Orban: Invasion a “Deliberate Leftist Plan”

The far left in Europe is deliberately importing nonwhites so as to boost their voting numbers, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.


In an interview with the Czech newspaper Lidove noviny, reprinted by the Budapest newspaper Magyar Idök, Orban said that after being naturalized as citizens, the invaders will be for the greatest part, “left-wing voters.”

“We live in a conspiracy where secret and behind closed doors decisions are being made to import leftist voters,” he explained.

“Europe has forgotten who she is, what she is, and what the really important things are,” he continued.

“Europe needs to regain her self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-identity, and we need to be strong again.”

He went on to criticize the direction in which the European Union was heading, calling it a “crazy and dangerous idea,” to contemplate a “United States of Europe” which did not have individual nations.

“But,” he said, “based on the peoples’ reaction to the migration crisis, it seems that Europeans will be able to protect themselves and the continent against this idea.”

In this regard, he reiterated his opposition to the idea of the EU allocating “quotas of refugees” to individual member states.

“You cannot dictate from the outside to a national community about who they must live with,” he said.

“You cannot just regard newcomers as additional manpower. You must take into account their cultural identity, coexistence problems, and the fact that these newcomers are not Europeans,” he said.

“Today in European countries with populations containing a high percentage from those who have come in from the outside, parallel cultures have been formed.

“In Central Europe, it is one of our biggest advantages that there are no such parallel societies. This will be our region’s competitive advantage in the future.”

His interview was reported in the Düsseldorf-based Rheinische Post newspaper, where it was presented as an attack upon Angela Merkel.

Even though he had not specifically mentioned the German chancellor in his interview, the Rheinische Post claimed that he had said that Merkel was “controlled by the far left” with regard to her immigration policy.

The Rheinische Post had obviously hoped that this deliberate distortion might incite anger against Orban from its readers, but the opposite appears to have been the case.

At the end of the interview excerpt, the Rheinische Post announced that it “temporarily” could not accept any comments on the article because the nature of the readers’ reactions was such that a “constructive discussion is hardly possible.”

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  1. I agree 100% with every single thing this man had done and said in the past and what he’s standing for today. Politicians like him are the biggest “threat” to total domination and dictatorship of Berlin and its puppets in Brussels. He’s been an excellent example of “talk-to-talk & walk-to-walk” individual in a very sleazy world of politics!

  2. More, more please Mr Orban.
    Someone with sense – and b*lls – stands up and tells it as it is.
    I could listen to this guy all day !

    1. Sidetracking a bit form the topic here, he’s got a very interesting take on many vital issues in Europe today:
      – he stated that sanctions imposed on Russia was a mistake
      – he said that introduction of a European-style market economy in Ukraine can’t succeed without prior serious reforms there
      – he blamed Germans for ignoring other countries protests and going ahead with the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline from Russia
      – he signed a multi-billion € deal with Russia to build nuclear power plant in Hungary
      – he repeatedly strongly criticized Berlin for their authoritarian style toward many EU small players
      To top the list: he expelled IMF reps from Budapest after Hungary paid off its debt before the deadline!

      Grandes cojones!

    2. And last but not least: to relief of hundreds of thousand of Hungarians he forced all foreign banks in Hungary to convert so called “Swiss franc” consumers credits, which were almost exclusively in real estate sector, back to Hungarian forint by 31 Dec. 2014. Two weeks later, on 14 Jan. 2015, the Swiss franc soared after the Swiss National Bank has abandoned the currency cap with the € – can anyone dream about any better leader?

  3. I’m a bit disappointed in Orban. I found a video of an address by him to Chatham House, completely omitting the Jewish push with its layer of representatives around the world, carrying out their covert policies.

    1. After Hungary repaid its bailout loan it closed down the IMF office in Budapest – was that beautifull and antisemitic move or what?

    2. To not mention the elephant in the room seems to be almost a requisite of western politicians. Oban can depend on Internet commentators like your good self to explain this. Mentioning the J word would turn him into a lightning rod for hysterical abuse including the inevitable comparisons to Hitler. likely turning much of Obans audience against him.So its tip-toe thru- the- tulips for aslong as possible.

    3. The headline Orban: Invasion a “Deliberate Leftist Plan” It could be said that “Leftist” is code for Zionist. Certainly those in the know will read it that way.

  4. The communist ideology was originally supposed to help the people. Now, the leftists want to destroy the people in order to help the ideology. They are 100% sick and malign. The leftist garbage must be thrown out. Those in power who have perpetrated this attempted genocide MUST HANG.

  5. “At the end of the interview excerpt, the Rheinische Post announced that it “temporarily” could not accept any comments on the article because the nature of the readers’ reactions was such that a “constructive discussion is hardly possible.”
    In other words the majority of commenters disagreed with the article. Not allowed by the controlled media.

  6. “At the end of the interview excerpt, the Rheinische Post announced that it “temporarily” could not accept any comments on the article because the nature of the readers’ reactions was such that a “constructive discussion is hardly possible.”

    How does one deal with this situation when the media are all bought and paid for?

