Orbán’s 10-Point Plan to Sabotage Merkel

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s 10-point “save the Schengen” plan, announced last Friday, is designed to undo all of Angela Merkel’s plans to flood Europe with Third Worlders—and will as such be rejected out of hand by the European Union.

The plan calls for the punishment of any EU Member State which breaks the Dublin regulation, the abolition of any plan to “distribute refugees,” and the processing of all “asylum applications” outside Europe, among other things.


According to a statement on Orbán’s website, the proposal, made at Centrist Democrat International’s meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, is “necessary because the EU is endeavoring to reform the asylum system, while Hungary’s position is that it is the [EU’s] borders that have to be protected.”

Over the next few weeks, the Hungarian government will be circulating the action plan to Visegrád countries and Prime Ministers of other EU member states, and Orbán will explain his proposals in person in Germany and in several other European countries.

“It has to be made clear to the EU that it is unacceptable for someone in Brussels to decide that EU member states have to solve demographic and economic problems through immigration,” Orbán’s statement continued.

“We believe that there are countries in the EU that want to solve their problems in this way and there are others who want different solutions,” he said, pointing out that Hungary belongs to the latter group because it wants to address its problems “through family and economic policies instead of migrants.”

For this reason, Orbán added, Hungary’s planned referendum on compulsory migrant settlement quotas is important because “now that we have Brussels’s official proposal, we are under enormous pressure. If we fail to stop Brussels with a referendum, masses of people with whom we do not want to live, will in fact be forced upon us.”

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The ten-point plan is outlined on another page of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s website, and consists of the following points:

Firstly, when a Member State cannot fulfill its Schengen duties, the European Border Protection Agency must intervene, and in the “absence of an agreement, [the state’s membership] in Schengen may be suspended.”

This point is clearly aimed at the far left governments of Greece and Italy, both of whom have completely failed to protect their borders from the masses of nonwhite invaders.

Secondly, all outer borders must be protected with biometric identification measures.  This is also aimed at Greece and Italy, whose governments have also failed to keep a proper check on who is entering their borders.

Thirdly, the Dublin System needs to be completely reinstated, and needs to be completely enforced. Failure to implement this agreement must result in penalties being applied to the offending state.

This point is aimed at all western European nations, including Germany. Merkel’s unilateral abrogation of the Dublin agreement—which stipulated that “asylum seekers” must have their applications heard in the first EU nation of landing—is the primary cause of the 2015 nonwhite invasion.

Fourthly, any applications for asylum must take place outside of the EU, at places set up and designated by that organization. By this Orbán is proposing that anyone seeking “asylum” in Europe must apply for it from a “safe zone” set up for that purpose, situated outside of the EU’s borders.

Fifthly, all agreements on deportations must be concluded in the countries of origin and transit of the “asylum seekers,” and must be enforced in cooperation with them.

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This is an extremely important point, given that many of the originating nations—in North and sub-Saharan Africa—are simply refusing or ignoring all requests to take back their nationals who have invaded Europe.

Sixthly, illegal migrants should be sent to safe countries of origin or transited back to countries of origin. As with point five above, this is currently not being done to any significant degree.

Seventh, the EU’s foreign, security, visa, and “development” (that is, foreign aid) policies must be tied in to EU migration policy objectives, and the willingness of third countries to cooperate with all aspects of “asylum seeker” return must be conditional with the granting of aid.

Eighth, the EU must make resources available to current entry hotspots and the western Balkan nations to cope with border security.

Ninth, a list of safe third countries must be drawn up and taken into consideration when applications are considered, as must the number of safe countries the asylum seekers have crossed to get to the EU.

This is a highly significant point, and shows that at least one European leader has realized that every “asylum seeker” in Europe has in fact crossed multiple safe countries to reach Europe—and therefore do not qualify as “asylum seekers” in terms of any international law or agreement defining such people.

Lastly, all “demographic and labor market challenges and responses” are to be reserved for “sovereign national decisions.”

This means that the EU will not have the right to “allocate refugees” on a pro-rata basis. There must be no mandatory distribution or automatic mechanism to distribute such “refugees.”

