Only 38% of Invaders “from Syria”

Only 38 percent of all the nonwhite invaders who poured into Germany at Angela Merkel’s invitation in 2015 claimed to be from Syria—with most of the rest coming from Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, and Pakistan, official final figures have revealed.


The statistics, released by German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, said that nearly 1.1 million invaders had been registered in Germany, and of that number, only 428,500 claimed to be from Syria.

Of course, the vast numbers of forged and fake Syrian passports and documentation in circulation amongst the bogus refugees makes even this official figure untrustworthy.

In addition, the German police have repeatedly warned that the swamping of Germany’s borders by the nonwhite hordes has made it impossible to register all the invaders—with some officials saying that less than 10 percent had been registered.

An indication that the figures do not tally was the fact that according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), there were “only” some 476,649 formal requests for asylum lodged in 2015—less than half the number of registered “refugees.”

Of this number, some 162,510 claimed to be “Syrians”—only 34 percent of all “asylum” applications.

De Maizière made no effort to explain the discrepancy between the number of “refugees” and the number of “asylum” applications—most likely because many of the invaders were simply absconding once safely inside the Schengen zone, or had no interest in even applying, confident that they could now just stay, because their large numbers mean that the authorities cannot deport them without serious violence.

De Maizière also confirmed that in the last month of 2015, there had been a huge increase in “asylum seekers” entering Germany from Morocco and Algeria—but all coming through the Turkey-Balkans route.

The Bild newspaper reported that the reason why Moroccans and Algerians are using the Turkey-Balkans route is because there are cheap flights from both those countries to Turkey. In addition, Turkey allows nationals from those countries visa-free entry—and so from there it is an easy trip to Greece, from where the European Union will automatically transport them to Germany.

The invasion has continued without interruption into the new year, other German media reports revealed. According to the Focus news service, more than 33,000 nonwhite invaders arrived in Bavaria from December 25, 2015 to January 6, 2016—a total of 3,000 per day.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said that the “numbers were far too high,” and that, extrapolated out, would mean that Germany would again face an influx of more than a million invaders in 2016 (excluding the millions more to be added through family reunification programs).

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  1. All of north Africa is coming. Hold on to your seats. A tsunami of violent retrograde misogynistic breeders belonging to an evil cult.

  2. If there was indeed some economic aspect behind Merkel”s “plan” than they really blew it. Out of all of these faces I can’t see too many people from India (some went to Norway thru Russia). Anyone who had anything to do with Indians, Sikhs and Pakistanis is definetely clear on the issue of religion influence on societes. These three nations, Indians, Sikhs and Pakistanis, althou alomost indistinguishible for any untraind eye are drastically differenet from each other mainly due to religion influence.

    Islam should be banned in Europe ASAP and there are quite a few law provisions in any European to do so!

      1. Tell me something I don’t know 🙂

        However, some religions do more harm than others – for instance islam!
        Have you ever heard about anybody insulted by Korean Presbyterian Church?

    1. Quote @ Kol: “Out of all of these faces”. When I first looked at your post I thought you`d said “faeces” !!!
      Thinking about it……I think I was right!

    2. I think it’s largely genetic. Muslims, like Jews, have ‘holy’ books which advocate violence, secret lies, rape, and so on. After a few centuries, it is to be expected that the survivors, and the ones most boosted, would take on the traits in their ‘holy’ books. NB it’s also possible Muslims are from the low and untouchable castes in India, who would have the most motive for switching: this may have something to do with low IQ.

      1. Are you serious throwing Muslims and Jews into the same category? How many scientists, musicians or literature writers Muslim produced … not to mention Nobel Prize winners? If not oil in the sands od desert nobody in the whole world would pay any attention whatsoever what these uneducated camel riders had to say – get real, will’ya?

        Check how Israel deals with the scum they get from Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria in their detention centres like eg. Saharonim prison. They also constructed over 300 km long border fence with Egipt to prevent illegal immigration and it works.
        I would be most likely one the last people you could find any pro-Jewish sentiment (I’m dead seriuos here!) but they have my respect for how they handled the illegal immigration problem. On the other hand you have British and German navy picking up thousands of African freeloaders almost from the beaches of Libya and bringing them to the coast od Bella Italia. Last time I was in Rome I couldn’t believe my eyes what that once classy city turned into – sad but true!

  3. I saw a video interview of Angela Merkel with regards to the migrants and found her to be delirious and thinking she was God. This woman needs to be removed from office and receive medical treatment.

    1. She got that bossy attitude during these never ending negotiations with Greeks last year. Since then this arroagant bitch believes she can’t do wrong!

  4. So pleased to see that everything about this operation is going smoothly,seamlessly and not a hitch anywhere!
    Presumably every overjoyed EU citizen will be looking forward to this bright new future.
    Merkel must be overjoyed !

    1. I read somewhere Merkel bought a ranch in Paraguay. I guess she is not be hanging around
      Germany to experience the chaos she is creating.

  5. Where can I buy my burka, or at the very least a headscarf, and where can I line up for female genital mutilation

  6. I would say percentage of Syrians even a bit less, maybe 28% –many of those faking Syrian nationality to make it easier for themselves. If your home in Syria was demolished due to war, and your family was in a refugee camp, you wouldn’t abandon them just to come to Europe. These are jihadi men or men with no jobs (that’s why so few women, kids, old people.)

  7. Miloš Zeman, the President of Czech Republic, has been asking for months now why all these strong, fit and healthy young guys of military age are not defending Syria but instead they are flooding Germany to become social program receipients. Additionally the taxpayers of many Western European countries are paying thru their noses for the military effort to fight ISIS – this is by far the most bizarre story of the XXI century so far!

  8. Of this 38%, how many are genuinely fleeing war.?
    How many are in fact Islamic State terrorists.?

    More importantly, I don’t really care, I just want 100% of them rounded up and removed, by whatever means necessary.!

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