  7. Quote: Orban said the invaders will be for the greatest part, “left-wing voters.”
    Exactly so. The insufferable Tony Blair – UK fervent proponent of mass immigration – manipulated voters.
    As a result many more parts of the UK are becoming increasingly unrecognisable.
    We don`t need to travel abroad from the UK to experience life in far flung places. We`re surrounded by it.

    1. you are so right England has changed for the worst remember the one big melting pot, well it hasn’t worked,most of us stick to our own cultures,how I wish we could go back and start again but to late, hope all those in power are proud of what they have caused. Orban a lot of us from England agree with you 100% we wished our Prime Minister had more guts.

  8. Orban is quite right , it’s a well used socialist method of stacking voting list.
    “When it comes time to vote , remember who let you into this country”. In Canada Syrian refugees are being made automatic citizens of Canada. Care to guess how they will vote in the future or if that list of automatic new citizens will be increased exponentially ?

      1. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/refugees/welcome/index.asp?utm_source=canada-eng&utm_medium=canada-features&utm_campaign=refugees2015

        Much of what gets said by new prime minister gets tested in the news/ feedback before it is officially on government webpages. Trudeau is getting ahead of what is law.

        So far there has been sponsored refugees selected from Lebanese , Jordanian and Turkish refugee camps. While this is not the undocumented massive madness that Merkel has inflicted
        onto Europe there are growing concerns and complaints by long term immigrant applicants who are being told to wait longer. PM is feeling good about recent arrivals that he has said he will double from 25,000 to 50,000 with additional 10,000 sponsored.

        1. Well, Herman, I still didn’t see anything about this speedy citizenship process.
          I understand this kid is a real rookie in politics and perhaps he still can say this and that, but sooner or later even his “ethnic” supporters are going to ask that he delivers. It’s not the first time that elections in a country with huge immigrant population was won on purely ridiculous promises.
          Canadians should cross their fingers that he doesn’t leave such a dent on public funds like his father did 🙂

          1. Hi Kol, I’d love to know why this link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44vzMNG2fZc , given we’ve exchanged others on here, wasn’t allowed by the moderators when I posted it twice last night.

            This surely is one of the best examples of the truth of this invasion of savages, is it not moderators.?

            Editorial note: It is a great video. But if you look on the front page of The New Observer you will find that video prominently displayed already. In fact, The New Observer was one of the first news sites to promote that video. But to keep you happy, we will let you post it up here as well!–Editor

          2. Thank you Editor, I should have been more observant. That said, it’s a video which couldn’t be over-promoted…keep up the great work in 2016 for the sake of our children. Best wishes to all 🙂

  9. Article 62 “The High contracting parties agree that ,except by special agreement, they will not avail themselves of Treaties, Conventions or Declarations in force between them for the purpose of submitting, by way of petition, a dispute arising out of the interpretation or application of this Convention to a means of settlement other than those provided for in this convention. Article 55 The Court shall draw up its own rules and shall determine its own procedure. Article 57 ….any High Contracting Party shall furnish an explanation of the manner in which its internal law ensures the effective implementation of any of the provisions of this Convention. Taken from the Convention on Human Rights Rome 4 November 1950.
    When the Somali Pirates get control of the Council of Europe and their Court maybe it will be recognised that it is a waste of time submitting a dispute to a EU Court and the Courts of the UN with their Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants and Charters will get the business.

  10. Viktor Orban the only leader in the EU with intelligence, common sense and guts. Wish we had a PM like him. He should be on the cover of Time magazine not that commie idiot Merkel.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Cameron has no guts whatsoever, and if it weren’t for the fact that Britain is not part of the Schengen Zone, we’d have a million of these invaders flooding Britain too

      Merkel would say “Jump!” and Cameron would reply “How high?”

      1. Stu, I’ve been reading over and over on this board that Brits are quite unhappy on where he stands on immigration but do you really think Cameron has any other choice after Tony “teflon” Blair wide opened the gates for the 3rd-worlders and so many of them are eligible to vote now? Perhaps he would’ve been even more “lefty” if UKIP didn’t breath on his neck. Until UKIP isn’t voted in there is no real chance to stop this self-destructive bullshit with immigration and for some drastic changes to social policies – the UK is simply giving way too much to these imported parasites who never put anything in!

        Let me rephrase your joke: Merkel would say “Jump!” and Faymann, Schulz or Juncker would reply “How high?”

        1. Kol, for some strange reason you are giving way too much credit to, or have some delusions about Cameron. The man (I use the term loosely) is nothing but a parasite himself, and one who said openly that “There are too many white faces in Britain today”.
          Also check out his pathetic ‘sucking up’ to the Muslim community, wishing them a “Happy Eid Mubarak” and commending the “great contribution which British Muslims have made to our society”.

          Make no mistake, just like Blair, Cameron will say or promise anything for a vote…but he doesn’t give a damn about the people of the UK. Leaders like Orban and Szydło do, Cameron is a joke, and not a very amusing one at that.!

