“Open or Die”: Nonwhites Threaten Europe

Thousands of nonwhite invaders blocked from going north into Europe because they have no chance of getting “asylum,” violently attacked the Macedonian border on Thursday, November 26, while others have openly threatened Europe with death if the border was not opened for them.

The violence started after a banner was unfurled for the press and border guards to read which contained the words “open or die.”

Then, in what promises to be the next dramatic evidence of the violent and Third World nature of the Angela Merkel-inspired invasion of Europe, the invaders tore down the barbed wire fence border post between Greece and Macedonia at Idomeni.

Hundreds of nonwhites then tried to storm through the hole in the fence, hurling rocks and trash at the Macedonian police. The Macedonians stood their ground and physically resisted the attack, lining up shoulder to shoulder to force the Third World hordes back across the border.

The nonwhites—from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and various nations in Africa, have been blocked from entering Macedonia since earlier in the week after four Balkan countries, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia, announced that they will not allow “economic migrants” to pass—meaning that they will only allow those who can “prove” that they have come from “war” countries to proceed.

This move has effectively cut off the overland route to Austria for untold thousands of these utterly bogus refugees—or, at least, for those who have been unable to steal or buy fake Syrian papers.

The only other land route is through Bulgaria, but that nation is openly and aggressively anti-invasion, and its security forces do not hesitate to shoot down invaders trying to cross the border. As a result, the nonwhites avoid that country completely.

All of this means that thousands of invaders have now congregated on the Greek side of the border, unable to continue their march into Austria and Germany.

Meanwhile, the march into Austria and Germany of those already behind the Balkan line has continued unabated.

According to a report in the Focus news service, the German authorities have already formally registered 950,827 “asylum seekers” this year, but at least 300,000 have not yet submitted applications for asylum—largely because the government agency whose task it is handle the influx, the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, or BAMF), is unable to process them.

In addition, the BAMF still has 328,000 what it calls “unresolved asylum applications” to work through—something which will take months, if not years.

These figures do not, the BAMF admitted, even begin to include those invaders who are unregistered and whose numbers are completely unknown, even to the authorities.

* The number of “unaccompanied minors” now being taken care of by the German welfare has reached 40,000 as of the end of October.

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  1. Pat Scott, you are right I thought all along that they would sacrifice one child for the headlines , not even a second thought.

  2. It would help if Frontex would return the people off the Libyan coast to Libya, not bring them all the way across to Italy.

  3. Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran deliberately refuse to allow "refugees" into their nations …why should Europeans be their "fools"?

  4. I not even live in Germany anymore, but I hate that bitch . It is unbelievable what she done to our beautiful Europa!!

  5. This is their declaration of war. Gloves off European friends, the time has arrived, let the games begin. These primitives and their enablers have started something that WE will finish. Butcher every last invader.

  6. Our brothers Europeans from the balkans took up the shield and so should we! Even if they secure the borders, there still remains Gibraltar which to date holds massive migratory routes by boat.

  7. well. the jig's up. all thanks to america/jew to be the worst catastrophe of this entire criminal american debacle

  8. It is simple really. In order to destabilise the white race you set up a Hegelian dialectic.
    That is:
    White identity is the problem(White guilt).
    Violent third world people are the anti problem.
    Compromise (until you are extinct) is the solution.

    A hard line is required to protect your identity and race. It is your country and collectively Europe is at stake.

    The white man's burden to bring progress to the world is no more.

    Stop worrying about the third world kid who is hungry because of over population.

    Focus inward, the third world will be YOU if you don't push back the hordes.

    This is a fact!.

  9. Get rid of the SOCIALISTS and the majority of the problems in Europe will disappear too.

    We all know that the fittest will survive, not the weak socialists.

  10. Of course it is a dictaroship Herman. l read many comments in various online newspapers and a massive vast majority of European people do not want this multicultural rubbish forced upon them. lt is NOT because we are rac ist – it is because people fear for their countries, their lives and the lives of their children. We are afraid and we are angry at what is being FORCED upon us by this satanic agenda. Most governments seem to be just sitting back and continuously 'talking' and making little or no effort to protect the millions and millions of people in Europe.
    We were promised an in/out referendum if we re-elected the tories and then got told we'd have to wait for almost 3 years.
    Such manipulative lies we are told – constantly.
    Our lives…our whole world is being stolen by the few in charge. l just sincerely hope that there are strong massive resistance groups forming in every European country as l type and l hope they are communicating with each other and getting organised and strong.

