Open Bias: Jewish-Lobby Controlled West Silent on Israeli Gaza Massacres

In another indication of the power the international Jewish lobby has over almost all Western governments and mass media, the ongoing mass slaughter of Palestinians by Israel—in which at least 31 have been mown down and over 1,400 injured since March 30—has either been ignored or endorsed by those institutions.

Pro-Israel media sources have claimed that Palestinians have “rioted” at the border, but as these photographs above and below show, the burning tires used in the propaganda photos have only been set on fire to obscure the view of Israeli army snipers.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have marched to the border between Gaza and Israel, in what has been called the “Great March of Return”—a planned weeks-long sit-in whose main message is to call for the right of return for Palestinians forcibly expelled from their homes by Jews in the 1948 war, known to Arabs as the Nakba.

Around 70 percent of Gaza’s two million population were forced from their homes and now live in a territory of 138 square miles, which is known as the “world’s largest open-air prison.”

In response to the protests, the Israeli army has used live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets, “dum-dum” exploding bullets and tear gas.

On March 31, a day after the first protest took place, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Israel’s troops for “guarding the country’s borders.”

“Well done to our soldiers,” he wrote in a statement.

The Israeli soldiers have been filmed repeatedly gunning down unarmed women and children, well inside the Gaza territory—but none of these atrocities have been broadcast by any of the major controlled media outlets.


In addition, at least two journalists, both wearing visible press jackets, have been gunned down by Israeli snipers, one being fatally injured.

Apart from the Jewish lobby-controlled media blackout and censorship of the Israeli massacres, the equally controlled western governments have issued either muted statements on the issue, or, in the case of the US government, actually endorsed the Jewish army’s actions.

For example, an official statement released by Alistair Burt, the UK’s “Minister for the Middle East,” glossed over the Israeli massacres and went on to blame the Palestinians in general and claimed that Hamas was actually behind the deaths.

Burt’s statement said that he was “appalled by the deaths and injuries on the Israel/Gaza border” but that there was an “an urgent need to establish the facts, including why such a volume of live fire was used and what role Hamas played in the violence”—as if any such “facts” were still in dispute.

Burt went on to say that “all sides” must be committed to “peaceful protest, restraint and international law”—and that a “political process to deliver a two-state solution; urgent action to improve the economic and humanitarian situation in Gaza, including easing of restrictions by Israel and Egypt; and Palestinian reconciliation based on full adherence to the Quartet principles by Hamas” was necessary to solve the “problem.”

However, even Burt’s crawling before the Jewish lobby paled into insignificance when compared to the statement issued by the Trump administration in Washington D.C.

In an official statement issued by the US State Department, the Jewish (!) “Assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiations,” Jason D. Greenblatt, in an astonishing display of open bias, merely blamed the Palestinians for the death and warned them to stay away from the border.

The muted and openly biased media coverage and Western governments’ responses to Israel’s latest documented and undisputed murderous activities is in dramatic contrast to ongoing condemnation of Syria, Iran, Russia, and white people in general, based on a never-ending stream of lies and distortions such as “chemical weapons,” fake atom bombs, and the evergreen charge of “racism.”

The bias is obvious and clear: Jews and Israel are above criticism, even when they actively murder their peacefully demonstrating opponents, but anybody who opposes the Jewish agenda for gentiles—be it the destruction of the Middle East, mass immigration, pro-homosexuality or any other of the numbers policies the Jewish lobby promotes in the West—then they are the subject of never-ending attacks and smears by the very same media and Western governments.

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