Orbán Tells Hungarian Border Police: “You are Protecting Europe”

The Hungarian police are defending Europe, Hungary, and its borders, as well as Hungarian culture, lifestyle, and sovereignty, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said.

Speaking during a recent police oath-taking ceremony at Heroes’ Square in Budapest, for more than 860 recruits who will join the Border Policing Directorate of the Riot Police, Orbán also said that the Hungarian people do not want global mass migration to change Hungary.


He told the recruits that they “are the defenders of our culture, lifestyle, and sovereignty,” and that they are charged with “protecting Europe, Hungary, and its borders.

“Hungary’s one thousand-year-old statehood gives it the unquestionable right to protect its borders, citizens, and culture. Hungary has the right to decide who may enter the country and who may not, and it is its duty to ensure that everyone who is allowed to enter observes its laws. It will be your duty to enforce this with respect to those who cross the Hungarian state border.”

There has been peace in Europe for many decades, he said, but “history has now kicked the door open,” and we have been compelled to learn that peace, order, and security are not things that we can take for granted. We must make efforts to maintain them, he said, adding that Hungary is facing a challenge today not seen since the Balkan wars.

The Prime Minister also said that everyone is now singing the highest praises for the efforts of the police over the last few weeks; they have earned this, he said, through their hard work, patience, and humanity.

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Finally the Prime Minister told the recruits to prepare for encountering people who have been sold false dreams, and who will show anger and aggression. They should respond, he said, with something they learned from their parents and teachers: “There is a heart beneath your uniform, not just muscle; you will need both.”

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  1. Well said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. You are a beacon of light and hope.

    If only Hungary remains a white and Christian nation in Europe it will be an achievement in this age of government imposed multicultural insanity.

    Any people have every right to protect their language, their religion, their culture and their customs – their way of life! – from foreigners.

    All the people criticizing you are just jealous that they don’t have such a good and strong leader.

    Please don’t cave in to the incredible pressure you must be facing. Stand firm. Millions of Europeans are depending on your stand to put some steel into the backbones of their own gutless so-called ‘leaders’.

    1. Well done Jobbik I say. Orban is a system politician, a Neo-con, if it was not for Jobbik he would of been allowing them in as Fidesz have done for a long time. Jobbik forces Fidesz to take some action but it is disproportionately soundbites.

  2. Let us hope the Hungarians will continue resisting.

    One invasion-friendly government can destroy a country forever. It is not enough to be vigilant most of the years, it has to be permanent and uninterrupted.

    Also, the EU will undertake very strong measures trying to undermine Hungary and the other few resistant countries.


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