coming from Frau Merkel.

  5. But, but, ‘The Economist’, The Guardian, the WSJ, the NYT, the BBC, Sky News, Time magazine etc etc etc – in fact, almost the entirety of the western press, have been lecturing me nonstop for the past year that these ‘migrants’ will be the economic ‘saviours’ of Europe, filling desperately needed jobs that ageing and dying Europeans cannot fill – and, I am assured by ‘good authority’, their presence will ensure that tax revenues, and thus pension payments, are buoyant.

      1. “…and will ultimately break the power of the German economy.”

        Most likely that is the Prime Directive of the Globalists that are driving and encouraging this refugee influx.

  6. I left Africa (my forefathers are Dutch) as the country was managed into chaos and some of my family have been murdered just because they were wthite. The same is coming to Europe. They hang around, no integrity (mostly), breed and become criminals or a nuisance (like harassing and intimidating good law abiding citizens or their children that keep the economy going). I see it happening around me already.

    1. You see that sort of behaviour amongst blacks in most American cities with almost a textbook example of metropolitan Detroit. Black mayors, black population – nobody to blame! Collapse of that once very vibrant city started with th 12th Street Riot.
      When I talk to any leftist loonie about emigration of blacks to Europe I always ask why in their opinion they don’t go to SA or Zimbabwe 🙂

  7. The immigrants are WMD fired at her own country by Frau Merkel. Her next move is to do the same to the rest of Europe. Evil does not begin to describe this she-Devil.

    1. In fact, I learnt though a documentary on BBC 24 News (would you believe!) earlier this week, that the German Government will shortly debate a Motion to reduce the Minimum Wage set in Germany to accommodate the shortage of skills of the “immigrants” and make them “more attractive” to German employers. A German interviewee in the programme went on to speculate that this would have a profound effect upon the level of wages paid to the German employees on the Minimum Wage…………..

  8. They don’t want work, that’s plain to see. They only are out to destroy our great countries which we built up over centuries. They are out to fleece us of our culture, values, heritage, and wealth. Merkel is a bitch to do this to the German people. I hope she gets taken out of power and done for treason.

  9. In a very rare example of sanity coming from Brussels Donald Tusk said: “some” European leaders said that this wave of migrants is too big to stop. I’m absolutely sure that we have to say that this wave of migrants is too big not to stop them!

      1. I know, but as a chief of European Council he can’t do much himself – that’s just another phoney position in Brussels without any real powers 🙂

  10. The initiative for the Merkel inspired Third World invasion of Germany came from, amongst others, another economic think tank called the World Economy Institute in Hamburg (HWWI). An article in the Telegraph titled ‘Germany dominance over as demographic crunch worsens’ gave a resume of a study by the HWWI in which Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote ‘Germany’s birth rate has collapsed to the lowest level in the world and its workforce will start plunging at a faster rate than Japan’s by the early 2020s, seriously threatening the long-term viability of Europe’s leading economy.’ In essence what the HWWI and other pro business lobyists are advocating for Germany is ‘replacement migration’ which is constant net immigration to offset the aging of the population. In 2000 the United Nations Population Division published a paper titled ‘ Replacement migration: is it a solution to declining and aging population?’ in which they published a chart showing estimated levels of net immigration required to achieve five possible demographic targets for a number of countries with sub replacement birth rates. Germany, for instance, would require net immigration of 17,187 per year to achieve a stable population and 181,508 per year to achieve a constant ratio of15-64 to 65 years or older (also known as the old age dependency ratio). In my opinion the German invitation to fake refugees last year was motivated by a misguided desire to correct these demographic trends, but what has happened is a chaotic and unplanned surge in economic migrants from the Third World whose numbers are far higher than would be required by the German labour market and whose education, IQ and skills do not match the needs of German employers. In fact far from contributing to public finances by expanding the tax base the invaders are going to be a burden on tax payers for many years to come. Madness indeed, yet they still vote for this women.

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