Oregon Shooter: Media Claims Mixed-Race Gunman is a “White Supremacist”

Oregon college shooter Chris Harper-Mercer was a mixed-race nonwhite who killed what he thought were only white people—but the controlled media has deliberately lied over the incident and presented him as a “white supremacist.”

The LA Times, for example, in its coverage of the shootings, informed its readers that Harper-Mercer had “white supremacist leanings” and was “obsessed with guns.”


The LA Times also reported that Harper-Mercer’s Facebook profile included “a reference to Nazi Germany”—although, of course, they failed to say exactly what that “reference” was, deliberately trying to create the impression that he was a “neo-Nazi” of some sort.


It was not just in the US that Harper-Mercer was presented as a “Nazi.” In the UK, the Sunday Express reported in a banner headline that a “crazed Nazi fanatic gunned down nine people” at the Oregon college.


This “white supremacist” claim was then repeated a number of times by other controlled media outlets.

In addition, the controlled media has largely ignored the fact that Harper-Mercer was of mixed race—a white father and a black mother.


The repprtedly infamous Photoshop of Harper-Mercer’s face to make him look more white. Note: CNN has denied ever using this picture.

Harper-Mercer was however, an open anti-white racist, as evidenced by his comment made on a “Black Lives Matter” website in August 2015:


For the LA Times, the UK Sunday Express, and other controlled media outlets to refer to this nonwhite as a “white supremacist” is therefore a deliberate, calculated lie, designed to incite hatred against white people.

The pattern is therefore clear:

  1. If a white commits any crime (or, as in the Zimmerman case, someone who is falsely presumed to be a white person), then the controlled media and establishment politicians will immediately scream “racism” from the rooftops and point out that the shooter was white.
  2. If a nonwhite commits any crime, then the very same controlled media and establishment politicians will either ignore the incident completely, or (as with the Harper-Mercer shooting, which is too big to ignore) will simply lie outright and even claim that it is the work of “white supremacists.”

The controlled media’s coverage of the Harper-Mercer incident can leave no doubt in any objective observer’s mind that the commercial media have an agenda of deliberate, conscious, anti-white racism as their driving motivation.

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  1. The shooter was a mulatto that killed whites. The media should have let it be known that he hated whites not blacks. He was no white supremacist or Nazi. The Media does not to report stories of blacks killing whites. Nobody knows why they cover it up.

  2. If it was a white Christian male who killed the people in Oregon, we would be hearing about it for the next several months – but now it comes out he is half black & of the Muslim Religion – suddenly the media has dropped the story faster than a steaming pile of poop. If the story doesn’t fit the media’s narrative – or they get caught changing it – they want to shut it down as fast as they can. Makes me sick – used to – there was actually some integrity in the news – now you never even know what to believe. They report, or sensationalize a story on the 5:00 p.m. Nightly News and then to keep it legal, they can always print a little tiny retraction at 10:00 p.m., which maybe no one will see – while everyone saw the original huge splashy story.

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