Orbán: “Migrants” a Poison, and EU a Threat

Third World migrants are a “poison” which will destroy Europe, and the European Union (EU) is a bigger threat to European survival than Mecca, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced.

“Migration is a threat, and will increase crime and terrorism. On a mass scale it is changing the face of Europe’s culture and will destroy all national cultures,” he said.


During a press conference with Austrian chancellor Christian Kern, Orbán declared that “migrants are poison” and “not needed.”

“Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work, or the population to sustain itself, or for the country to have a future,” Orbán said.

“This is why there is no need for a common European migration policy: whoever needs migrants can take them, but don’t force them on us, we don’t need them.”

Referring to the string of refugee-terrorist attacks in western Europe, Orbán added that “every single migrant means a public safety and terror risk.”

He also revealed that over 8,000 Hungarian policemen are continuously deployed in the Hungarian-Serbian border, at great expense, to “protect Europe.”

Orbán’s comments are bound to further exacerbate tensions between the Visegrad 4 nations and the liberal western European leaders, and come only three days after he gave a lecture at the 27th Bálványos Summer University, which also dealt with the Third World invasion and the European Union (EU).

In that speech, Orbán linked the refugee-terrorist attacks in Germany and France to the “march of thousands of migrants” last year to Germany.

“Migration is a threat, and will increase crime and terrorism. On a mass scale it is changing the face of Europe’s culture and will destroy all national cultures,” he said.

Orbán said that “steel resolve” was going to be needed to defend Europe’s borders, given the population growth in the Third World.

“Egypt’s population will grow from 90 million to 138 million by 2050, Nigeria from 186 million to 390 million, Uganda from 38 million to 93 million, and Ethiopia from 102 million to 228 million,” he said.

“The real pressure will reach Europe from Africa,” he said. “Today we are talking about Syria, Libya, but in reality we should expect pressure from the population of the region behind Libya, and its magnitude is much greater than what has been experienced to date.

“This warns us that we must steel our wills with regard to border protection. This thing must be faced down because migration on this scale will kill us.”

On this issue, he said, Europe’s current political leadership has failed. “We should be clear that our problem is not in Mecca, but in Brussels. The bureaucrats in Brussels are the obstacles, not Islam.”

Even if the EU considered a policy of “slowing down” the immigration flows, this would not be good enough. “It has to be stopped,” he said.

Orbán also laid down fierce criticism of the EU, its structure, and the leadership of western Europe.

He said that the “European dream” of the previous fifty years was that “young people, who go to school, respect the laws, respect their parents, and work diligently, can be assured that they would be better off than their parents.”

“What is the experience today? If I tell young English, German, or French young people that if they obey the law, honor their parents, go to school and work, they will be better off than their parents, then they will laugh at you.”

“This promise of a European way of life has been shattered and lost, and there are serious consequences.”

However, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland there is no economic crisis, he continued. “For the young people in those countries, the old European dream is still valid: if they obey the law, if they honor their parents, if they work diligently, they will definitely live better than their parents and get ahead.

“This European dream, and this new Europe, is still valid in Central Europe.”

He also condemned the EU for increasing the power of the European Parliament, and said that the European Commission, “contrary to what the European treaty specifies,” now acts in a political manner to replace the work of the European Council, which is the body made up of European prime ministers.

Orbán said that the European Commission had overridden decisions taken by the European Council, particularly with regard to the “mandatory quota policy”—the plan to force EU member states to accept the “distribution” of the invaders Merkel invited into Germany.

Orbán said the powers taken by the European Commission—“which no one elected”—creates “a democratic legitimacy crisis within the body of the European Union.”

He then went on to endorse Donald Trump’s suggestions for combating the problem, saying that Trump’s ideas “could hardly be better worded by any European [politician].”

These suggestions were to beef up the intelligence services, and stop “exporting democracy” to the Third World.

He pointed out that interference in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, by the West and the EU, had just caused chaos—and that the collapse of orderly government in Libya had precipitated the mass invasion of Europe from over the Mediterranean Sea.

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  1. Just remember that Merkel and Rompuy got awards from the Couldenhove-Kalergi lot, for their efforts in forcing third world immigration into Europe. They both should be hanged, drawn and quartered for the genocide of the European people! I would like to know the names of these C-K people and who they are!

    1. Sooner or later, Russian hackers will find the names, addresses, phone numbers, and bank account information of these Couldenhove-Kalergi people for the world to see.

    2. Pope Francis received the 2016 Charlemagne award (Coudenhove-Kalergi) after previously rapping the EU`s knuckles re the need for lots more immigration. He likens Europe to an old sterile woman needing new blood – hence his fervour for swamping us with alien cultures. He should confine himself to kissing feet and keep his nose out of politics.