    All those millions of people that fought and died in 2 world wars protecting us from this situation and we are to just accept the propaganda and lies of MSM ??
    l don't think so !!

  11. Dave, try to read "Protocols of the elders of Zion", or "Silent weapons for quiet war", this is no single part of the world issue, or single race issue. Those who pull the strings use divide and rule strategy, a very potent one if I may say.

  12. Well aint this great hehehe when we complained here in South Africa we were and are called racist and you all had lots to say on the media condeming us. Now its your turn I hope you all are having lots of fun with your new friends ENJOY

  13. How can two Munchkins like Merkel and Juncker dictate their wishes to a whole continent ? Censorship of national news. Sounds like a dictatorship.

  14. Łączcie się europejczycy, bo syf będzie na zachodzie. My Polacy jakoś sobie poradzimy, jak zawsze, tylko niech wasze rządy nie wpierdalają się i nie grożą nam. Chcemy żyć w pokoju, biedniej, ale bezpiecznie.Wychodźcie na ulice tak jak my, protestujcie. U nas dawno już weszlibyśmy i wywieźli Merkel na taczce:)

  15. Any comment on the conspiracy between National Broadcasters to hush up the ugly scenes in Europe? (The BBC are past masters at at it)

  16. So if we don't let them in, they threaten violence, BUT if we DO let them in, all they bring is violence and destruction. Oh, and our people have been paying for these worthless nonwhite invaders. At this point, I'm past having any patience of being "nice" with them or 'reasoning' with the mud races. I'm glad that our race is starting to push back and assert ourselves in Europe. Now if only we Europeans living outside of Europe (America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, parts of Latin America) would be just or more as assertive and aggressive to defend our racial interests, we'd turn this boat around in no time.

  17. 40,000 children abandoned through sheer pique because the parents don't want to pay for their medications? Makes the "children overboard" incident come more into focus.

  18. What a joke, Refugees, more like parasites, who do not know the meaning of work, just want a free ticket and our idiot Cameron, just turns a blind eye because Merkel says jump. They will never work because they have never had any real education, they only know aggression. Roll on the Referendum, I wish it was tomorrow

  19. There is a problem with natural plagues of locusts and it is that when the available grass and leaves have been eaten they must move on to a fresh area and when that is not possible the plague meets its Malthusian nemesis.

  20. I bet they think they are special "guests" of Mutti Merkel and that's esentially the problem from the get-go.
    Many of those "guests" arrived already in Germany and Mutti says: we have to solve this problem together.
    Anyway, looks like the problem of so called "relocation of refugees" from Italy and Greece which she tried together with her friends Juncker and Schulz impose on the rest of Europe is falling apart.

  21. The only way to stop these fake asylum seekers is ….. Show them that they cannot just walk into another country and demand welfare. Alternatively send them back to their own countries and see how long they survive with behavior such as this.

  22. These 'refugees' are not only bringing themselves in, but also their philosophy, creed, even their own form of judicial law. If they aren't stopped now, countries will forever lose their national identity.

  23. Good thing Bulgaria did. hopefully many more European countries do the same.
    These so called "refugees" a.k.a invaders have only come in Europe to start a race war.

  24. Stu, all it's needed here for the time being is to stand firm on guard like Bulgarians and Macedonians. Unfortunately, until those useless twits from Brussels don't implement (maybe never?) an Ozzie style of patrolling of the Mediterranean Sea, that's all can be done. Greece alone won't be able to protect its borders, that's for sure. There are literally millions of freeloader in Africa most likely panning to take a trip North. And I don't mean only North Africa. I definetely agree that the stakes are very high – if nothing is done, as Orban said before, Europe will sink!

  25. The message is clear………these are terrorist thugs. NON WHITES, NO WIVES OR CHILDREN, it is clear they are here to carry out their terroristic mission.

  26. Sooner or later it's bound to happen, I'm afraid. Anyone can see that these people, like those before in confrontation with Hungarian police in Roeszke, have nothing to do with refugees. The real Syrian refugees stay in camps in Turkey waiting for UNHCR registration to be accepted eg. by Canada.
    That ugly stupid and stubborn German bitch will have blood on her hands! Just a matter of time.

  27. Hear hear!
    Now we are being blatantly threatened, it is time to open fire in self defence.
    Europe needs to unite now, not in the 'EU' sense, but in the cultural sense. We've had our differences for centuries, but unlike these 'people' we share a common culture, and now that is in jeopardy because of the left-wing liberals.
    Time to unite, defeat and deport, otherwise it's all gone!

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