          1. I should have addressed the point you made about Blair Kol…

            Firstly, Blair opened the floodgates to Eastern European immigration, and all for one reason. Whilst other EU countries put limits on the numbers allowed to arrive, Blair said “we didn’t need limits, only a few thousand will come, and they’ll go home again when seasonal work ends”, whilst knowing all along that millions would come, and he presumed they would all be left-wing voters, the plan being an indefinite or hopefully (for Labour) permanent New Labour government…in other words a dictatorship. This has since been admitted by senior New Labour officials after the disastrous 2010 election, that it was a political strategy.

            It is Cameron who has tried, and continues to try to make it easier for the Third World invasion. He has been negotiating with countries like India to make it easier for them to obtain visa’s for the UK, and many other countries outside of the EU. He pretends to be against the EU migrants abuse of our welfare for one reason only, to try and win the working class British vote, but he really couldn’t care less. He will however do anything to try and allow the Third World immigrant access to the UK, because so many of his friends in business are now Indian, Chinese among others.
            Cameron is just as much of a traitor as Blair, and indeed may prove to be a bigger one when all is said and done. They are all self-serving, all care only about themselves, and none of them care about those who stupidly vote them into office!

          2. Well Stu, I can see it’s a bit touchy subject for you. I’d still take Cameron over Blair, who IMHO caused a lot of damage to the UK (!) and there are simply too many examples to mention them, but Cameron’s comment ““There are too many white faces in Britain today” … that is some wild stuff – I did not know that. I wouldn’t expect Tories to represent any interests of working class whatsoever but to say that is just plain stupid and quite extreme!
            He was very critical about Juncker’s nomination in Brussels, thou and that’s one of the reasons I gave some credit to Cameron. Whatever was his reason for this opposition to this clown I must say the guy earned some points and time only proves him right as Juncker is just a very incompetent Merkel’s puppet and before that he turned Luxembourg into one big laundromat when he served as PM over there – what a shame!

            As I mentioned before, any economic migrant in the UK who leaves their siblings behind in his/her native country and demands some social benefits for them is clearly abusing the system. Out of hundreds of thousands of them who migrated only a handful actually move Britain forward – most of them are just losers who couldn’t make ends meet wherever they came from. I heard many gypsies even “borrowed” kids from each other to milk more benefits out of the very generous British social system – sick!
            Needless to say, I bet you know very well where I stand in regards to mass immigration from Asia.

            Happy New Year, Buddy! All the best!

          3. Did Cameron really say “there are too many white faces in Britain today”? A Google search for this phrase revealed two hits both pointing towards The New Observer.

            Editorial note: His actual quote was too many white Christian faces in the Conservative Party and government: See the video here:

  11. In my eyes Viktor Orban is a hero for being so outspoken on the phony migration crisis and expressing much of what the educated public thinks about this subject. In particular he once again hit the nail on the head when he said in this interview “The European political elite exist in a closed ideological shell with little connection to reality”. However, I don’t agree with the assertion that the so called crisis is happening because “The far left in Europe is deliberately importing nonwhites so as to boost their voting numbers” and I am not sure that Orban actually said “We live in a conspiracy where secret and behind closed doors decisions are being made to import leftist voters.” My interpretation of the translation would be “we live in a conspiracy (where through) a secret ballot there has been an undeclared import happening in Europe”.

    I don’t think that the left wing parties are strong enough to bring about the Third World invasion on their own, although when they are in power they certainly have an incentive to cooperate with the plan. Anyway the Thatcherite Sweden Moderate Party has been one of the most fanatical supporters of the invasion as has the German CDU, so there is not a clear pattern of leftist parties influencing it. Left or fight what all these parties have in common is a commitment to a United States of Europe which requires a compliant electorate without a national consciousness who might otherwise oppose their countries loss of sovereignty. Under the pretext of using working age immigrants to offset the aging of European societies there is a policy of social engineering at work to replace nationalist populations with internationalist populations who will not be so inclined to oppose the project. We can see how this policy is working in the United States where, having become a multi ethnic society, it is harder for nationalist parties to come to power. Donald Trump has only been able to make headway in this environment because of alienated white working class voters have started to vote again. However, white demographic decline will eventually prevent even these voters being able to make a difference and there will be nothing left standing in the way of the US being merged with Mexico and Canada in the North American Union with the US becoming completely Third Worldized.

    1. Sorry, but “the educated public” are the brainwashed PC morons who have bought this crap. Your average Jill and Joe deeply resent multiculturalism and diversity because they know it’s ruining their children’s future.

  12. It is refreshing to see that finally even those in power are waking up to a fact that it is an invasion as I have been saying for a long time now. However, Mr. Orban Hasn’t got it quite right still.The invasion is not about the vote as repefugees are not eligible to vote, it is about takeover of Europe. It is about spreading fear and division and creation of new freedom crashing draconian laws “to control it”.
    It is duty of all of us to try to get all the politicians “educated” and if need be, eliminated, before this issue can be addressed properly.
    More and more good, reasonable people and true patriots are dismissing the fact that being branded fascist, racist and whatever else matters. But it is the only way that loony left under the control of their “elite” masters has, to try and avert the masses from the truth by slinging dirt on true patriots.
    In a meantime, if majority of people do not wake up to the truth fast, we are slowly but surely heading for deadly confrontation with the invaders which will likely awash our streets with blood.

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