  2. Orban is right on target. Brilliant commentary. Bezerkel merkel and her moronic minions just doubled down on open borders. Insanity is defined
    as repeating the same things over and over with failed results and with nonwhite invaders extremely detrimental to white European society.
    GENETICS is everything. Europe needs labor then increase white birth rates through governmental, social and financial support. Billions of dollars should be spent on this, not the nonwhite invaders.
    I wish Orban could be president of the US and EU. Above commentary was excellent and oh so accurate.

    1. I certainly cannot find fault with his comments, particularly the difference between adolescents in Western Europe and central Europe! We older folk are going to end up fighting our own children at this rate.

  3. Orban stands head and shoulders above the Brussels political elite. Citizens of the the Visegrad countries can rightly be proud of having such forthright, strong politicians willing to defy Merkel and her sycophantic EU acolytes.

    1. I just read an article where some moronic prorefugee German has finally woken up to the truth of these invaders and now wants them to go home lololol. Easier said than done lady its like inviting bed bugs into your home. What a clown, how can people be so ignorant with the internet and mr google freely available. Maybe people should google the word muslim and learn about them instead of wasting their time on porn and facebook and listening to leftie bs propaganda.

  4. Orban is right. There is no way Europe can be held responsible for Africa’s teeming fertility. Africa has to fix its own problems. What’s the point of turning the whole world into a violent third world slum. Having said that, Europeans will have to be prepared to fight for their heritage, and fight their treasonous governments if they have to.

    1. “There is no way Europe can be held responsible for Africa’s teeming fertility.”

      Well, I cannot agree that this can be viewed as entirely true. Not that I support the racially suicidal idea of allowing even one black African to sneak into any historic White European nation – because I do NOT.

      But, had the White man – driven by this suicidal and pathologically insane notion of extending the altruistic
      tendencies of White Europeans across racial boundaries, whereby Whites stuck their noses into Africa and decided to share our advance medical knowledge and advance scientific and technical knowledge and agricultural knowledge with Africa and other non-white third world hell holes – had we NOT done that, and had we left Africa and the other third world nations alone to run their own affairs, then I seriously doubt that the populations of Africa and elsewhere would be exploding as they now are today. Instead, Mother Nature would have kicked in and non-white groups who overpopulated their geographic territory would pay the price through starvation, disease, and early death.

      Granted, it was the ruling elites of White, Western Nations who were responsible for meddling in the affairs of Africa and the third world – and not ordinary working class Whites, but now that these ignorant ‘do gooder’ elites have created this problem – it is going to be up to ordinary Whites to put a stop to their meddling and work to reverse the damage by deporting these non-whites back to their country of origin.

    2. Don’t get me wrong. Europe needs to stop all migration from Africa, and reverse it. But, if it weren’t for the interference of some of our corrupt white “leaders,” the people of Africa wouldn’t be oppressed by local mobs that have been provided with weapons by the West to safeguard their business interests.

      Orban should be president of Europe – NOW!

  5. I love Orban right up their with Farage. His prediction for the future is scary though Africa needs immediate shipments of IUDs theyre breeding like rats

    1. Having recently arrived as migrants, refugees etc; they`re in hostels in our area awaiting houses. Shouldn`t be too long either as they`re already producing babies with our local white girls. I don`t know about them being thick. They`re we call `daft on t` right side`.

    2. Has Farage ever said anything critical about Africans or Asians? If yes, then when and where? Conversely, I remember him saying that the British “owed” to the Africans and Asians not to the Poles. And his saying that “workers” from the Third World, specifically Asia, are “superior” to “the East Europeans.” And his hinting that the rules of entry into Britain should be “fairer” to the former. Comparing favorably the cynical, lily-livered, Europhobic and deceitful (toward the British) Fagare to the honest, patriotic, Europhile and heroic Orban seems seriously inaccurate to say the least. Also, unlike Farrage and UKiP, Orban’s party doesn’t seem to receive donations from any Jewish billionaire.

  6. Orban doesn’t seem to mention Jews; and Hungary had a lot of agonising experiences from Jews. That’s the next thing. And NB as Tucker points out, white technology has been what made African populations ‘explode’ so far. I wonder whether the projections are possible – double the entire US population just in Nigeria, for example? Unfortunately the Jewish grasp on pressure groups, think-tanks etc is so great that honest discussion is difficult. So it’s hard to work out just why the ‘population problem’ was made an issue, in 1956 I think, but then submerged, apparently as another collective Jewish decision. With Internet, these stones are being lifted and examined more than before, but people who read and think need to help out with un-secretising Jewish influence.

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