Orbán, Salvini Form United Front for Euro Elections

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini have sealed the outlines of a trans-European Parliament election front designed to counter the pro-Third World invasion alliance led by French president Emmanuel Macron.

According to a statement issued by Orbán’s office following a working meeting with Salvini in Milan, the Hungarian Prime Minister said that “we need a new European Commission that defends Europe’s borders.”

“Hungary has proven that migration can be stopped, though earlier everyone claimed that this was impossible both legally and physically,” Orbán went on to say.

“Matteo Salvini has taken on the historic mission to stop migration also at sea,” he continued, pointing out that “no other country has undertaken this endeavor before. I am of the view that Europe’s security depends on Matteo Salvini’s success, and therefore the Italian politician cannot back down. This courage inspires respect in us,” he added.

Orbán added that Hungary “will provide every assistance with Italy’s border protection efforts.”

Those who “came to Europe must be taken back to where they came from, they must be transported back home,” Orbán continued. “Brussels takes the view that this is not possible, but then again they said the same about the protection of borders. It is possible; it only takes will and political determination. Migrants should not be distributed, but taken back home.”

Hungary, he said, pursues as policy which is based on the tenet that “help must be given where there is trouble, rather than bringing trouble here.”

In answer to a question, the Prime Minister said there will be elections in Europe in May, and “we need a new Commission and a new European Parliament” in the interest of protecting our borders and stopping migration.

“We need a different Europe that rests on new intellectual foundations, and as to what alliances will come into being we can only tell after the European Parliament elections. Our task today is to obtain the support of as many Hungarian and Italian voters as possible in the interest of forging a new Europe,” he said.

Orbán added that he had asked for the presence of Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia to his meeting with Salvini “because we are in alliance with them in the European People’s Party” (EPP, a current political grouping in the European Parliament).

“There are two camps in the EPP: one is led by French President Emmanuel Macron, who wants to destroy the EPP, as he is leading the political force in Europe which supports migration,” Orban continued.

He pointed out that “we, on the other side, want to stop illegal migration. There is a fierce debate on this also within the EPP, and we would like our position to prevail, and to clearly stand by the European people who do not want illegal migration.”

The next European Parliament elections will be held in May 2019. The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU parliament means that at least half its seats will be allocated to currently under-represented EU states (with the other half being kept in reserve for possible new EU member states in the future).

This, along with the fact that the majority of seats from the “Visegrad” countries of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary are expected to be held by populist parties—along with those of Austria, and together with an expected significantly boosted representation for populist parties in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden—means that balance of power could shift from the far left for the first time since the EU’s founding.

* This week’s meeting in Milan came just days after Italy’s latest standoff with the EU over the invasion of Europe ended, when dozens of African invaders being held on an Italian coastguard boat moored in Sicily for days were finally allowed to disembark after Ireland and some other EU states agreed to take them in.

Salvini said he would continue to refuse NGO ships with invaders on board access to Italian ports, and brushed off an investigation into “abduction” launched against him by prosecutors in left-wing controlled Sicily. “They won’t make me take one step backwards,” he said.

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  1. I’m really glad this is happening. There needs to be a pushback against the insane policy of open borders and uncontrolled mass immigration to Europe. Hungary and Italy are leading the way.

  2. But Salvini caved in and let 137 Eritrean Parasites disembark, after two other countries agreed to take a paltry 20 each, which means he’s just adding to the crushing burden all Third World Parasites inflict on the West. There are no genuine “refugees” except Christians fleeing persecution from Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists & Communists. And the West cannot absorb the entire Christian population of the world.

    In contrast, Spain sent back 116 Moroccan Parasites, so why couldn’t Italy stand firm and escort the Eritreans out of Italian waters, as they would any enemy ships in war? For this is stealth war, make no mistake.

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