Outcry as German City Tells Turks Not to Litter

A leftist outcry has erupted in Germany after the city of Duisburg launched an anti-litter poster campaign—because it dared use two Turkish names among many German ones to ask people to put  garbage in trash cans rather than throwing it on the street.
According to an article in the Focus news service, Duisburg launched a campaign about a month ago to encourage people to throw away their trash, posting motivational slogans on around 6,000 bins with sayings like “Come here, Kevin” and “Clean, Steffi”.
However, two of the posters used Turkish names, with phrases like “There you go, Gülcan” and “Do it, Mehmet.”
As a result, Focus says, “members of Duisburg’s Turkish community” say the campaign is “racist.”
“Does Duisburg have the impression that only Turks throw their trash on the ground,” wrote one Turk on Twitter. “What’s next?”
The trash cans even made it into Turkish newspaper BirGün in an article with the headline “Trash discussion between Turks and Germans,” according to Focus.
A spokesman for the city’s campaign, Silke Kersken, said she was “surprised” and that “we did not expect this reaction,” adding that the campaign “simply wanted to inspire people to clean up after themselves with a bit of humour.
“The names were absolutely randomly selected and there was no intention to insult anyone,” she said, adding that they also wanted to be inclusive of the Turkish community.
“If we have not done that, it would certainly also have been wrong.”
The hostility to the campaign has inadvertently revealed much about racial psychology, from both white and nonwhite side.
The whites never even considered the campaign in racial terms, and only used the Turkish names to try and be “inclusive” and to show their “diversity.”
However, the nonwhites, always being fully racially conscious and primed to be sensitive to anything which touches too close to home, immediately recognized that even using Turkish names in the campaign implied that Turks littered—and even that is reason to accuse whites of being “racist,” because according to the anti-white screed, nonwhites never do anything wrong, and everything that happens is always white peoples’ fault.

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  1. Anyone who has ever visited Germany before the (((problem))) knows that Germany is the cleanest country in the world.

    1. Yes, I agree that Germany and Germans are fanatical about cleanliness, which is why when Merkel invited those migrants in and tried to do a deal with Erdogan over migration I had to laugh. Serves her bloody right!

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