Only 48% of “Refugees” Syrian

Only 48 percent of all registered “refugees” in Germany are officially “Syrians,” the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) has admitted in a top secret report leaked to the Bild newspaper.


The report, “Crime in the context of immigration” was meant to be classified for police and civil servants’ eyes only. It stated that “Syrians” are officially listed as making 48 percent of “asylum seekers”—and are responsible for 24 percent of invader crime.

In total, the report said, nonwhite invaders committed some 208,344 crimes in Germany last year. Nearly one in five of these offences were violent crimes, such as assaults, robberies, or ‘threatening behavior.’

Assaults, robberies, and what Germany classes as ‘predatory extortion’ and ‘offences against personal freedom,’ including threatening behavior, doubled over 2014 with 36,010 cases, accounting for 18 percent of the crime total.

The report goes on to state that there were 240 attempted murders by the invaders, and in two-thirds of all cases, perpetrators and victims were of the same nationality. One German was murdered, and 27 invaders were killed by other invaders.

“Proportionately more offenders were found among immigrants from the Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Serbia), Eritrea, and Nigeria,” the Bild reported.

In addition, the report revealed that that there were 266 instances of individuals suspected of being “fighters and members of terrorist organizations abroad.” The report called the infiltration of militants into the country ‘a growing trend.’

In Bavaria, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said there had been 17,246 “police actions” in invader centers in his state during 2015. “The police,” he said, “are absolutely at their limits in keeping the situation under control. They are also increasingly the target of aggression, and this is particularly the case for women police officers.”

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  1. Next year there will be possibly double the number of immigrants and criminal acts and that will halve the resources per immigrant for police harassment of the criminals.

      1. The only Human Rights Legislation protecting them is Article 62 of the European Convention on Human Rights. “The High Contracting Parties agree that, except by special agreement, they will not avail themselves of Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, (Covenants and Statutes of the United Nations) in force between them for the purpose of submitting, by way of petition, a dispute arising out of the interpretation or application of this convention to a means of settlement other than those provided for in this convention.
        The criminals in the EU call it a “friendly settlement solution.”

  2. I cannot voice any opinion about Germany, but in Sweden those who claim to be Syrians are even less than 48 %. Furthermore, far from all necomers are registered as asylum-seekers.

  3. We should all be informed on an updated truthful daily basis about the harsh reality of the “refugee” situation.
    These are our countries yet what`s happening is apparently none of our business.
    Exactly who is that stands to gain, that like mushrooms we`re kept in the dark
    This constant gagging of the media is totally unacceptable.

  4. I simply cannot understand why these people are not kicked out rather than just chucking them into prison.We Europeans have standards much higher than these invaders,most of whom have no right to be here anyway.
    There needs to be more action similar to what Austria does.!!!!
    Dont faff around,just chuck an offender out with immidiate effect-let them know their behavior IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

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