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As can be seen, this plan is certain to be rejected by Merkel and her allies, who actively and deliberately seek the flooding of Europe with nonwhites as quickly as possible.

As there is not the slightest chance that Orbán’s plan will be accepted by anyone except the Visegrád countries, the likelihood of an east-west EU confrontation—and potential split—draws ever closer.

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  1. Orban shows the way it`s should be done yet again……the irritating fly in Merkel`s ointment.
    The sooner the whole damn crazy EU construct collapses in ruins the better.
    There are certain limp lettuce leaders who will cling on to the bitter end hoping for a future seat at the fabled
    “top table” plus perks.
    Dream on Cameron !

  2. The measures proposed are not adequate. The only solution is to expel these undesirables, and end all immigration.

  3. No 11 – send the bill for the upkeep of Muslim immigrants to the Muslim countries. They should pay for their co-religionists.

  4. Best for countries to exit and dump the EU, they’re far too despotic, rotten to the core, corrupt and past the point of sensible negotiation, they ignored the Dutch referendum why would they bother now. Best just to have trade agreements and retain independence away from those losers in Brussels

  5. The point is that on accession to the EU, a nation surrenders its sovereignty and independence.

    This is why the brexit referendum is so important.

    Britons! – vote Out!

  6. I recall an expression used during an exchange in the UK Houses of Parliament some years ago. The subject may have had something to do with the EU – I dont recall. In the reply to some hairbrain proposal the responding MP thought that it was akin to, “rearanging the deck chairs on the Titanic”.

  7. I applaud Orban but he seems not to have realized that the EU is a corrupt organisation. The EU has rules but ignores them when they don’t suit. And why the hell is Merkel calling all the shots, she’s not the President or any other chief of the EU, she’s just the German Chancellor, the equivalent in her country of our Dodgy Dave and Orban in Hungary. And so far all of her ‘remedies’ for the crisis have just made everything so much worse. She should be arrested and carted off to the courts in the Hague.

    1. I’m sure that Orban is totally cognisant with the workings of the EU. Whilst I applaud his ideas and actions, the bottom line is that Hungary are in the EU because of it’s economic benefits, like many bothers, Hungary gains, UK loses.

  8. Orban must be the leader of the eU – not “gutmensch” Merkel. Western Europeans better wise up quick to the common sense that he speaks and act up in defense of their country and future.

  9. All white nations are owed aggressive negative immigration rates, for the next fifty to one-hundred years; and beyond. A biometric ethno-political system that would cull of the last fifty years of global fiat citizenship trading in foreign-national semitic bolshevism. The bureaucratic citizenship bubble is a sovereignty issue, just like the federal reserve currency scam. White citizens of white nations are owed exclusive land grants, debt-currency write offs, and family building support infrastructure — including gun rights.

    1. It’s so easy. White people need only join forces, and stampede all over the traitors, and take what is rightfully theirs. Stop the economy by doing a general Strike. The leaders will come round immediately on whatevee demands.

      If we can learn one thing from the “refugees” stampeding their way into Europe. It is that there’s power in numbers.

  10. Firstly, it is not europe responsibility to house them. Secondly, it is saudi and turkey who financed the is and thus they should house them. Thirdly, their culture is not compatible to europe. Next, they should be housed in their region and continent. Last, EU has to go because EU created this mess and so many other mess.

  11. GENERAL STRIKE IN EUROPE, we demand:

    strict prohibition of Islam genocide and closure of all mosques

    Prohibit entry to all Muslims in Europe

    Deporting all foreign Muslims

    Deporting those already radicalized Muslims after withdraw nationality

  12. Without a doubt, all EU countries MUST listen to Victor Orban. He is talking complete sense and either must take over the lead in the EU, thereby eliminating Merkel (who is completely bonkers), or, lead all countries who agree with his plan, out of the corrupt EU completely. All countries must now sue Merkel for her illegal and corrupt policies, and demand that all contributions made to the EU since this debacle started, be returned to each and every EU country. The only thing that would be left is to dismantle and leave the EU and return to democratic sovereignty. All countries can then start trading independently with each other and build up their own fortunes, instead of allowing the EU gravy train to rob us blind of all our money. What are we waiting for!!!


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